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The Coolest Safety Lights for Cycling at Night! Wear Them like a Harness & Helmet

The Coolest Safety Lights for Cycling at Night! Wear Them like a Harness & Helmet

It is a commonplace that safety is the priority on the road. To return home safe and sound, you should ride carefully, especially when making a turn in the dark. Accidents likely happen when drivers overlook you!

To improve the safety for cyclists during nighttime, an English company, Wayv launched a set of safety lights which consist of a vest, a helmet, and a controller to be mounted on the handle. 

Wearing the safety lights, one can make a big red cross light up to remind drivers behind that there is a man ahead. In this way, they will be careful, and you can always enjoy riding at ease.

They also serve as a turn light. You can turn the handle to make an arrow flash on the back of your head. 

There will also be an arrow flashing on the front to make your status easily seen by the drivers coming from the opposite direction. Nobody will ignore the indicator lights as they are more eye-catching than your elbows, improving the safety for cycling at night. 

The Wayv safety lights can be connected to your phone to adjust the brightness levels, check the remaining battery percentage. Moreover, the size of the vest can be adjusted, and one can put them on while carrying a backpack. 

The helmet-mounted light strap is suitable for most bicycle helmets. Every part is waterproof, including the vest and the controller. It is miserable to run on rainy days, but with the set of safety lights, you are in safe hands!

Do you like the design?

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