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Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock: Which Bluetooth Keyless NFC Entry Lock is More Worth Buying?

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock: Which Bluetooth Keyless NFC Entry Lock is More Worth Buying?

There are a lot of types of smart door locks that you can find on the market. Different products have their own features, so you need to compare all available smart door locks before choosing the best one for yourself. 

When you want to find the best door lock system that is available on the market, you can take a look at the Xiaomi Aqara N100 and Xiaomi Mijia smart lock system. Both devices are popular among a lot of users because they come with complete features and benefits for users. You will enjoy your experience when using any of those devices.

Xiaomi is a leading brand that has a lot of experience in this smart door lock industry. Xiaomi Aqara N100 and Xiaomi Mijia smart lock devices are very popular among many users these days. Both devices are popular because they can support modern technology, including temporary password, fingerprint, NFC smartphones, mobile phone Bluetooth, mechanical key, and any other unlocking methods. You will be able to improve the overall security system of your home easily when using any of those Xiaomi Aqara N100 and Xiaomi Mijia. Both devices are popular for their stability. It has less than 1/10,000 error rate that can occur on any of those devices.

Differences Between Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi Aqara N100

It is a smart door lock that is suitable for a smart home. This device can provide extreme security for all customers. You can feel secure after installing this high-quality device inside your home. This device can work with both Mijia and Apple HomeKit. There are some useful security features that you can find from this unit. This device is very popular among many people because it has a good stability rate. Here are some features that you can find from this unit.

1. Unlocking Methods

You will feel comfortable when using this Xiaomi Aqara N100 as your door lock. It has 7 unlocking methods that are available in this device. You can use a password, temporary password, fingerprint, NFC, Xiaomi App, physical key, and also HomeKit.

Its semiconductor fingerprint recognition system can be used to improve the unlocking speed and also security. When you hold its doorknob, you can verify your fingerprint directly and open your door immediately. Its electronic signal is going to read the deep fingerprints. It cannot be unlocked by using forged 2D images. This device has a PB algorithm that will improve the sensitivity of this unit. It also has a good encryption system that is bound to the main control chip, so it has a good security system inside.

When you want to secure your home or office, you can set up a new password for this door lock. It allows you to have 6-10 digits password with varying lengths and also 20 digits of the virtual password. There is 10 billion password combination that is offered by this unit. When there are 5 incorrect entries are made in a row, the system will lock the door immediately. You can also set up a temporary password for any guests in your property. You can set up a one-time temporary password and a periodic temporary password.

This device is supported by its financial-level NFC security system. This powerful system will provide a safe unlocking and fast response system. You can simply place the back of your smartphone to the lock's NFC area, so you can unlock the door immediately. Its NFC chip has already passed the Common Criteria EAL6 level of security certification.

2. Additional security chips from Apple and Mijia

This Aqara N100 has the Mijia custom security chip or MJSC that comes with a unique private key and also encryption certificate. The content can be communicated via Bluetooth. 

This smart door lock also has Apple's security chip that can be linked with any other smart products in the Apple HomeKit. Everything can be encrypted in the secure linkage protocol. Both security chips can double your safety level with this smart door lock.

3. Easy to monitor this smart door lock status

This is another benefit that you can get from this smart door lock. You can check the door lock status by using an app easily. This app allows you to receive alarms of any unusual situations anywhere and anytime. You will get alarmed push notifications for the unlocked door situation and attempted break-in. The safety of your home will always be guaranteed. 

This smart door lock app has a good user management system. It allows you to add and delete users, creates passwords, setup fingerprints, and also change permissions. You can use this app for viewing the unlocking records, manage logs, and check the lock status.

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Door Lock that Works Perfectly with Mijia App

This is another popular smart door lock that is offered by Xiaomi. It is a safe intelligent door lock that can support up to 5 unlocking methods. You can use an app for checking the status of your door lock and also the recording logs of the lock anywhere and anytime you want. Here are some features that can be found in this device.

1. Unlocking Modes

This smart door lock has up to 5 unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, temporary password, Bluetooth via Mijia app, and also emergency key. These unlocking modes can give you flexibility when you want to use this smart door lock.

Its round groove fingerprint recognition system has a large area. This large area can collect a lot of fingerprint identification areas. Therefore, this system will collect more fingerprint information from the user. This fingerprint system has a self-learning recognition algorithm. This algorithm is very useful to improve the security of this unit. The more you use this fingerprint, the smarter this device will be in detecting your fingerprint.

This smart door lock can support a 20-bit secure password. You can also share unlocking methods with other people remotely. There are three types of passwords that can be set up in this device, including long-term valid passwords, a one-time temporary password, and also periodic temporary password. The long-term valid password can be set once for being used permanently.

2. High-security door lock

If you are looking for the best high-security door lock, you can look at this device. This smart door lock has a straight Ferrule C-Class lock cylinder. It is considered as the highest safety standard in the industry. There are more than 10 different security technologies that can be found in this smart door lock. 

These features can prevent brute force technology that can interrupt the security system in this device. Its Mijia security chip has an encrypted system, so it can be used to improve the overall security feature from this door lock.

3. Easy to set and monitor 

It is very easy for you to set up and monitor the use of this smart door lock. When you want to take control of your smart door lock, you should install its app. This app allows you to install and setup your door lock completely. 

There are some door lock settings that can be set up via your smartphone. Its door lock management allows you to check the lock status and also the unlocking history in your Xiaomi Mijia door lock. This app can give you some unlocking alarms to you, so you can monitor the use of this door lock at any time you want.

Compare Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock


Aqara N100

Xiaomi Mijia

Unlocking Mode

Fingerprint, password, key, temporary password, app unlock, HomeKit, and NFC

Fingerprint, key, password, temporary password,  and App unlock

Fingerprint Recognition



Lock Cylinder

Class C

Class C

Bolt Status Detection






Power Supply Interface


Micro USB

App Smart Linkage

Apple Home, Mijia App

Mijia App

Security Chip




$189.99 (Normal Price $243.22)


Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia in terms of NFC system

Xiaomi Aqara N100 is better than Xiaomi Mijia, especially when they are compared in terms of NFC. The Xiaomi Aqara N100 is a good smart door lock that can support NFC entry. 

You can use Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC version and also Xiaomi smartphones that will support the NFC system, including Xiaomi Mi 9Mi 9 ProMi 9 SEMi 9 LiteMi MIX series, Mi 8, Mi Note 3/2, Mi 6/5/5s/5s Plus, etc. This NFC system can give you flexibility because you are able to use your smartphone for unlocking this smart door lock.

Xiaomi Aqara N100 vs Xiaomi Mijia Smart Lock: which one is more worth buying? 

After looking at all features that are offered by both Xiaomi Mijia and Xiaomi Aqara N100, you will see that the Aqara N100 is much better than any other smart door locks. This device has more functions and features than the Xiaomi Mijia. 

You can also use Apple HomeKit when using this powerful smart door lock. During this flash sale, the Xiaomi Aqara N100 is also cheaper than the Xiaomi Mijia. You only need to spend about $189.99 for getting this incredible smart door lock.

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth Password Unlock Works with Mijia HomeKit Smart Linkage with Doorbell Feature (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



Xiaomi Youpin Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth Password Key Unlock Works with Mijia App Smart Linkage



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