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Cubot X20 Pro: A Phone with AI Triple Camera, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM at the Lowest Cost Ever

Cubot X20 Pro: A Phone with AI Triple Camera, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM at the Lowest Cost Ever

With true AI triple camera, CUBOT X20 Pro combines cost-effectiveness, next-level photography with more than adequate performance. It is a truly cost-effective flagship smartphone in all aspects.

The X series remains the most anticipated high-end products of CUBOT.

On September 16, 2019, the CUBOT X20 Pro is launched on Gearbest global site.

This article is a detailed introduction to the various functions and parameters of this mobile phone for making the right choice.


Unbelievable! 80% of respondents think it prettier than iPhone 11

CUBOT always attaches great importance to the visual experience, and the appearance of the Cubot X20 Pro is even better than we think.

It uses a 6.3-inch screen, which is in fashion.

The 19.5:9 aspect ratio of the waterdrop notch screen, 2340 * 1080P high-resolution and 92.8% screen-to-body ratio make this phone stand out at the same price range.

Covered by 2.5D glass on both sides, the Cubot X20 Pro makes good use of space inside, so the mobile phone is ultra-thin, only 8.1mm.

However, the battery capacity is as high as 4000mAh.  

The back of the Cubot X20 Pro is simple and high-end.

On the top left corner, there is a square module which consists of AI triple camera and a flashlight. On the bottom is the distinctive logo of Cubot.

By the way, everyone has seen the latest iPhone 11 Pro Apple.

Compared with the iPhone 11 Pro camera which resembles the little spider Lucas, the camera module of Cubot X20 Pro harmonizes with the smartphone better, pleasing to the eye.

Additionally, we asked 50 passers-by to compare the back of the iPhone 11 Pro and Cubot X20 Pro, and 80% of the respondents say they prefer the design of the Cubot X20 Pro.

What do you think of it?

The openings in the bottom of the Cubot X20 Pro are microphones and speakers, as well as the Type-C interface.

On the left are the SIM card slots which support dual SIM dual standby and Nano card.

On the right are the lock screen button and the volume button.

Currently, the Cubot X20 Pro is available in Black, Rose Gold, and Ocean Blue.

The three colors appear tasteful and solemn, and I believe the smartphone will be very popular among male groups.

Camera Performance

Cubot’s First AI Tri-camera Phone

In terms of photography, CUBOT has made great efforts.

The X20 Pro is loaded with 3 cameras on the back, including a 12MP primary camera, a 20MP depth sensor and an 8MP 125° super wide-angle lens.

With the triple camera, a wider picture can be recorded. 

Unlike the gimmicks of triple AI camera in other ads of smartphones, CUBOT X20 Pro boasts the true triple AI camera.

To offer users a better shooting experience, Cubot has set up a new camera department and has established deep cooperation with the leading algorithm team in the industry from 360 company. 

As a result, the AI performance of X20 Pro is extraordinary – it can recognize 16 AI scenes, and it offers a super night scene, video beauty mode, and a series of functions.

Therefore, the CUBOT X20 Pro gives you more surprises in the shooting.

Compared to those brands that use made huge profits from cameras, which is a mean of premium, CUBOT insists that a camera phone is only a tool for recording life. 

That’s why the X20 Pro is still budget-friendly even with so many improvements.

Now, let’s focus on some sample photos of the CUBOT X20 Pro.

1. Daytime Photography

The above is a close-up taken by the 12MP primary camera of the CUBOT X20 Pro.

It reproduces vivid details of the leaves and the petals in different states. The bokeh effect is good, too.

Normal mode ▼

Super wide-angle mode ▼

As mentioned earlier, it is the first tri-camera smartphone in Cubot’s portfolio. Amazingly, the CUBOT X20 Pro is integrated with a super wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 125°.

Therefore, with Cubot X20 Pro, we can compose more creatively. It is very practical, especially for group photos. You can also use it for landscape photography, for more impact and better perspective.

Enjoy a few more photos taken during the daytime.

2. Night Shot

Here is a close-up taken in the low light environment at night.

