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Huawei Won This Time! Huawei Watch GT Smart Sports Watch Is The Most Impressive Smartwatch I've Ever Used

Huawei Won This Time! Huawei Watch GT Smart Sports Watch Is The Most Impressive Smartwatch I've Ever Used

I used some Huawei products. None of which pleased me, until my wife gave me the Huawei Watch GT as a present. To my surprise, this little smartwatch has changed my impression of Huawei.

Let’s have a look at it, and you’ll know how powerful Huawei Watch GT is.

Appearance & design

The package is black with a golden logo. Such a combination accentuates the texture. The golden font harmonizes with the product as well as its characteristics.

Both the inner packaging and outer packaging are in the same style. Honestly, as soon as I open the box, only the watch comes into view. It is too prominent.

Apart from the watch, there is a charger and a user manual in the box. It is worth mentioning that the charger features the use of magnetism in wireless chargers, facilitating charging.

The buttons and touch screen of Huawei Watch GT are for normal operation. 

The watch only has two buttons on the right side. The multi-functional button is on the top, and you can use it to enter the menu, return, confirm; with the button on the bottom, you can enter the sports mode, or long-press to unlock the watch.

The operation is similar to the touch screen of smartphones. It is much simpler than push-buttons. For more specific functions, you need to discover them by yourself during use.

The front of the watch is a 1.39-inch AMOLED Retina screen. The 454x454 pixels high-resolution screen presents ultra-sharp details and vibrant colors. As I am used to Garmin and Suunto watches, Huawei Watch GT appears quite stunning to me. 

Its screen is different from the screens of Garmin/Suunto watches which have a black rim and don’t appeal to the eye. 

The body is made of stainless steel, with a ceramic bezel and a diamond-like carbon coating. This invisibly enhances the wear resistance of the product, providing it with extra protection for outdoor use. With the scale on the bezel, the watch looks manlier.

The silicone wristband is soft and comfortable, with ventilation holes. Whether it is for sports or daily wearing, you will enjoy the comfort. It is very easy to remove the wristband. Although it will take you more time to install the wristband, it won’t be a problem for you.

The back is similar to that of most watches because they have the same design of a photoelectric heart rate sensor and 2 charging contacts

The product features a light and ultrathin body. Its total weight is 65g (including the wristband), which is 20g lighter than Suuton 9.

Functions and operation

The menu of Huawei Watch GT is concise. You can access the functions by sliding to the left and right to check the heart rate, blood pressure, real-time weather, air quality, activity record (including steps, workout time, stand-up times) and more. 

Meanwhile, we can slide down to use other functions, such as Do Not Disturb, wrist-up display (5min screen-on time), Find My Phone, screen unlock, settings, battery percentage, date and so on. Slide up, and you can check the latest messages (up to 10 unread ones).

As mentioned earlier, you operate the watch by using buttons and the touch screen. Huawei Watch GT has two buttons on the right. The one on the top is for different functions, allowing you to enter the menu after you press it on the home page.

Huawei Watch GT offers 20 functions, including exercise record, training status, heart rate monitoring, activity record, sleep monitoring, blood pressure detection, and more. Each function provides you different options. Thus, the functionality of Huawei Watch GT is quite clear at a glance.

Let’s have a look at what makes me think Huawei Watch GT is worth buying. 

The smartwatch supports diverse supports to keep you active.

It provides 10 sports modes for users, namely, running, climbing, cycling, swimming, etc. Moreover, the watch offers beginner and intermediate courses for the most popular sport, running. It is to instruct beginners to have better training. You can set the fitness goal, use reminders and the built-in smart coach.

Huawei Watch GT excels in data display. Take the running mode as an example. It shows you 13 kinds of data, including speed, pace, altitude, heart rate, stride frequency, pace speed, VO2max, and recovery time.

Based on your activity, Huawei Watch GT will generate a weekly analysis report, so you can know your physical strength, training load, recovery time, VO2max to assess your performance and get targeted training. The report serves as a good reference. 

The product boasts TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring, which can keep track of the heart rate for 24 hours. Apart from the real-time heart rate, it also shows the heart rate graph and resting heart rate. 

The resting heart rate is an indicator of heart health. Wear the Huawei Watch GT smart sports watch, so you can always keep track of the health of your heart.

