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QCY T8 Review

QCY T8 Review

Semi-in-ear earbuds with 13mm driver and Bluetooth 5.1

Quite a popular brand QCY is very progressively releasing a large number of wireless earbuds and this time we have a new model QCY T8 on my review.

The new model is made in the form of semi-in-ear earbuds, so there will not be an individual size, as in in-ear earbuds. QCY T8 also boasts a new version of Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection, support for a mobile application, touch control, IPX4 splash protection, and much more.

QCY T8: Specifications

Impedance: 16 ohms
Driver unit: 13mm Dynamic driver
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: SBC
Battery: 380 mAh
Charging Time: 90min
Connections: Type-C
Weight: 4(48)grams
Music Time: 3.5h

Design and construction

As I said, the QCY T8 model is made in the form of earbuds. Thus, the semi-in-ear earbuds do not have ear cushions in their combination, where any user can choose the right size for their ear canal.

In the case of the QCY T8 model, they fit me without any questions. They also sat well in my ears and I didn’t even have a hint that they might fall out. Another positive reason for choosing semi-in-ear earbuds is comfortable wearing, without any ear fatigue, as is the case with in-ear headphones. 

In terms of appearance, yes, they are designed by Apple AirDots. But it is not an exact copy, as it has a large number of differences. For example, the leg of the earbuds has a gold ring that gives the earbuds a little charm.

The earbud housing is made of glossy white plastic, which is practically free from fingerprints. The build quality is pretty good. I did not find any squeaks or other extraneous sounds.

The location of the touch controls surprised me a little. Since the touch panel is located on the end top of the leg. Indeed, I did not have accidental clicks, but at first, I was not accustomed to controlling. 

At the bottom of the leg, there are contacts for charging and a hole for a microphone. An infrared sensor is located on the sound guide, which automatically stops music playback when you remove the earbuds from the ear canal.

It is also worth noting that QCY T8 is IPX4 water-resistant. This means that the earbuds are not afraid of sweat or small splashes. But you can’t swim or soak them in water.

The charging box is already made of matte white plastic. The build quality of the box is good and the lid has a magnetic connection. In addition, the lid opens almost without any backlash.

On the front, there is a pairing button with a charge level indicator. At the bottom of the box, there is a Type-C connector.

Connection and control

The first major difference in the budget TWS version of the QCY T8 earbuds is the emergence of a new generation of Bluetooth with version 5.1. 

The signal quality is quite high and I didn’t find any lag, interference, or other annoyances.

I also want to talk about the proprietary QCY application. After pairing with earbuds, you can customize your music in the equalizer. Also, change the control functions to suit your taste and convenience. In addition, if you open the cover of the charging box, a window will pop up on your smartphone screen with the charge level of the earbuds and charging box.

By touch control, there are all the necessary functions, even sound control. Ok, let’s talk about the sound quality now.


QCY T8 received a 13mm dynamic driver, which produces a good volume level.

Indeed, if you set the low frequencies to the maximum in the application, the bass is present and the earbuds play quite dynamically. The same goes for the mids and highs, they are well executed and play quite cleanly. Even at the maximum volume level, I did not observe wheezing or other flaws.

Compared to competitors, the sound quality of the QCY T8 is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE or Tronsmart Onyx Ace.

As for the quality of the microphone, it does its job quite well in the QCY T8 model. In a quiet room, your interlocutor will hear you clearly, but in a noisy place, the sound quality drops slightly, but the interlocutor will also hear you without any problems.


Again, I did not find out what the battery capacity is in the QCY T8 earbuds themselves, but the manufacturer guarantees about 3.5 hours of music playback.

As my practice has shown, the battery life at 70% volume level is enough for about 3 hours. There is also a charging box with a 380 mAh battery capacity. Therefore, you can recharge the earbuds an additional four times. The total battery life with the charging box will be about 15 hours.

Of course, battery life is not the highest, but the earbuds received a Type-C connection. The charging time for the box and earbuds will be up to 1.5 hours.


If you’ve been looking for advanced semi-in-ear earbuds at a low and attractive price for a long time, then the QCY T8 is definitely a good choice.

On the positive side, I liked the high-quality assembly, convenient touch control with the ability to customize functions through the application. In addition, the sound quality did not fail in the earbuds.

On the downside, I can attribute this is not the highest battery life, but the earbuds have a modern Type-C connection.

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