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Beelink GS-King X hands-on Review: The Most Strong TV BOX 2020!

Beelink GS-King X hands-on Review: The Most Strong TV BOX 2020!

This time I'm giving you a good review of Beelink's new 2020 product: GS-King X.

When I first heard the name, I thought, is not gt-King's upgrade, before there has been Pro, so this GS-King X has a new action or not?

Sure enough, this GS-King X is not a gt-King upgrade, but a very big change, from the appearance, internal hardware to the operation system so GS-King X have a really great improvement from all sides. You can see the cool red and black box and my computer table is very well matched in term of color so this gives a coordinated look

Beelink is a leading figure in the TV BOX industry. Other TV BOX manufacturers are doing a variety of products, TV BOX is just one of the product lines. Only zero Beelink recognized this category, and constantly still giving on it a lot

The biggest change in the GS-King X is the SUPPORT for the NAS, which can be powered by two 3.5-inch mechanical hard drives at the same time. Accessories include a power cord, remote control (wireless reception), hard drive, and an 8GB TF card.

There are two USB 3.0 connectors and a TF card slot on the front of the fuselage, and the red button is the power button. Beelink's Skull Logo has always been a very representative classic, and every sight of the skull logo will instantly remind you of Beelink

After plugging in the power source, when the device is not turned on, the skull is displayed with a green light, which means that the power source is currently connected.

The rear side of the fuselage has a rich interface. The HIFI SOUND area has a 3.5mm audio port, the RCA output port is suitable for external power amplifiers, and the BAL output is a balanced audio port. The lower TV BOX area has a DC power port, AV output, HDMI output, and two USB 3.0, SPDIF output port, LAN network cable interface.

On both sides are cooling vents and fan outlets, "Easy to record every bits of your life, and look back at those beautiful moments!", easily record every point of your life and review those beautiful moments!  It seems that the built-in NAS is the essence of this product.

After opening the back metal plate of the set-top box with a screwdriver, the position of the hard disk will appear in front of your eyes. Beelink GS-King X can accommodate two 3.5-inch mechanical hard disks at the same time, and a 3.5-inch mechanical hard disk bracket is included as standard.  It is marked "Beelink GS series HDD bracket".

This bracket is very sturdy. There are two pull rings on the outside of the bracket. The hard drive can be taken out with a little force. The circuit board looks very delicate.

When  pressing the red power button or the switch button on the remote control, the green skull light turns blue, and it enters the power-on working state.

If you have used Beelink products before, you should be familiar with this interface.

Its operating system is based on Android 9, so it can be installed on your phone, tablet, or TV

For APK applications, GS-King X are all supported, and the main interface also supports customizing your frequently used applications to the home page.

The processor performance of Beelink GS-King X is the same as GT-King Pro, both are Amlogic S922X-H. You can see the speed of this processor by looking at the picture.

The speed of installing the APK is so fast, it is really not the same level as those smart TV box processors on the market.

The biggest difference between GS-King X and the previous generation GT-King is that it supports 2 sets of 3.5-inch hard drives, and can support a large capacity of up to 32TB, which is especially suitable for those who need Blu-ray movies and 4K movies.

You must know that Blu-ray movies are basically more than 30GB, or even 50GB, and usually 1T hard disk can not store a few, so choosing two large 4T hard disks is great.

In terms of function, GS-King X is also equipped with Bluetooth as standard, so it is suitable for people who occasionally work lightly. It can be paired with Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse for airborne operation.

In addition to identifying local hard disks, U disks and TF cards, Beelink GS-King X also supports DLNA digital network interconnection. For example, my PC and 360 router are both open for resource sharing. At this time, I can directly connect to Beelink GS-King X to access these resources in King X, if they are devices that support DLNA in the same WiFi environment, they can all access and read each other.

In the system settings, it's possible to make detailed settings for the screen resolution display, HDMI CEC, sound, and power button definitions.

There are as many as 7 options including Dolby, DTS, AAC, and Dolby TureHD in the sound effect alone. It is undoubtedly a more professional design for groups with higher requirements for sound quality and video.

The wireless remote control of GS-King X has flying mouse function and voice control function. After clicking the flying mouse button, it becomes an air mouse, which is more convenient to operate.  The voice control is dependent on Google services.

Since the system itself is based on the Android 9 system, you can install whatever movie APK you want to install. New blockbusters and nostalgic old ones, as long as you have the App, you can open GS-King X to watch at any time.

Even, in your spare time, it can be used as an online live viewing device for games, which you can put on your home's 4K large-screen TV, or home projection, laser projection, and more.

In addition, Beelink GS-King can also perform network management through the mobile phone client, download, upload, and backup the address book and photo album on the mobile phone, which can fully realize the automatic backup of important data. The large hard disk that supports up to 32TB can satisfy all the photos and videos on your mobile phone.

For all those features I highly recommend you to buy GS-king X so is a really king and you will like it.

Beelink GS-King X Dual HDD NAS Hi-Fi Audio System Smart 4K TV Box



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