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3 Essential Items to Spice Up Your Sports - Smartwatch and Wireless Bluetooth Ear-buds and WiFi Action Camera

3 Essential Items to Spice Up Your Sports - Smartwatch and Wireless Bluetooth Ear-buds and WiFi Action Camera

What are your essential gadgets for sports? I believe most of you will say clothes and shoes. 

However, I think there are 3 items that are necessary for my sports, namely, the smart watch, smart earphones and action camera. 

Are you concerned about the calories burnt and the heart rate during your exercise? This smartwatch can keep track of them for you. 

Are you upset with the situation that headphones wires are tangled when you are running? These smart earphones can help you to get rid of the troublesome wires. 

Have you ever dreamed to be captured as Michael Phelps in the pool? This action camera deserves to be chosen as it can catch the wonderful moment underwater. Now, I am going to explain in detail why they are essential items.

1.Waterproof Sports Smartwatch - an intelligent helper who can help you achieve fitness goals immediately

I recommend this to you because it has great features, including heart rate monitor, blood pressure functions, remote camera, call/message reminding and diversity sports management and so on, which can meet your daily needs and become the best monitor of your health.

HRM heart rate monitor function gives you real-time feedback on your heart rate at any time and anywhere. As we all know, exercise intensity is reflected by the heart rate. A heart rate helps you achieve the desired goal more efficiently. 

By wearing this smartwatch, I can adjust my heart rate once it becomes too high during exercises. Meanwhile, it can calculate walking or running distance and calories burnt, which helps to maximize the fitness effect and inspire our potential by using various sports modes function. 

Another great useful function is the sleep monitor. There are 3 display modules. Detailed information helps you to adjust your sleep habits and improve sleeping quality. 

Since sleep information is recorded every day, I can know my sleep quality to make improvements based on the recorded data. When it shows the deep sleep is not enough, I will ask myself to go to bed earlier or reading some books before sleeping. As you can see, it is beneficial.

One more function is sedentary and drinking reminder. Just imagine when you are sitting longer than the preset duration, the watch will remind you with vibration or a ring that it's time for exercise and drinking.

It looks unique and very easy to use. Besides, you can use any image as the screen-saver. You can also connect the watch to the phone through the App. 

For one reason, you could easily know the information even when you forget to bring this watch out; for another, you can read those messages without taking a look at the phone. What a great thing!

A lovely thing is that you can change the wristband freely. What's more, the size is suitable for anyone. Please do not wear the swatch when you're swimming or in a hot bath.

2. i9 TWS Smart Wireless Bluetooth Ear-buds - a work-out essential for fitness enthusiasts

I have been dreaming of Bluetooth earphones for a long time till I have this one. In the past, I always used to listen to music with wired earphones whenever I was walking or running. Sometimes I found it is inconvenient as the wires are tangled.

 To solve this trouble, I start to seek wireless earphones with high value for money and multiple functions. Finally, I did. This product makes me get rid of the troublesome wired earphones and enjoy wireless music at ease.  

It is compatible with 99% devices as it is for Android and iOS systems. You can listen 2 to 3 hours music for 10 times on a full charge. I find that it is incredible is when I speak gently in a noisy environment, the sound can still be recorded clearly

Trust me! These are the perfect ones to start with your wireless music experience. 

I want to give you this tip - use one ear-bud while keeping the other charging, and you can double the battery life.  

3.Original SJCAM WiFi Action Camera which supports the external microphone and remote. A perfect choice for photography

This camera is super lightweight, and it is easy to carry. Besides, it supports WiFi connection and voice control. It can be used for outdoor sports and home security. You can catch pictures with great quality through this camera. You don't need to worry about the distance when taking photos as this camera supports 8X digital zoom

I recommend you to choose a higher memory card than 64 GB. Otherwise, you will complain about the storage before you realize how amazing this camera is.

It is perfect for people who love swimming and diving, as it allows you to capture the wonderful world underwater. It can also be used as a driving recorder so you can drive freely on the broad highway. 

What's more, you can put it on your helmet to keep track of the scenery along the way. A friend of mine told me that the cam matched well with his helmet. 

Since there are great varieties of electronics, the cost-effectiveness becomes the priority. What I need to point out is that the cost-performance ratio of this camera is fantastic. 

As I've mentioned before, this smartwatch has multiple functions, and it is ornamental. This smart wireless earphones also provide a chance for you to enjoy your sports freely. What I still need to stress is how perfect this action camera is for swimming and diving enthusiasts. Trust me, or you will regret missing them!

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i9 TWS Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Mini Earphones



Original SJCAM SJ8 Pro 4K 60fps WiFi Action Camera



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