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Lenovo GT2 Review

Lenovo GT2 Review

The real rivals of the Redmi AirDots.

In the last time we have tried a lot of TWS headphones, but we have not always focused on the low-cost range, as usually it was the Redmi AirDots S that dominated it. However, there are many other solutions of more or less famous brands such as the Lenovo GT2 that we are going to analyze today.

In fact, these are found on Gearbest for around 20 USD, but will they really be the best choice within this segment? Let's find out together in our review.

In the box

The sales package is quite cheap, we are talking about a white cardboard box with photos and specifications. Inside we will find the following equipment:

• Lenovo GT2;
• 2 pairs of rubber pads with different sizes;
• USB-Micro USB cable for charging;
• Manuals.


The Lenovo GT2 have a standard design, economical and no frills, just like the Redmi AirDots S. Indeed, they are extremely similar to the Xiaomi solution, since they have the same shape, but with some different details.

We have also looked for all brands that revolve around the Xiaomi, examined the products and we have found a similarity with the Haylou GT2 (even the name is therefore the same).

So, apparently we are faced with a sort of rebranding, but in the end we are of little interest since the Lenovo GT2s cost even less than the Haylou.

The earphones are made of plastic and are light (about 4 grams), so you won't feel the weight once they are worn. However, since they are not particularly ergonomic in shape, some ear types may feel uncomfortable after a long period of use.

Personally, I found myself quite well, they can fit together without problems and remain firm even during the most intense sports sessions. They also have an IPX4 certification which makes them resistant to rain, sweat or dust.

To control the various features from the headphones we can take advantage of the physical keys:

• 1 touch on right or left: Play / Pause or answer / end calls;
• 2 touches on the left: next song;
• 2 touches on the right: previous song;
• 3 taps on the right or left: the voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) is activated;
• long click (1.5 sec): ignore the incoming call;
• prolonged click from off (1.5 sec): forced switch on;
• prolonged click from on (4.5 sec): shutdown.

Not having a master headset, they can be used individually . Both have a status LED and a microphone available.

Moving on to the case, however, this seems cheaper than that of the Redmi AirDots S, as the flap is very thin and seems a bit fragile and, moreover, the magnetic closure is not very strong.


The Lenovo GT2s have Bluetooth 5.0, but I would like to point out that our unit initially presented some defects, as often the right headphone decoupled from the left and turned off. This problem was solved only after a reset (the reset the guide is the same as for the Redmi AirDots).

Apart from this, once you take the headphones out of the case they will automatically connect to the smartphone, but the negative aspect is that to turn them off it will not be enough to put them back in the dock and close the flap, you will necessarily have to press for about 4.5 seconds on each of them. Compared to Redmi AirDots S , therefore, they are less simple and intuitive.

The range of action of Bluetooth is up to about 10 meters, while as regards latency we have not encountered problems with videos or films. We cannot say the same for gaming, as the delay between the sound and the image is perceived.

Audio and call quality

Let's start immediately with the audio on call because the quality of the Lenovo GT2 is insufficient like that of the Redmi AirDots S, as the audio is muffled and unclear even in situations where noises are absent, while in urban situations it is practically impossible to speak.

As far as music listening is concerned, I was satisfied because it is difficult to find better at this figure. The audio is clean and even at maximum volume it does not distort and there is a good balance of frequencies (the bass is not pumped, but that's okay).

We can say that from this point of view you do not see big differences with Redmi AirDots S.


The Lenovo GT2s have a 43 mAh battery each and a 310 mAh case that will allow us to recharge them about 3 times.

Also in this case, as well as the Redmi, the manufacturer declares an autonomy of 4 hours, which would reach 15 hours thanks to the dock. In reality, in music reproduction with maximum volume, I almost never got there, totaling an average of about 3 hours and 15 minutes. With a medium / low volume, on the other hand, the standards declared by the company are reached.

It takes about 1 hour to charge the headphones inside the case, while it takes about 70 minutes to charge the dock.


Lenovo GT2s are a different variant of the Redmi AirDots S, as they have a similar design, the same performance and an equal audio level.

The only differences that can make us prefer one model to another are the aesthetic aspect and connectivity. The price difference is minimal. In fact, the Lenovo GT2 are available on Gearbest for around 20 USD. 

Lenovo GT2 TWS Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds True Wireless Stereo Earphones Pop to Connect 15 Hours Battery Life 7.2mm Dynamic Driver



Have a nice shopping with Gearbest!

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