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No Matter You are a Professional VAPER or a Beginner, Vaporesso Revenger X is the Right Choice for You in Any Case

No Matter You are a Professional VAPER or a Beginner, Vaporesso Revenger X is the Right Choice for You in Any Case

The VAPING devices are becoming much popular nowadays though they have not replaced tobacco cigarettes. They are many times safer than tobacco cigarettes as they only consist of a flavored liquid which is also known as E-juice. 

One of the best examples of VAPING devices is an electronic cigarette. If you are a VAPE lover or interested in vaping, read on! 

I am going to share my personal VAPING experience with one of the greatest brands which are known as “VAPORESSO.” The VAPORESSO brand was founded in 2015 by the company SMOORE. It is one of the leading brands in the market, and it is providing high-quality products to their consumers. 

There are a vast number of VAPORESSO users in this world. There is a variety of products of VAPORESSO, and I am particularly fond of REVENGER X 220 W. The REVENGER series of VAPORESSO includes the best products and have 5-star user rating. 

I tried many brands before and gave up 99% of them, except VAPORESSO, which met my expectations. Moreover, it is affordable and can be purchased easily. I bought this product for only $80. It is for professional VAPERS and beginners alike.

1) What's in the box?

This product comes with a complete package. When I first time opened the box, I picked the VAPE according to my expectations. Its body is very smooth, with a screen in the front and a clicky side fire button, which pleases me, different from other brands that I used before. The design is not much complex but seems decent. It is made up of high-quality ABS plastic for an attractive look. It suits my personality when I am holding it in my hand. 

It is also available in other colors like blue, black, yellow, orange, and pink. The package consists of the following components:
1) NRG tank
2) USB charging cable
3) Replacement glass tube
4) Spare parts packet
5) NRG8 0.15 GT core coil
6) Pre-installed NRG4 GT core coil
7) User manual


The NRG TANK can hold 5ML E-juice. This tank is easy to fill, so I can enjoy whatever flavor freely. It is the same original tank that comes with REVENGER KIT but has one difference. This tank can't stop liquid from dripping.

3) Spare Parts:

The spare parts in the package prove to be helpful to me. I have dropped the device so many times. Luckily, thanks to the spare parts with which I can fix my device without any difficulty. 

4) Awesome specifications:

As this device is not only good with a built-in design but it also includes fantastic specifications. It comes with a small size and average weight by which it is pocket-friendly. 

The diameter of this VAPE device is 26.5 mm, which seems a little bit bulkier, but it can be carried easily. 

It has two 18650 lithium-ion cells with which I can enjoy VAPING for 4 - 5 hours on each charge. The battery made up of qualified material lasts longer compared to simple ordinary batteries. Many people complain that older devices had a bad battery level, but the company has fixed this issue in the latest devices.

5) Display:

It has a perfect screen display on which I can have all the information like wattage level, resistance, battery levels, and mode (low, medium, or high). It also has a clock display. It automatically locks when you hit the fire button. 

To unlock the screen, you need to hit the fire button three times in a row. At the bottom, we can find two adjustable airflows that allow for optimal control. There is also a plus and minus button by which we can adjust the wattage range from 5- 220 watts. 

On this device, OMNI BOARD 2.0 CHIPSET is fixed. It is a chipset of excellent quality which supports the working of the equipment and controls all the functions of the device. It has a memory that saves your settings.

6) Safe smoking feature:

I can have safer smoking with it as it is providing multiple protections:

1) short circuit protection
2) reverse polarity protection
3) low voltage protection

As we all know that everything has two sides, I would not end this article without talking about the pros and cons of VAPORESSO Revenger X.

6) Pros:

√ Big bright screen
√ Top configuration
√ Good battery level
√ Built of high-quality stainless steel
√ Firmware upgradeable
√ Smooth and attractive body
√ Easy to refill

7) Cons: 

× Gets a little bit warm
× Less Satisfying Mesh Splash Guard Mouth Piece
× A bit complex for new VAPERS to use

8) Conclusion:

If you are a diehard fan of REVENGER KIT, don’t decline this device just because of the complex operation, think about the enjoyment you can get! Moreover, REVENGER X comes with original parts and is very easy to use. 

No matter you are a professional VAPER or a beginner, it is the right choice for you in any case. This device will surely improve your VAPING experience. 

Vaporesso Revenger X 220W TC Kit with NRG Tank



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