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Alfawise X1 Review.

Alfawise X1 Review.

Independent vehicle for urban environment.

Now a lot of attention deserves individual of transportation devices such as bicycles, scooters, and others. Let's see on a new electric bike called Alfawise X1 in our review.

Alfawise has already recommended itself as a good brand in the Chinese market. What is special about it? Alfawise X1 received a design similar to Fiido D1, and the main characteristics, such as 250W motor rated power, 10.4Ah battery, the maximum speed of 25km/h and others.

Alfawise X1: Specifications

Motor rated power: 250W
Maximum speed: 25km/h
Charge time: 5.0 hours
Modes: Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode
Battery: 7.8 or 10.4Ah Li-ion
Wheel size: 14 inches
Maximum load: 120kg
Brake mode: front / rear disc brake
Weight: 17.3kg
Size: 132.00 x 48.00 x 98.00 cm

Alfawise X1: In the box

The e-bike is well packed, all parts that could rub against each other at the folding bike are provided with foam. 

In addition to the e-bike is still the very small power supply, the user manual, two keys and a small tool kit included.

Alfawise X1: Design 

However, we do not need the tool for the Alfawise X1 in our test. It comes assembled. Only the seat is still to be inserted and unfold the folding bike. This is intuitive and done in a short time.

The folding mechanism is quite simple. Fold up the handlebar, flip the lever and lock with a safety hook.

This works in a similar way to the frame: Unfold the frame and connect it with the big lever and flip a small hook. 

The pedals can also be folded in and folded out. This is very convenient for transport because it reduces the pack size and prevents snagging.

The lithium-ion battery is completely installed as part of the Alfawise X1 and delivers 7.8Ah or 10.4Ah (360W) to the engine.

The drive releases its energy in the rear wheel with 250 watts and should offer 40-70km range.

The supplied power adapter charges the battery within six hours. 

Because the wheels seem tiny at 14 inches in diameter and somehow we can hardly imagine so much power in the smallest space.

The engine must help when slopes are to be mastered. 30 degrees creates the Alfawise X1, so at least the technical data.

The e-bike has various controls on the handlebars. On the right side, there is a lock, via which the electronics are switched on by key. The display shows the charge status of the battery. On the left is a large on/off switch, which operates the front light.

However, the correspondence is missing behind – no tail light is installed, instead of a reflector.

A red button activates the electric horn. Particularly important is a slide switch, which allows three driving modes.

Alfawise X1: Driving modes

Pedelec mode: When pedaling, the engine turns on – as allowed in Europe and also in much more expensive electric bikes widely used.

Manpower mode: The engine does not provide any support and you have to pedal yourself.

Electrics mode: This is a throttle grip on the right side of the handlebar as a controller. As with a moped, this allows the engine and thus the electric bike to set in motion.

Striking is the mobile phone holder, which receives a smartphone and can also provide power.

There is a USB socket on the underside, which is protected against splash water by a rubber seal.

Despite the low price, disc brakes are installed in the Alfawise X1 in the analisis. The brake levers are equipped with a motor breaker, which delays the disc brakes.

When you press the engine stops and brings the e-bike with its aluminum frame to a standstill. 

Alfawise X1: Use in practice

We set the saddle to the driver’s height, sit on it and wonder about the soft sitting. The saddle is slightly sprung, which makes us again and again while driving.

The drive in manpower mode of Alfawise X1, that is without a motor, is not fun – which was to be expected.

When Pedelec mode, this looks completely different: The E-Bike Alfawise X1 comes off well in the car.

We fight hard and come comfortably on a straight level at 20 km/h. After that, it gets really tedious.

We drive for the Alfawise X1 test on private grounds and try out the moped mode. Now the twist handle is our friend and gets us forward without any pedaling.

Nevertheless, we can pedal, which feels strange at first. On a paved course, we can comfortably reach 24 km/h but within 25 seconds. And on inclines, the Alfawise X1 folding bike is even slower.

20 percent increase is still possible, with 30 percent we have the feeling of having to dismount right away.

Typical for folding bikes is the use of a car, public transport, camping or on a boat. We take the test and carry the e-bike out of the apartment – three floors down. The integrated handle is pleasant to the touch. Nevertheless, 18 kg can only be worn for a short time and we are happy to be able to drive again.

Unfolding works relaxed in about 30 seconds after a short exercise. It goes to the track in pedelec mode. At the platform, we fold it together and take it on the train.

This worked out in many public transport centers as luggage and requires no extra ticket. Arrived at the destination we get off and drive to our appointment. Luck!

The building has an elevator and we go to the fourth floor. The lift is small, but Alfawise X1 riders and two other people fit inside. With the eye-catching folding bike, you get straight into conversation.

Alfawise X1: Battery

With the full initial charge, the 280 or 360Wh battery gets to its knees after about 40km. This should be enough for most commuter routes especially as the power supply is easy to carry because of its low weight.

Alfawise X1: Conclusions 

For whom is the Alfawise X1 e-bike folding bike suitable? For casual riders who want to overcome short distances by e-bike and want to waste a lot of space: campers, boat owners or commuters who cover the main line by bus or train.

Alfawise X1 Folding E-bike Bicycle Electric Bike with 250W Motor 25km/h Speed



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