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Xiaomi HIMO C26 vs HIMO C20, What’s the Differences Between These Two Electric Bikes?

Xiaomi HIMO C26 vs HIMO C20, What’s the Differences Between These Two Electric Bikes?

Xiaomi is one of China's leading electronic companies having its headquarters in Beijing. 

Apart from producing mobile phones, laptops, television sets, and other household electronics, Xiaomi also produces electric bikes. 

In the electric bikes market, the HIMO brand by Xiaomi is fast becoming one of the most dominant brands. This is not surprising as almost every newly-launched HIMO electric bike has nice upgraded features that surpass the previously released models.

Xiaomi products especially, mobile phones and electric bikes enjoy worldwide patronage, especially in China and India. What Xiaomi brought to the electric bike market were high-tech initiatives with relatively cheaper yet quality E-bike products.

As the call for more environmentally-friendly means of transportation is being championed around the world, electric bike companies are taking the advantage to boost business. Xiaomi HIMO electric bike models are getting more popular.

In this review, we will be comparing the new HIMO C26 with the popular HIMO C20. We aim to ascertain if it is worth upgrading to HIMO C26, judging by its recently released specifications and proposed price. HIMO C20 was a groundbreaking folding bike. It is more likely C26 will surpass it.


Let's begin by comparing both models from Xiaomi Youpin head-to-head using the following parameters.

1. Appearances

Both bikes are excellent electric moped bicycles. However, HIMO C26 looks more suited for adult riders than HIMO C20. This is mainly because HIMO C26 has a greater dimension. 

Also, HIMO C26 has a more triangular look as the crossbar is quite visible and well crafted. HIMO C20 seems to be taller than HIMO C26. However, the positions of the major bike components in C20 are retained in C26. 

So when we talk of looks, we may say that HIMO C26 is more likely to be stronger and more balanced than HIMO C20.

If you are a tall rider, you may prefer the comfort HIMO C20 could afford you, due to its height. Riders of average height may prefer HIMO C26 because it is 'closer to the ground' and offers more stability.

2. Design (design, size, and weight)

HIMO C20 has a dimension (L×W×H) of 1470×610×1060mm and weighs about 21.6kg. HIMO C26 has a dimension (L×W×H) of 1740×660×1050mm and weighs 25kg. No doubt, HIMO C26 is longer and wider. For a bike that looks more lengthier, you may be right to choose HIMO C26.

You may choose a folding bike after considering ease of storage. It is glaring that C20 is easier to store than C26 due to differences in dimension. However, an extra length can sometimes be a small price to pay for enhanced features.

3.Cycling Performance

Distance Between the front and Rear Wheel from the Centre1070mm960mm
Electric Moped Continuous Sailing Milage≈100km  
Electric Continuous Sailing Mileage Only≈ 60km≈ 50km
Maximum Speed25km/hr23.7km/hr

The table above speaks for HIMO C26 as scoring higher on this level. Judging by the specs, riding HIMO C26 should offer more comfort and cover more distance in less time.

For the environmental enthusiast, cycling to work and moving about without gas is quite satisfying. This mostly comes at the expense of comfort. With HIMO C26, cyclers have a better chance of going farther for longer. You can beat traffic and be right on schedule.

4. Battery

For electric moped bicycles, battery life could be one of the greatest threats to the comfort riders envisage when purchasing bikes. Both HIMO C26 and HIMO C20 use Lithium-ion batteries having a 10Ah capacity. 

Lithium-ion batteries generally charge faster and retain charge longer the old traditional batteries. They can also last for years if designed to use Undervoltage and overvoltage protection.

The slight yet significant differences in their batteries are listed in the table below.

BatteryHIMO C26HIMO C20
Undervoltage Protection41±1V31V
Overcurrent Protection15±1V15A
Battery Voltage48V36V

With the differences in battery voltage and protection capacities, HIMO C26 still shines as the more preferred. Cyclers can expect a longer battery life that could do longer mileage with less stress.

5. Price

Flash sale prices for HIMO C20 can go as low as $699. The average price for a brand new C20 is about $1,099.99. 

How much would you pay to get a brand new HIMO C26? We envisage that when HIMO C26 becomes finally available for sale, it may cost around $1,100.


The answer to this question boils down to your needs and a good understanding of what both models offer. We believe the comparison made above can help you decide.


Just like the HIMO C20, HIMO C26 comes a lightweight frame. It also has three ride modes that you can choose from. This includes the pure electric ride mode, the pure human effort mode and the combination of both human and electric ride mode. Users can easily switch between ride modes on the move. For this reason, many riders find the HIMO models from Xiaomi highly versatile.

Another feature shared by these e-bikes is the Panted Shimano 6-speed variable speed drive. With this feature, speed can be adjusted as the bikes simply adjust the rear and front sprocket wheels. Cyclers can go as fast as they need to go on different terrains.

HIMO C20 came with inflatable tires and an inflator pump that can be hidden beneath the saddle. We expect a similar feature in HIMO C26 too. Also, both models are built to take the maximum load capacity of 100kg.

Despite the obvious similarities between HIMO C20 and C26, disparities in size, maximum speed, and battery capacities stand out as the major differences in the two models. These differences translate to longer battery life, increased efficiency, and functions. For those who complain that HIMO C20 looks childish, HIMO C26 should surely be a reprieve. You should upgrade to the new HIMO C26.

Want to keep up with the latest bike in town? Why not anticipate the release of HIMO C26? 

It's top-notch features and performance will blow your mind. As we await the official release date which should be between December and the first quarter of 2020, it is nice to prepare your budget to accommodate this awesome bike.

Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Moped Bicycle 23.7KM Per Hour 250W Motor Foldable



Xiaomi HIMO C26 Electric Bicycle 100km Mileage 250W Motor



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