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NITECORE TIKI GITD : The Best Small Handlly Light For Your Daily Life

NITECORE TIKI GITD : The Best Small Handlly Light For Your Daily Life

People always ask me, what do you do with so many flashlights? I am speechless, because I think each flashlight has its own characteristics. Just like NITECORE two of the TIKI key lights from Knight Cole look exactly the same, I also made two, because one of them is a new-style TIKI GITD, with a shiny and unique fluorescent shell.

This time, Knight Cole also changed the outsourcing assembly color to TIKI. The plastic cardboard was changed to a lighter color, leaving only the orange and black logo under the hook as the original appearance, which looks fresher and fits TIKI. GITD's green fluorescent color system.

Because TIKI GITD is small and simple, there is only one switch to control the main light and side light. If you are not familiar with the operation, don't throw the package first. You can refer to the instructions on the back of the package. Of course, collecting this article is a good way.

Okay, let’s move on to the topic and talk about this simple, compact and powerful luminous version of TIKI key light from NITECORE. In order to be different from the normal version, it is referred to as "GITD" in the text.

Small appearance, fluorescent shell

Speaking of the key light, the first impression is light and small, because it should not be too cumbersome to hang on the keychain. The net weight of GITD is only 12 grams, and the standard stainless steel quick-hanging ring is only 15.2 grams, which is lighter than an ordinary steel key and can be said to be as light as nothing.

The length of the GITD is only 55mm, and the largest diameter of the lamp head is only 14.7mm, which is similar to the size of the ordinary AA battery, a bit thicker than the AA battery, and looks small and exquisite wherever it is placed.

The GITD lamp body adopts a light fluorescent shell material with a transparent matte texture, which is cast in one time. It has the functions of strong, beautiful, transparent and soft light, and the matte texture has the function of anti-skid, and the hand feels fine. Or under strong light, excite green fluorescence.

Hang the lamp on the key, and there are always people who worry about the material breaking and the small lamp missing. In fact, you don’t have to think too much. GITD’s integrated tail hanging ring can withstand at least a long-term static pull of 5 kg without being damaged.

The fluorescence of the GITD case is about the same as the fluorescence of a watch pointer. After excitation, it can be maintained for less than 1 minute in a brighter environment. If it is in the dark, it can emit green light for a long time, which is convenient to find the position of GITD and easy to take and use.

Hanging and taking, easy to use

Like other NITECORE key light products, GITD also comes standard with a quick-hanging ring, which can be worn on the tail through the key ring to form a convenient and quick access. It's just that the key ring is a bit hard, and the tail of the GITD is a bit thick. Tools are needed for installation.

The quick-hanging ring has a wide range of functions. It can hang the GITD in any suitable position such as a backpack. It is not easy to lose and is also convenient to take at any time.

I prefer to hang GITD on various zippers of clothes, backpacks, etc. On the one hand, it can be used as a zipper puller, which makes it easier to pull up; on the other hand, the lighting can be held at hand without taking it off, which is more convenient.

Walking in the corridor at night, dragging the backpack, you can directly touch the GITD, and you can turn on the lights at any time. I like this idea to come right away.bright.

Hang the light inside the backpack and turn on the side light in the dark to bring a softer light and make it easier to find items.

I usually hang the GITD on the key and take it wherever I go. It is very convenient to use as an emergency light for family and driving.

Bidirectional three light sources, wide range of uses

1. Main light
The main light in front of GITD uses an OSRAMOSRAMThe P8 positive white LED lamp beads, combined with the light guide of the lens that accurately calculates the light transmission trajectory, can emit a maximum luminous flux of 300lm, which is relatively bright in such a small key light.

The main spot and the auxiliary spot of the perfect circle have a large range, which can cover a larger area of the periphery, and the wall party and the spot party cannot be picky.

The benefits of the lens can be clearly seen from the figure below. This is the large-angle illumination range of more than 160°, and the larger viewing area means that the ambient brightness will be higher and the field of view will be more open.

The key light is not only for emergency use, GITD can bring a large area, front and rear transparent lighting in a dark outdoor environment, ensuring that users can see the way forward, and the range of more than 70 meters is not a problem.

The main light has four gears, namely 1lm, 15lm, 60lm, and 300lm. The lighting effect becomes stronger at a time, and the brightness can be adjusted according to different environments to achieve the most comfortable visual effect.

2. Reading light
Inside the side of the GITD lamp body, there are two side-by-side luminous bodies. The orange one is the side light reading lamp. This is a lamp bead with a CRI color rendering index of 90, which can better restore the original color of things and make people's eyes better. Identify the true colors of objects more easily.

The light is projected by the frosted lamp body shell to form a large-scale lighting area with uniform brightness. It can be upside down or hung, and used as close-up lighting such as reading lights and camp lights to reduce visual fatigue. There are no bright spots of concentrated light and a clearer view .

