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Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner really work? VIOMI Internet Vacuum Cleaner Pro Review!

Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner really work? VIOMI Internet Vacuum Cleaner Pro Review!

Many friends have already been using robot vacuum cleaners. When asked how they feel, they usually give out mixed reviews. Some persuade me to buy one and comment that it is really convenient to use. Good news for lazy guys! This sweeper allows you to control it even when you’re in the office remotely. Just move your finger, then the cleaning robot will automatically do the cleaning. 

When you return home, your flat will be as clean as new; some say don’t buy it because there is too much trouble to use. Chairs, slippers and everything on the floor have to be put away in advance, or the robot will fall over. The footpads at the entrance to the bathroom, balcony, and kitchen should also be stowed. Otherwise, the robot will easily get stuck.

Is the sweeper useful or not? I decide to buy one and have a try. The reason why I choose VIOMI is that I have already had other products from the same brand, such as thermos, electric kettle, juicer, and heater. Those household appliances are all very useful. 

On the other hand, I don’t want to install too many apps on my phone. Then VIOMI V2 Pro Robot Vacuum, the latest cleaning robot from VIOMI, becomes my top option. It turns out that this small gadget does not let me down. It is the master for sweeping & mopping!

VIOMI V2 Pro Unboxing

From the side of the package, you can see some features of the VIOMI V2 Pro, such as the use of a Japanese brush-less motor, a built-in 3200mAh battery, a maximum suction power of up to 2100Pa, support for schedule cleaning, and support for a break-point continuous sweep.

VIOMI V2 Pro is not large, with a diameter of 35 cm and a maximum height of 9.45 cm. It can easily pass through that ordinary low-foot furniture.

VIOMI V2 Pro looks very nice. The convex part on the top is a smart laser sensor. The blue part inside will quickly scan the environment while the robot is working. You can see the environment map scanned by the robot in real-time on the mobile phone APP.

In front of the robot are two pieces of metal strips. When the robot automatically charges, those strips will contact the metal strip of the charging pile.

The small window in the middle of the back is a sensor, and the entire back is a block of collision sensors.

The VIOMI V2 Pro has only one button. Pressing the upper can activate the cleaning function. The lower part is the power supply. Pressing it as a whole can restore the networking settings. By the way, when you operate the sweeping robot, there is a real voice Prompt. This is very convenient to avoid the wrong operation of the robot. 

The top cover of the robot can be manually opened directly. After opening, the dust box can be seen. There is also a brush with a blade on the side of the dust box. The blade can be used to cut the long hair wrapped around the brush and side brush. For pets or long hair owners, this product is a must.

When you need to mop the floor, you can take out the dust box and replace it with a water tank. Its water tank is super large, with a volume of 560ml. My home is relatively small. It can be towed after loading only a small half of the tank. With the tank fully filled, it is estimated that there is no problem in dealing with a larger space, like a three-bedroom apartment.

The dust box of the VIOMI V2 Pro is also relatively large. By the way, the dust box also has a non-return device. When the robot moves backward or needs to replace the dust box, garbage will not spill out and cause secondary pollution.

The filter of the dust box has the HEPA logo, which is a high-efficient air filter. Now our domestic air purifier filters are all of this standard. This kind of filter works well, but the cost is a bit high. Fortunately, this VIOMI sweeper is using the same filer, durable, and washable, which can save the user a lot of money.

The back of the VIOMI V2 Pro looks complicated because it is full of various sensors, such as a cloth detection sensor, speed sensor, drop sensor, compass sensor and cliff sensor.

The two driving wheels on the back are very powerful, and the wheels are more resistant to skids and obstacles. The wires, carpets, and low steps on the ground can be easily crossed. According to the friend who does not recommend a cleaning robot in the front, the machine is easy to get stuck. 

Actually, I haven't encountered this problem with VIOMI V2 Pro. When I use it at home, neither the carpet nor the threshold will hinder the cleaning of the robot.

VIOMI V2 Pro is designed with a V shape hairbrush, and right beside is a rubber brush. I have seen the introduction of this design. The rubber brush will bring up dust when tapped, and the hairbrush will sweep up the foreign objects in the gap, and both this garbage will be sucked away by the large suction force. This design will improve the robot’s cleaning capability,

VIOMI V2 Pro uses a single-side brush, which is of tool-free installation design. Take a closer look. The side brush is a universal model and easy to be replaced in the future. By the way, the design of single and double brushes seems to be controversial. Some people say that double brushes are highly efficient, but those who oppose it say that double brushes are easy to get back garbage, causing secondary pollution in areas that have been cleaned. 

