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With The Good Reputation of V2 Pro and V3, Viomi Launched the Latest Vacuum Cleaner Viomi SE.

With The Good Reputation of V2 Pro and V3, Viomi Launched the Latest Vacuum Cleaner Viomi SE.

People no longer cleaning their houses with wringing mops using their bare hands to reach tight spaces. With the innovation in technology and advancement in automatic vacuum cleaning, there are several efficient robot vacuum cleaners available in the market that does an efficient cleaning job. 

Viomi is one such excellent brand that has launched excellent vacuum cleaner technology in the market with its reputed V2 Pro and V3 vacuum cleaners. Their dedicated research in the field of floor-sweeping has allowed the brand to develop and provide consumers with the products of high-quality. In this article, we will discuss briefly the V2 Pro and V3 vacuum cleaner and what people like about it. 

In addition to this, we will also discuss the launch of the latest vacuum cleaner from Viomi, which is the Viomi SE. 

1. Viomi V3

Viomi V3 is an available price of $489.99, which is the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the range of vacuum cleaners offered by the Viomi brand. The smart robot vacuum cleaner makes use of scientific technology to provide consumers with efficient and effective cleaning of their homes. The robot cleaner is equipped with LDS and SLAM algorithm to draw an accurate and complete map of your home. It has three different working modes and comes with a 550 ml water tank and a dust box. 

The three sweeping and mopping modes for meeting different cleaning needs of your home include - sweeping and mopping mode, single sweeping mode, and single mopping mode. The robot cleaner has a 2600 pa suction power and 4900 mAh battery capacity. It requires a charging time of 180 – 240 minutes while offering efficient working for 300 – 360 minutes. With self-charging capabilities and remote control functionality, it is also capable to climb up to 20 mm. 

It has an overall rating of 4.94 stars on People who have used the Viomi V3 claim it to be very helpful for their house cleaning purposes. Users claim it to be a powerful robot vacuum with excellent suction power. 

Global Version VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mopping UP to 150 mins Battery Life



2. Viomi V2 Pro

Viomi V2 Pro is available for a price of $349.99, which is available for a lesser price as compared to that of Viomi V3. With the robot vacuum cleaner doing the job for you, you will have more time to spend with your family rather than wasting it cleaning your home every day. The Viomi V2 Pro also comes with an LDS laser and SLAM algorithm technology, similar to that of Viomi V3. It also offers three different working modes to clean your house more efficiently and effectively. 

With a suction power of 2100 pa, it is able to absorb ground dust, hair, rice, and other large particles quite easily. Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled using a remote mobile app. With automatic charging capabilities and remote control features, it is one of the best devices for cleaning your home. It has a dust box capacity of 500 ml and a water tank of 550 ml as well. Therefore, you should not have any problems cleaning big houses. The Viomi V2 Pro is also capable of climbing obstacles up to 20 mm. 

With a total of 121 customer reviews, it has a total rating of 4.88 stars on This shows you the quality of the robot vacuum cleaner. People who have used the V2 Pro claim it to be extremely useful and one of the best robot vacuum available in the market. Moreover, they also like the available price, for all the features and functionalities that it has to offer for cleaning their homes efficiently. 

VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 2100Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment



3. Viomi SE

The Viomi SE is a new product launch by the Viomi brand in the robot vacuum cleaning technology. The brand has launched the Viomi SE version to open up the vacuum cleaner market under $300. Through this product launch, the brand is targeting those customers who do not want to spend more than $300 on buying an effective robot vacuum cleaner. 

Having said that, while the price of the Viomi SE is less in comparison to that of V2 Pro and V3, it is certainly no less in terms of configuration as compared to that of the other two products discussed above. 

Pros of Viomi SE

1. The Viomi SE is available at a much cheaper price as compared to V2 Pro and V3 vacuum cleaner, and also offers excellent configurations. 

2. It comes with 12 sets of different sensors that ensure perfect mapping and cleaning of your home. 

3. The Viomi SE can avoid any obstacles in its path and helps in cleaning a wide range of floors including carpet, ceramic, and wood among others. 

4. It comes with self-charging and remote control functionalities to have easy cleaning operations. 

5. It has a higher battery capacity of 3200 mAh that is able to clean 200 m2 area of your home in one go. 

Cons of Viomi SE

1.It has a slightly smaller dust box and water tank as compared to Viomi V2 Pro and V3. The water tank capacity is 300 ml, whereas the dust box capacity is 200 ml. 

2.The working time of the Viomi SE is a bit low as compared to other robot vacuum cleaner. It offers only 2 hours of working in a single charge. 

What You Will Get

For a price of $309.99, you will get an efficient robot vacuum cleaning technology that is equipped with an LDS navigation and AI dynamic path algorithm. In addition to this, you will also get a powerful suction of 2200 pa. This will allow you to clean your house with faster and efficient cleaning. Apart from this, you can also connect the robot vacuum cleaner with your smartphone app and use it remotely, hands-free. 

Moreover, you will also get a scheduled cleaning that will allow you to clean your home even when you are not at home. It provides you with 7 schedules and 5 maps functionality to clean your home as required. You can also set up no-go zones to avoid the cleaning area that you do not want the vacuum cleaner to clean. Along with the product, you will also get a charging stand, HEPA, two in one water tank, roller brush, sweeper, and side brush. 

VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner 2200Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps 7 An Appointment




Although the Viomi SE is much cheaper in comparison to the Viomi V2 Pro and V3 vacuum cleaner, it does provide you with several features that you will find in V2 Pro and V3. With excellent suction power and several sensors, it is a great addition to your smart home. The advanced technology of the robot vacuum cleaner will leave no dead spots on the floor and will clean your home as efficiently as possible. The Viomi SE is currently available on Gearbest for a price of $309.99. Go check it out, before it runs out of stock.

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