For outdoor use, the brightness of the auxiliary lamp is enough to see under your feet. The uniform lighting effect in a large area, coupled with high color rendering, can also be used as a photo fill light.

3. Ultraviolet lamp
The other side lamp is a 365nm UV lamp with a power of 0.5W, which can directly excite the fluorescent substance in the GITD housing.

Ultraviolet light has a wide range of functions. It can be used to check money, stimulate watch fluorescence, monitor fluorescent agents, catch insects and other fields. Although GITD is small in size, it is powerful.

Single side key switch, flexible control

On the same side as the side light, near the lamp head, there is a sports field-shaped switch button. It is designed with a rubber cap and has a certain degree of slip resistance. The internal electronic switch key stroke is about 2mm. The trigger has clear tactile and sound feedback.

The GITD itself is very small and the switch is very small, but it can be easily operated as long as you are familiar with it several times. Wearing gloves does not affect the success rate of pressing. The operation logic is also very clear, and you can remember it after using it several times.

GITD has a one-key extremely bright function. As long as you hold down the switch, the main light can emit 300lm luminous flux, and the main light will not go out until you release your hand. This function is very practical in economic situations.

Quickly double-click the switch twice to turn on the main light. The default is 1lm low light position, which is very friendly to eyes when used indoors; click the switch again to realize the four-speed low-medium-high-pole cycle change; long press the switch to turn off the main light.

Quickly click the switch three times to turn on the UV sub-light; click the switch again to switch between the three modes of UV-reading light-reading light flashing; long press the switch to turn off the lighting.

High-brightness battery life is close to 40 minutes, good heat dissipation effect

Fully charge the battery, turn on the illuminance meter to record the illuminance data, and at the same time connect the thermocouple to the lamp holder to measure the temperature. The distance from the lamp holder to the illuminance meter is about 35 cm, Start to do the test, look at the measured data of GITD.

The GITD main light has four gears, the luminous flux is 1, 15, 60, 300lm, plus the secondary light reading light single gear, the corresponding 35 cm illuminance ladder is shown in the figure below, it can be seen that the ratio of illuminance to luminous flux is roughly the same , The side light illumination is not too concentrated, and the gear setting is more reasonable.

After turning on the 300lm ultra-bright, the illuminance retention curve drops. After about 1 minute and 10 seconds, it is downshifted to the high-brightness gear level. After that, the illuminance remains slightly decreased. At about 37 minutes, the illuminance is downshifted again and the brightness continues to be lower. Output, it still does not automatically shut down until the end of one hour, which is good for the 130mAh built-in battery.

The GITD lamp holder is surrounded by stainless steel, on the one hand, it can ensure the strength of the lamp holder and prevent damage; on the other hand, it can assist in heat dissipation.

While doing the extremely bright endurance test, use a thermocouple thermometer to measure the lamp head temperature at the same time. As shown in the figure below, the data is recorded every 10 seconds, a total of 36 sets of data are recorded for 6 minutes, and the initial room temperature is about 25.6°C. Draw a line and compare the data with the illuminance diagram. It can be seen that after the extremely bright gear is turned on, as the heat accumulates, the temperature rises at a faster rate, and then gradually tends to the level. At the end of the measurement, the highest temperature of the lamp head reaches 44.9℃, due to the low thermal conductivity of the barrel material, it is only slightly warm and will not burn your hands, just use it with confidence.

Faster charging and good waterproof effect

GITD uses a built-in 130mAh polymer lithium-ion battery, and there is a Micro-USB charging port at the end opposite the side light, which is usually sealed with a rubber cap to increase the sealing and waterproof performance.

After completing the above endurance test, directly charge the GITD, the charging current is maintained at about 0.132A, and the charging power reaches 0.67W, which is enough for small batteries. During charging, the blue indicator light inside the lamp head lights up, indicating that it is charging.

It takes 1 hour and 11 minutes to charge a total of 128mAh, 0.65Wh power. When it is fully charged, the indicator light goes out and the battery capacity has no virtual mark.

It may also be the reason for this charging opening. GITD's dustproof and waterproof index is IP66. Although it is not the highest level, it will not enter water if it is soaked in a stream. There is no problem with waterproofing in daily life, so you can use it with confidence .

Light to carry

TIKI GITD, as a new key light launched by Knight Cole, in addition to being light and convenient, and easy to carry, it also has three lighting functions, plus a fluorescent shell, it is indeed a fun thing for fingertips, a good tool for lighting, and a good helper for portables. .

Knight Cole has been deeply involved in the field of key lights, and has launched many small and powerful lighting tools. TIKI GITD is a very characteristic product. The price is not high, and the price is discounted. If you like it, don't miss it so you can use this coupon code to buy it for a low price : NTCTKGITD

NITECORE TIKI GITD 300LM Multipurpose LED Keychain Light Luminous Edition



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