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You Owe Your Hands This Electric Screwdriver! BOSCH GO Lives up to Its Reputation...

You Owe Your Hands This Electric Screwdriver! BOSCH GO Lives up to Its Reputation...

Reasons why I bought BOSCH GO:

1. BOSCH is a reliable yet famous brand in German

2. The price at $42.99 is attractive

3. It can be recharged via USB connection to a power bank

4. 6-gear torque adjustment 


As you can see on the label, this cordless screwdriver has a 3.6V built-in battery, 5/2.5Nm torque, 360rpm/min.

▲ Label

Cordless design enables you to get access to hard-to-reach areas, without the hassles of electric cord extended limit. 

You can quickly charge it even with a portable mobile power bank.

▲ Micro-USB charging port

Let’s look at the power indicators. They will turn green on a full charge.

▲ Green LED power indicator

The torque adjustment is the most appealing part of BOSCH GO to me. On the bottom is the 6-gear adjusting knob, you can adjust it to your desired twisting force. 

According to the BOSCH official ads, the 1 gear is suitable for installing screws on plastic materials such as computers and fans, the 2 to 3 gear is for twisting the screws on furniture, hardware, and large objects and the 3 to 6 gear is intended for screwing self-tapping screws, long screws and large screws. 

From above, you can see that the broad application of BOSCH GO screwdriver.

▲ 6-gear torque adjustment

Push the switch forward is to tighten the screws, push the switch backward is to loosen the screws, and keep it in the middle is to switch it into manual mode.

▲ 3-stage switch of Inward, manual and outward operation

How do I feel like it after using?

It was time to change the air conditioning filter element for my car, so I used this BOSCH GO electric screwdriver as a test.

It fits perfectly with the DeWALT batch heads I bought. 

It takes out the first screw smoothly. 

Soon, six screws were all taken out in two minutes.

As you can see, BOSCH GO is small but powerful. 

BOSCH GO electric screwdriver is also simple to use, push it forward when you install it with the corresponding batch head, but keep in mind to the recoil force after tightening the screws. If you grip it unsteadily, it is easy to cause a sprain.

But if you try it and master the skills, you will make it a piece of cake. Just hold your hand a little looser, but not too loose (you might need to use it by yourself to feel that), when to tighten, just let go even if the torque is not fully released. 


After using it for several days, I think the BOSCH GO is good enough to meet our daily needs. If you do not need to drill on the wall every day or disassemble the mobile phone every day, it will be the right choice for you to assemble or disassemble your furniture, computer host or other gears. 

The BOSCH GO screwdriver is portable to use, easy to recharge, and convenient to carry. For such a price under $50, it’s not the best-quality screwdriver, but I dare say, BOSCH GO must be the most cost-effective electric screwdriver.

BOSCH GO 6 Gears Cordless Mini Electric Drill Screwdriver



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