In an environment with extremely low light, it is even impossible for an ordinary mobile phone to capture clear photos for an object.

However, it’s not the case with CUBOT X20 Pro, because it uses the AI algorithm to stack multiple frames, presenting the brightness and darkness of the night to synthesize long-exposure photos. 

In short, it allows you to record beautiful images in the dark.

3. Front camera

The front camera of CUBOT X20 Pro can capture abundant details.

Through the AI algorithm and beauty mode, you can improve the look of the face without distorting it and retain the details.


6GB RAM+128GB ROM+ Octa-core CPU, the best configuration for under $200

As we all know, the performance of mobile phones is determined by chip, CPU, and RAM.

The CUBOT X20 Pro is powered by a MediaTek P60 12nm process SoC, which has been dramatically improved in the power consumption, heat generation, and performance.

Compared with the P23, the P60 SoC consumes 23% less power and improves the performance by over 70%.

What do 6GB RAM and Octa-core CPU mean to the mobile phone?

In a nutshell, they bring the more powerful and faster operation to X20 Pro.

It means you can run multiple apps simultaneously without getting stuck.

When you browse, both the loading speed and refresh are fast.

When viewing pictures, you won’t find motion blur.

When running a heavy game, you won’t feel that X20 Pro is hot.

During video playback, fast decoding can be enabled in HD settings.

Charging & Battery Life

4000mAh large capacity, 347h standby time

As mentioned earlier, the CUBOT X20 Pro has a 4000mAh high-capacity battery, whereas it is only 8.1mm thick.

The official claims that its standby time can reach 347 hours. Let’s know more about its battery life through a series of tests.

1. Playing online videos

Open YouTube.

20% volume, 50% brightness. Start playing 1080P videos with 97% battery. After 1 hour and 42 minutes, the smartphone has 78% power left.

Theoretically, the X20 Pro can play online videos for over 9 hours in a row for a full charge.

2. Playing games

We use a game to test the battery life of the X20 Pro, with the highest picture quality and frame rate settings. Start from 99% charged.

After 2 hours, the remaining battery percentage is 59%. 40% of the electricity is consumed. Accordingly, in the same condition, an X20 Pro user can play for 4 to 5 hours.

3. Charging

Start charging Cubot X20 Pro from 5% with screen off after power-up. It takes 90 minutes to get 95% charged.

With regard to the large battery capacity, this charging speed is still quite excellent.


The latest Android 9.0 system, ad-free for high satisfaction index

CUBOT X20 Pro is equipped with the latest Android 9.0, which is an ad-free system, with a simple and clean interface. 

There won’t be any annoying ads which affect the user experience, and fluency is exceptionally high.

Moreover, the interaction is simpler and more thoughtful. Trust me, and you will be surprised after you get the phone.

Summing Up

A smartphone with true AI triple camera, 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM at an unprecedented lowest price

We can clearly see the great efforts made by Cubot.

Firstly, through the introduction of the triple camera, a variety of beautiful colors, Cubot achieves professionalism, luxury, and quality for less than $200.

Secondly, by working with the professional algorithm team, the triple camera of X20 Pro is not a gimmick, but truly functional, offering extraordinary camera performance and AI beauty mode.

It is praiseworthy that Cubot X20 Pro means a breakthrough of top configuration at the price range, different from low-performing smartphones at unreasonably high prices.

In general, with true AI triple camera, CUBOT X20 Pro combines cost-effectiveness, next-level photography with more than adequate performance. It is a truly cost-effective flagship smartphone in all aspects.

I don’t think anybody can resist its charm.

Usually, the price of CUBOT X20 Pro is $250.

The flash sale price is $149.99.

CUBOT X20 Pro 6.3 inch 4G Phablet with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM AI Triple Camera Android 9.0 4000mAh Battery



CUBOT X20 Pro 6.3 inch 4G Phablet with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM AI Triple Camera Android 9.0 4000mAh Battery



CUBOT X20 Pro 6.3 inch 4G Phablet with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM AI Triple Camera Android 9.0 4000mAh Battery



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