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K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – with Smart Navigation For Just $299.99 at Gearbest

K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – with Smart Navigation For Just $299.99 at Gearbest

Imagine being able to spend less time with household chores and having more time to enjoy the nice things in life. The K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes that possible. It’s ideal for vacuum-cleaning hard surface floors but also able to vacuum carpets. A variety of different cleaning modes ensures the K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner always has just the right option for all your cleaning tasks. Its systematic, back-and-forth cleaning path is particularly efficient, so it can cover a larger cleaning area.


The K700 one-touch sweeping robot-visual navigation mode is white and white like pearls, giving a pure and simple feeling. No matter if the decoration style at home is Japanese style, small, fresh, simple, or modern, it can be perfectly integrated. The whole machine is small and thin enough to cope with the cleaning areas such as sofa bottom and bed bottom which are difficult to clean in most people’s homes. 

The K700 design directly above the fuselage is very simple, with only one button, a visual sensor, and the “yeedi one point” brand LOGO, the upper part of the panel is covered with a piece of tempered glass, which can protect the machine from being scratched and appear in the light of each other. Full texture.


K700 One-point sweeping robot-the The visual navigation version has both sweeping and mopping functions. The dust box capacity is up to 600ml and the water tank capacity is 300ml. Most of the sweeping robots in the supermarket are far away. Some sweepers have small dust boxes, and you have to clean up the garbage every day. The large-capacity dust box of a sweeping robot can hold more garbage at a time, greatly reducing the number of garbage dumps. On the market, even the sweeping robot with a price of two thousand yuan, products with only one side brush are everywhere, but K700 robot vacuum cleaner’s bottom of the fuselage is equipped with two side brushes, Brush the product on one side, the cleaning area is larger at a time, and the two-way gather, the cleaning is cleaner and faster.

The single-button design conforms to the overall simplicity of the tone, no need to install complicated mobile APPs for network installation, no need for unintelligible manuals, no remote instructions for unknown instructions, short press to start/pause cleaning, double-click to open the powerful mode … The operation only needs one button to complete, the design is concise and really praiseworthy. The K700 automatic recharging function is a basic function that mainstream sweepers should be equipped with. The sweeping robot-visual navigation version does not shrink. When the cleaning is completed or the power is low, it automatically returns to the charging stand. You can also press and hold the top button to enter the “automatic” “Recharge” mode. The recharge process is smooth and without procrastination, no need to bother.


The K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the handy helper you can simply forget about – it charges itself, it cleans when and where you tell it to, it avoids obstacles and doesn’t bump into furniture, and its stair safety technology even ensures it doesn’t fall down any stairs. When it comes to cleaning your home, things hardly get any easier than this. We can buy it From Gearbest at $299.99 in Flash Sale

K700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Navigation 2000Pa Turbo Mode Suction Self-Charging Quiet Cleaning for Pet Hair Carpets Hard Floors



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