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How To Rescue Your Old Phones: Why Not Hang It On The Wall?

How To Rescue Your Old Phones: Why Not Hang It On The Wall?

Year after year, mobile phones and computers update rapidly. I rush to get the new flagship smartphone each year, so what should I do with the old mobile phones?

I don't know if you guys ever wonder that, but it drives me crazy when I look at a bunch of cell phone boxes, from iPhone 3GS to iPhone X. Unbelievable, right? I just put every ever-dazzling generation of old phones in a separate box to be covered with dust! 

I thought about the problem for a while, but always pondered:

- Give it away? Oh no, I’m attached to these phones which I’ve used for a long time;
- Sell it? OMG! The risk of privacy disclosure is horrible;
- Leave it alone? It’s a pity to leave it in a forgotten corner.

It was not until recently when I looked at a blank wall that it dawned on me: why not take advantage of my skill to tear down all my old mobile phones and turn them into specimens?

What if I can make a pleasant artwork after teardowns? I can make use of old phones and admire the artwork, which is so great!

After a day's work, the final results are as follows:

iPhone 4, released nine years ago, was believed to be the first iPhone for most people. The industrial design of the iPhone 4 has become iconic because of its square edges, round and soft corners, and a sandwich structure with screen-fuselage-back cover. Until now, it’s still be imitated.

I wrote this article not only to commemorate my first success in creation but also to instruct people to deal with old phones. Here are the process and problems that you should consider. I hope it would be helpful for you.

If you want to have a try, read on!

1. Preparation:

Firstly, get your old phone ready.

You should tear it down without destroying the main parts.

P.s. I leave out the process of smartphone teardown, as you can find a large number of tutorials elsewhere such as on YouTube.

Secondly, you need a set of tools.

In addition to the smartphone repair tool kit, the adhesive is also needed.

You should prepare different kinds of adhesive in case some might fail you. 

Finally, choose a frame in the right size by either searching online or merely going to IKEA.

However, carefully check the picture frame to avoid any defects before you are about to disassemble the smartphone in great excitement.

When all the materials are ready, move on to the next part!
2. Arrangement & combination: 

This process is neither complicated nor easy. It is not difficult because you can arrange in whatever way you want, but it is not easy to achieve a regular and good-looking arrangement.

Sir Jony Ive, the designer of the MacBook, iPod, and iPhone, once talked about the design of iOS 7, “True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It's about bringing order to complexity.

So when I arrange the parts of disassembled phones, I try to follow two principles:

1. The main body is in the middle, and the front and the rear parts are on the left and right.

2. Try to keep every piece in their original position and arrangement.

Based on these two principles, I adjusted the arrangement again and again, and finally, to my relief, the arrangement lived up to my expectations:

It was not too fragmented as the main parts were well preserved. The primary and secondary parts are arranged appropriately, and the classification is also reasonable.

If you’re getting here, please pay attention to a crucial issue, the necessary space. Otherwise, you’ll have a tragic ending, and your finished artwork cannot be put into the wooden frame even though everything is ready.

3. Installation:

The installation is the hardest part of the process. I didn’t know that before I started the project.

I recommend you to put all the parts on the backplane, according to the design that you conceive at the beginning.

In this way, you can see the result more intuitively to make adjustments if needed.

For some parts, such as screens and back covers whose surfaces are too limited to adhere, you need to find a solution in advance.

The most convenient way is to find a few cushions for the table leg or chair leg, as it can serve as an intermediary to stick the parts and backplane. Now, you’d better measure the height frequently with a ruler to control the height well.

The preliminary arrangement is made (shown in the pic above)! It looks not bad. At this time, more fine-tuning is required to avoid problematic adhesion, which is a bit annoying, This is due to the difficulty of fixing it later, or you may need to start over.

Yeah, it’s easier to deal with large parts. However, it is the most difficult to install small things, such as the screw gasket. I have no choice but use tweezers to put them down. Especially when you come to the small parts, be patient! Try to regard this process as an effective way to challenge your patience.

4. Complete assembly: 

After all the above steps, it’s time to present your artwork! After adhering all the parts, be sure to leave your masterpiece air dry for a while. Control the time according to the cure speed of the adhesive you use. 

Work cautiously and avoid bumping the parts, or they will be damaged. So it’s also time for you to check whether the thickness is under control.

Protect the artwork with a piece of glass to get a more delicate look.

I enjoyed the whole process as if I were in the handicraft class in childhood. Nevertheless, I like doing such things.

As we all know, adults rarely enjoy leisure in this way. Anyhow, there might be a little trouble in the process, but you will be happy to see the final work like me.

At last, let's have a look at the final wall decoration. Isn’t it beautiful? 

By the way, what else can you make with your old smartphones? Do you have any idea? Try now!

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