Personally, I don't have much sense of efficiency, because I always use the remote control to make the robot do the cleaning at home. In terms of cleanliness, I don't have the products with double brushes for comparison. Anyway, the room I clean with VIOMI V2 Pro is super clean.

The wet mop needs to be used with the water tank. After the water tank is installed, the hair and rubber brushes will stop working. Water output from the tank is even. For northerners, wet mopping is very necessary, especially during the winter heating period. 

Firstly, it is easy to gather dust; secondly, it is too dry. Use it for wet mopping, clean, and moisturizing. That is killing two birds with one stone.

The rag of the water tank is fixed on the bracket by a Velcro. After it is dirty, it can be removed and washed for reuse.

This is the charging pile of the VIOMI Internet Sweeper Pro. There is a blue LED indicator light on the front. The two metal strip contacts below are retractable and can be more stable in contact with the metal strip contacts on the front of the robot.

The power cable interface of the charging pile is designed on the inside bottom, and there is also a winding design inside. When the charging pile at home is close to the socket, you can store the extra wires so that it looks very clean and does not hinder the robot's cleaning work.

Let us talk about the operation and use the experience of VIOMI V2 Pro. Before using it, first, download the VIOMI APP, press the cleaning/power button on the robot, voice prompt network configuration, and then use the VIOMI APP to add the robot. 

When I opened the VIOMI APP, I was automatically prompted that there was a VIOMI V2 Pro around me and asked if I would like to bind it. The binding process was relatively simple.

Look at the cleaning process of the robot. You need to select the global mode for the first cleaning. This is convenient for VIOMI Internet Sweeper Pro to draw the whole house map. The machine will first clean the edges and draw the borderlines. 

The topographic map will be displayed in real-time in the mobile APP. After the frame is drawn, the robot will clean inline S. From the trajectory of the sweep; there are almost no repeated cleaning areas. Both the degree of automation and intelligence are relatively high.

At home, I mainly need the robot to clean the living room and the master bedroom. There are more sundry items in the children's room and study room, so no cleaning is needed. When the robot draws a map, in addition to choosing to close the door, you can also draw a virtual wall manually, so that the robot will not clean it.

For this complicated scene, I am really worried that the VIOMI V2 Pro can not handle it. However, actually, it turns out to be very good. The machine can even drill into the gap under the stool. Of course, except for the dead corner under the electric piano pedal, all the other places the robot can get through are very clean. 

During the cleaning process, the robot will not collide into the stool legs, but it will touch the pedals of the electric piano. Guess the pedal is too small to be easily detected.

All the other areas, including corners, are easier to clean. The robot can also easily cross the carpet at the kitchen door.

When I came to this place, I was also worried about whether the robot would touch my guitar. I did not expect that the robot would be close but not touched. The same thing happened when cleaning other areas with large pieces of furniture, very close but still no collision. In this case, no need to pack up the big vase at home. 

This is after finishing the sweeping, and I install the water tank to mop the floor. A very thin layer of water could be seen on the floor. Afraid that the floor will get bubbled after soaked, so normally I will not use wet mop in the bedroom. When the VIOMI V2 Pro uses wet mops, the water droplets are very uniform and very thin. 

It evaporates quickly and there is no water leakage during use. You can boldly let the VIOMI V2 Pro mop the floor later. It evaporated quickly, and there was no water leakage during use. You can boldly let VIOMI V2 Pro mop the floor later.

In conclusion: This is the first time I use a robot vacuum cleaner in my house. It is really convenient and cleans very well. For testing, I firstly did the cleaning by myself, by sweeping and wet mopping. 

Then I let the machine do it again. Afterward, I checked the dust box and found that there was still a lot of dust and hair. It could be seen that our usual manual cleaning was still not effective enough. Since then, the cleaning work has been given to VIOMI V2 Pro.


1. Support remote control
2. The intelligent cleaning process and no repeated cleaning.
3. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
4. No collision into the furniture
5. Corners cleaned thoroughly
6. Cleaner than manual work
7. Reused consumable parts


1. Spaces less than 35 cm in diameter cannot be cleaned (P.S.: In fact, it should be said that the area that the robot cannot enter cannot be cleaned. But the area that the mop cannot enter can also not be cleaned during the manual cleaning)

2. Required to switch between the dust box and the water tank manually. If both of then can be installed at the same time, that would be even more convenient.

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro vacuum cleaner 2100Pa LDS intelligent electric control tank EU plug



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