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Amazfit GTS vs. Apple Watch 5 Series: Which One Should You Choose?

Amazfit GTS vs. Apple Watch 5 Series: Which One Should You Choose?

Recently, many smartwatches have been released. Not only the Amazfit series, which won the award on IFA 2019 but also the Apple Watch 5, which was released yesterday, has received a lot of attention. 

Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS are both smartwatches with a square screen, and there have been significant breakthroughs in screen quality. So how do I choose between Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS?

Amazfit GTS vs. Apple Watch 5 Series: Specs

The most intuitive way is to compare their parameters to have a deep understanding of their functions. So, let's take a quick look at the specifications about Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS.

From the above comparison table, we can see the parameter differences between Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS. Apple Watch 5 will be better at GPS and watch independence.

Amazfit GTS vs. Apple Watch 5 Series: Design

There is almost no difference between Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 4 in appearance, except that Apple Watch 5, uses a new Always-on Retina display screen. Additionally, Apple Watch 5 offers a titanium version as well as new Nike and Hermes styles.

Apple Watch 5

Although Apple Watch 5 has made a lot of upgrades on the screen, it still lags slightly behind Amazfit GTS in terms of appearance.

Amazfit GTS uses the industry's leading full-view screen, up to the pixel density of 341ppi, bringing unprecedented clarity and delicacy. The smooth transition from 2.5D arc glass to the metal body makes for the thinness of the watch, 9.4mm. 

Thus, it looks slender and exquisite. Moreover, the lightweight aluminum alloy contributes to the lightness of the smartwatch, which is 24.8g.

Amazfit GTS vs. Apple Watch 5 Series: Function Features

There is no doubt that Apple Watch Series 5 will be much more advanced than Amazfit GTS in terms of functionality. 

Not only does the former support 4G call technology, built-in GPS, built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS, a built-in compass, for your outdoor sports to provide accurate recording and tracking, but also a series of fitness functions. 

What's more, new international emergency calling and Emergency SOS, noise analysis and reminders, women's menstrual reminders, as well as anti-fall alerts, are also supported.

Although Amazfit GTS doesn't provide as many fitness functions as Apple watch 5, Amazfit GTS still does a great job in terms of basic sports functions!

Amazfit GTS has an extraordinary waterproof performance - it can be put 50 meters underwater. It means that you don't need to be afraid of water in daily life. Furthermore, you can wear the Amazfit GTS while swimming. 

During swimming, the watch can automatically identify the stroke, record SWOLF value, pace, calorie consumption, and other data. Improve your performance with the help of accurate analysis of each swimming.

Additionally, Amazfit GTS supports 12 mainstream sports modes, built-in GPS+GLONASS double positioning system, accurate record of motion. Also, with many professional sensors, comprehensive fitness records, scientific analysis, you can effectively take your exercise/training to the next level.

Amazfit GTS VS Apple Watch 5 Series: Battery Life

Although Apple Watch 5 has made significant improvements on the screen, it can only last 18 hours. It is troublesome for businesspeople. In comparison, Amazfit GTS has an average service life of 14 days, which is stunning.

You might doubt that Amazfit GTS has an always-on display. Yes, currently, Amazfit GTS does not support always-on display, but it is possible through firmware upgrades later, just like Amazfit GTR.

Amazfit GTS VS Apple Watch 5 Series: Price

Finally, the price of Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS must be everyone's biggest concern. The current price for the Apple Watch 5 GPS version is $399; the mobile web version costs $499. The price of Amazfit GTS is 899RMB, around $130.


So far, I believe you have a deep understanding of Apple Watch 5 and Amazfit GTS. Which one is best for you?

Apple Watch 5 is an excellent choice for users who don't care about the money, while Amazfit GTS is one of the best choices for the bang for your buck.

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