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Under $20! I Dare Say You Couldn't Buy Any Smart Watch Better Than Bilikay KW19 at Such a Lovely Price!

Under $20! I Dare Say You Couldn't Buy Any Smart Watch Better Than Bilikay KW19 at Such a Lovely Price!

It is the most cost-effective and satisfying deal of my purchase in 2019.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that has all the features as the Amazfit or Fitbit but costs less, I dare say you couldn't find anyone better than this one - Bilikay KW19 Smartwatch.

Look at its beautiful yet exquisite appearance, who can believe it just cost under $20?

I love this smartwatch so much, but I hadn't thought about writing an article to share with others.

It was only when many of my friends asked me a lot of question about this smartwatch, did I finally decide to write an article. 

"Whoa, where did you buy such a beautiful smartwatch?"

"How much does it cost?"

"Only costs $19.19? Unbelievable! Did it work well in all functions?"

"How did you feel it on the wrist? Any discomfort?"

I was flooded with such questions. Yep, I admitted that I was happy as my purchase won tons of compliments, but I don't want to repeat the reply.

So, here comes my overall experienced answer with this stunning, smartwatch - I hope it would be helpful for you, and I also hope you will understand I couldn't answer all of you one by one.

I'm surprised at its features of blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring. As we know, even a smartwatch more than $100 couldn't do that. 

The new generation Huawei Honor Smart band five is exactly upgraded with the blood oxygen monitoring function, but it didn't support blood pressure monitoring, let alone the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Amazfit GTR smartwatch without both functions. 

I know less about these two functions, but its APP helps me gradually understand the analyzing data. 

As you can see from the below screenshot, the APP will provide a normal data range. If your measuring data is out of the range, you could adjust your daily habit and avoid the severe illness in time.

Beyond that, Bilikay KW19 has basic features such as real-time heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, several sports modes, remote camera, remote music, and daily waterproof. These features all work great so far.

Additionally, you can set to get notifications from your phone and most of the social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, and so on. For me, sometimes I will block all the notifications because I had to focus on study.

There are three display wallpapers, and you can choose the one you love. Sometimes your eyes may feel tired when you have used the same wallpaper for a long time. That's why most smartwatches or smart band provides a customized face screen nowadays. 

The yellow-toned wallpaper is my favorite, because it displays the most detailed image of time, date, week, battery, real-time heart rate, distance, steps, burned calories.

Something important to note is that this smartwatch doesn't support full-screen touch. 

At first, I slid the screen up and down as I always did on my Amazfit Bip Lite, and the smartwatch responded slowly. 

So I contacted the seller to complain about the insensitive touch control. Finally, I knew that it's a single-touch smartwatch. 

What does it mean? 

This smartwatch only responds to the touch on the bottom-middle on the screen. When I tried to touch on the right point, it responds quickly. If you want to select the program, just long-press the sensitive point, and then it's ready for your desired mode. 

When I connected it to the music, I tried to control the music through the whole screen and later thought of its single-touch feature. So, here's also a tip for you. Long press to get into the remote music mode, click the touch-sensitive point once to choose the last song, the next song, pause or play. Then, long press to get into your desired state.

Did I mention the silicone strap before? The Bilikay KW19 feels comfortable on the wrist. I won't get sweaty. 

I always love the silicone band, because it's ultra-light and easy to clean. Just wipe it with a finger (you can also wash it with water), all the dirt are cleared off. The silicone watch band is absolutely a fantastic eraser! 

This smartwatch has a beautiful appearance, which makes it look expensive and perfect with any outfit. 

Hey friends, I highly recommend Bilikay KW19 Smartwatch! You can grab this almighty smartwatch at just 17.99 dollars if you get a coupon (coupon code: LDP7BGLQ1L). I'm not sure if the coupon still works or has been expired. 

Anyway, such a beautiful smartwatch under $20, with both blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring function, I dare say you couldn't buy any smartwatch better than this watch!

Bilikay KW19 Smart Bracelet 1.3 inch Bluetooth 4.0 Smartwatch



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