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4 Handheld Game Consoles Which Are The Best Presents For Male Friends

4 Handheld Game Consoles Which Are The Best Presents For Male Friends

Do you still send your brother a shaver like most of the people on birthday? Do you learn about the present your male friends like? Maybe most people do not know what they could send to male friends.

There are some reasons that gifts to men are difficult to choose. First of all, in fact, choices for man's presents are very limited. For example, the kinds of man's clothes are much fewer than woman's.

In addition, compared with mothers, most male friends speak too little with their hobbies, so we do not know what they like. Lastly, if you are a girl, you never know a boy’s preference.

A few days before your male friend's birthday, it is difficult for me to choose a present for him. However, when I know the game consoles below, my problem is solved perfectly.

They are favorably reviewed, with the best value for money. Undoubtedly, if you send it as a present, your brother and friends will be much happier. Maybe they could “return” to their childhood.

Gocomma handheld game console with about 400 kinds of games and portable design. You can kill boring time with your friend happily. It is convenient to use the USB cable for charging. Support TV reinforces your feeling when fighting in the game.

Promising review: "my family loves it very much. It recalls our good memory when we were playing these games. Compared with other consoles, I can enjoy much more games at the same price. 

I can take with it when we go to a picnic in the park and use the mobile power supply to charge for it. Its clear screen, reasonable price, and good speaker make me buy another one for my family. "

S192K multifunctional screen gamepad with a large capacity of space and battery. With the combination of 64GB internal storage and 128 external card storage, you can do anything you want. The capacity of the battery is 10000 mAh and you can play with it anywhere you want.

Promising review: "I love it for two reasons. The first reason is that the large battery could last about seven days. Before I go on an excursion, I fully charge it. After I finish my excursion, it still can work. 

On the other is that this gamepad is a perfect combination of hardware and software. I love its huge storage. Most of the games are on the Cloud, which means that when I want to play games, all I need is just the Internet. 

I never worry about the lack of storage. I spend a brilliant time with my friends in the games. Not only can I play games with it, but I can browse the web page, chat on video with the clear front camera, reading books online and so on."

FC handheld console with different kinds of retro games. Racing games, shooting games, adventure games, fighting games and so on are included in this game console. It helps you to reduce stress and unhappiness, and promote relation between friends.

Promising review: "I was annoyed by my children’s toy console because one console just has a dozen games. My son wanted to play ten kinds of games, so there are ten consoles at my home. 

Therefore, I sent it to my son on his birthday. This console, including 168 retro games, meets my son’s needs entirely. Sometimes I will play with him together. 

When playing games with this handheld console, I seemed to be back in our childhood, which was very happy and relaxing. My wife, as a gamer, loves it too. It is a great birthday gift."

FC280 nostalgic handed game console with 400 kinds of games and support of TV and earphones. 400 classical games comprise some old and some new games. 

When you play the old games, you can try your best to challenge new levels; when you play the new games, they could fresh your gaming experience. 

Buying one game console, you can get two handles, with which you and your friend could enjoy the pleasure of 400 classical games at the same time.

Promising review: "Supports of earphones and TV enhance my enjoyment in playing games. Sometimes the sound of games is so loud that I cannot play games in public places or when my families fall asleep. 

Support of earphones perfectly solves my problem. I can enjoy my games at any time. My eyes are very dry and tired after playing games for a long time. 

Because the game console screen is small, I often connect the game console to my TV and enjoy the big screen when at home. The game console works perfectly, and deserves to be recommended."

Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console



JXD S192K Game Phablet 7 inch IPS Screen Gamepad



All-in-1 168 Classic Game Retro FC Handheld Console



FC280 Nostalgic 400-in-1 Handheld Game Console



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