Additionally, the product also features TrusleepTM 2.0 sleep monitoring jointly developed by the Huawei and Center for Bioethics of Harvard Medical School. 

Through monitoring sleeping time, real-time heart rate, quality of breath, as well as analyzing big data, it diagnoses 6 typical sleep problems according to four stages of sleep, including awake, REM, light, and deep sleep.

Nowadays, people are under stress in life and at work, but most of them aren’t aware of it. With the TruRelaxTM, Huawei Watch GT can analyze the heart rate variation to effectively monitor the pressure 24/7 and care user’s health. The built-in breath training can help to relieve stress.

The product also supports smart reminders for incoming calls, SMS, App notifications, sedentary time, display of strange numbers, etc. The software has been further improved by incorporating a variety of practical functions, such as stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, flashlight, phone finder, etc. to meet most needs in daily life.

APP performance

For functional display and extension, Huawei has taken advantage of its smartphones and developed Huawei Health APP. Users can upload some records or data in time for analysis.

An important feature is that you can use the App to configure functions as well as display settings. Some pieces of information are shown on the watch only after synchronization.

By using the App, we can know the steps, distance, and all previous fitness data, heart rates, pressure levels, sleep data. Besides, you can have daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly analysis reports. 

Additionally, the App supports three sports modes, including running, walking, and cycling mode. In case you forget to wear a watch, the App can replace the watch to record sports data.

You can also set up your running plan for a more scientific and feasible schedule. Improve your running effectively.

However, the App provides fewer functions than the mobile App of Garmin. The difference is so obvious.

Daily test

During use, the AMOLED Retina display surprises me. This is not only because of the rich and delicate colors but also because of the smooth operation (almost no latency, no lag).

My favorite hobby is running, whether it is in summer heat or extreme coldness. 

In the cold environment, the watch functions as the same. In particular, the three positioning systems, GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou satellite systems, can position successfully in two or three seconds. 

Its positioning speed only ranks lower than that of smartphones. In comparison, it dwarfs the positioning system of both Garmin and Suunto, because they require around 10 seconds and 7 - 8 seconds respectively.

Before using the running mode, I enable the heart rate monitoring, warning, pressure detection, reminder for average pace per mile, and wrist-up display. 

During running, Huawei Watch GT displays a full set of data, including activity time, distance, pace speed, heart rate, heart rate zone, steps, stride frequency, calories, cumulative elevation gain, current altitude, coaching, training effect, distance behind your companion, etc. and it notifies you of the exercise intensity in real-time. 

All functions are useful, especially the coaching. After setting the pace speed, you will be reminded whenever you are faster or slower than the preset pace speed. Meanwhile, you can know how far you are ahead/behind your companion to reach the balance of pace and strength.

The accuracy of fitness data is admirable. I put on it and covered 200km. Compared with my smartphone, Suunto and Garmin watches, Huawei Watch GT provides me with nearly the same activity time, distance. 

Although there is a slight difference in the average pace per mile, i.e., merely a few seconds. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the product is defective because the difference is not big at all. 

The long battery life satisfies me the most. I have only charged the watch three times, and now it still has 50% of electricity left.

Once after a full charge, the battery lasted 132 hours (5.5 days). During this period, all functions were enabled, including heart rate monitoring, pressure monitoring, wrist-up display, smart notification, sedentary reminder. What’s more, I ran while wearing the watch, covering 116km within 10 hours. 

Since the product supports 50m underwater and swimming, I tested its waterproof performance, and it perfectly passed the test.


1. High-resolution screen for vivid colors, smooth operation;
2. Long battery life;
3. Fast and accurate GPS positioning for detailed fitness data;
4. A cost-effective smartwatch that offers excellent value for money;
5. A full set of practical features. 

1. The App is rather simple, without enough functions;
2. Slightly short screen-on time;
3. It only supports a few sports modes.

This is probably the product that I’ve tested for the longest time, and it is also the one that has impressed me the most. 

As we all know, once you find that a brand is different from your impression, it is possible that you had a bias against it before. All defects have died away over time and been replaced by improvements.   

I admit that the review has completely changed my opinion about Huawei. Huawei won my heart this time.

The above is all I wanted to share with you. If you find it helpful, please click the applause button and share the article. Thank you!




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