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Teclast P80 Pro 10-inch Tablet: The Budget Long-lasting Tablet With 5300mAh Battery for Under $100

Teclast P80 Pro 10-inch Tablet: The Budget Long-lasting Tablet With 5300mAh Battery for Under $100

I wanted to buy my mother a gift for her birthday. I wanted to buy something that would fit in my budget. I felt that an electronic item would be very useful for her. Hence, I started looking for something like that. And that brought me to the Teclast P80 Pro Tablet. I think that in the budget segment, this is the best. 

I purchased this tablet and I have to say that this is the best gift that my mom has ever received. She was really happy with this tablet and I was happy to see her. 

Now there are a few reasons why I purchased this tablet. This tablet has every feature that can make my mother happy such as watching videos abut cooking on that screen, taking photos. I describe my mother’s experience below, so you can get a glimpse of what this tablet is all about.   

Now, coming to the features, the first thing that will come to anyone’s mind of those who use this tablet will be that spectacular screen. The screen is an IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. It means that this tablet presents sharp and crisp details and you can get a wide viewing angle. 

My mom mostly watches videos on this and thanks to the screen, she is able to enjoy the content such as soap operas, movies, news, and a lot more very nicely. It has 3GB RAM with 32GB of storage. This is perfectly enough for anyone.

The next is the processor that this tablet possess. It has a Mali-T720 processor in this. This is an advanced chipset which ensures that any task that is thrown at it will be taken care out without any kind of problem. 

This processor helps my mom use the tablet to any extent without having to be worried about any kind of lag. She can use this tablet easily for work such as creating documents and also, she can use this to stay in touch with her friends and relatives.

Compared with other budget-friendly tablets, this tablet has an outstanding camera with which we can take HD pictures. 

Thanks to the two-megapixel camera which can record much more details than the 0.3MP one which is commonly seen in other tablets. Because of this camera, photography is my mom’s new hobby and I am really happy to see her pursue new things with this tablet. 

It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also GPS which is very much useful in our daily activity. 

The next thing will be the massive batteries that this tablet has. It has a massive 5300mAh battery which is actually huge. It can easily be used for a full working day and sometimes, this thing can go even up to two days. 

To conclude, this tablet has a sturdy build, good processor, good cameras and battery and a lot more. I suggest that you buy this tablet as this tablet will be something that you will truly love and also you will truly understand the meaning of value for money. 

My mother is really happy with this tablet. She often says that this gift is the most useful and practical gift that she has ever received. That’s why I am happy to share her user experience with you.

Teclast P80 Pro Tablet



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