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They Already Wear This Belt To Enjoy Music, When You Still Use Neckband Headphones

They Already Wear This Belt To Enjoy Music, When You Still Use Neckband Headphones

This pair of belt headphones makes you more immersed in listening to music and playing games.

Hanging a speaker around the neck may sound weird, but it is quite popular in recent years. 

Sony, Bose, JBL, and other large companies have launched similar neckband Bluetooth speakers, which appear strange but satisfy some users' needs. 

It is because they can provide a better sound effect than headphones without harming the hearing. That's why the wireless neckband speakers with larger speakers for more immersion come into use. 

But today, I'm not going to introduce a neckband headset, but a chest-mounted peripheral called Woojer Edge. 

Wearing it, you can experience the beats and immerse yourself in songs. 

Many people will likely take the Woojer Edge for a belt at first sight. 

Strange as it looks, when you attach it around the chest and use it with your headphones, you can have a unique experience of putting a vibrator near your ears. Woojer Edge is a vibration system in nature.

What is it all about, Woojer Edge? As you know, sound can be felt when an object vibrates, producing sound waves, which then come into our ears. When we're listening to music, the vibration is directly funneled through headphones to our ears. 

Woojer Edge is to make the vibration close to your body, so you can not only feel it with your ears but also your body. 

The development team of Woojer Edge tried to add haptic feedback to the belt. 

Thus, when connected to mobile phones, music players, or other devices, Woojer Edge can sync the vibration in the music and transfer it to the body, providing a fantastic experience. 

It feels like as if you were together with the singer in person.

To meet the needs of music lovers, Woojer Edge supports CSR and APTX low latency Codec, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 to improve the overall musical performance.

Apart from playing music, Woojer Edge can also be used when you're playing games. Imagine that you are in a shooting game, as you open fire, you can feel the recoil. 

There is no doubt that Woojer Edge will certainly make games more immersive, especially VR games. 

What's more, Woojer Edge can also help music beginners. 

For instance, those who learn to play the guitar can get the hang of rhythm and speed quickly, through the timely haptic feedback.

Although it looks a little strange, Woojer Edge is helpful for music and gaming enthusiasts. It is because it turns music from a simple auditory experience into a more immersive one, involving the hearing and vibration. 

Perhaps in the future, similar technologies will be widely applied in VR devices. 

So, what to do before the future? 

You may use wireless Bluetooth headphones. After all, most of us don't want to be stared at the chest when listening to music.

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