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Is This Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver Worth Buying? Shaving is No More a Tedious Chore for Men!

Is This Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver Worth Buying? Shaving is No More a Tedious Chore for Men!

In this era of advancement and technology, we see electronic devices everywhere. From kitchen appliances to bathroom accessories everything has turned electric. They save time and have made life easy and comfortable. 

I, in particular, am a fan of electronics. I try different electronics all the time, especially electric shavers. They are used daily and I want a shaver that is stylish and cool.

With such a huge market available, it becomes difficult for me to select the best shaver. With a lot of companies making big claims and giving long lists of assurances, I often get confused. The key is to keep trying different shavers of known and good companies.

There are a lot of electric razors available out there. Which one is for you? Which one is good? Which is the razor that you should buy?

These are the questions that come to mind when I go for razor shopping. I was browsing the online shopping sites and saw the Xiaomi Shaver ad. I knew about the Xiaomi company, so I decided to try their new shaver model.

For those who are hearing the name Xiaomi for the first time. Here is a little background knowledge.

Xiaomi Mijia is a name that is famous worldwide. It is a Chinese company that has launched numerous products all over the world. With an excellent track record, consumer support and good product reviews, Xiaomi Mijia is an introduction all on its own.

Recently this company has launched a new product, Xiaomi Mijia MJTXD01SKS 360 Degree Float Shaving Electric Shaver.

This is a rotary shaver model. Each rotating shaver head comes equipped with double blade design and a double circular knife. Its 360 degrees rotating ability gives a smooth and an easy shave, enabling the users to shave from corners without cutting themselves. 

This razor also comes with an IPX7 rating, making it safe to use while showering. So basically you can use this razor for both dry and wet shave. 

This razor is stylish, handy and comfortable to use. Xiaomi Mijia 360 Degree Float Shaving Electric Shaver also comes with a travel lock system. This makes the razor safe and avoid the automatic start of the razor due to any accidental touch. 

This razor also has a smart indicator that tells the user when to remove the accumulated hair from the device.

Features in a Nutshell: 

√  Rotary head
√  3 blades
√  360-degrees rotation technology
√  Wet and dry shave
√  Double-edged design
√  Dicyclic knife
√  Double blades
√  Standard and acceleration mode
√  IPX7 waterproofing
√  Deep cleaning ability
√  Automatic shutdown
√  Low battery indicator
√  Long battery life
√  9.3m/s cutting speed

I tried this electric shaver. I experienced a smooth and efficient shave. Some of my observations regarding the shaver are:

√  Adequate battery life
√  Comfortable handling
√  Easy access to all corners of the face
√  Unlike our previous shavers, Xiaomi shaver produces no unnecessary noises
√  Smooth and even shave

Why Xiaomi Mijia 360 Degree Float Shaving Electric Shaver?

This is the most pertinent question and here are a few reasons why: 

√  Quality

Xiaomi is a trusted name with a long line of quality products. This shaver model is a quality product. It is made from high-grade materials that provide long life to the shaver.

√  Shave Comfort

It provides a comfortable shaving experience. With its 360 degrees rotating head technology, it cuts hairs from every corner of the face easily and efficiently. It is facile to handle and use. It provides a painless shaving experience.

√  Power and Battery

Xiaomi electric shaver is a wireless device. It comes with an embedded battery. This wireless feature gives you easy and mess-free shaving. 

 As Xiaomi is famous for its quality products, therefore, it is safe to say that the battery for the electric shaver is good both in capacity and coherence. 

According to the statistics, the Xiaomi shaver needs only to be charged for 2 hours and its battery lasts for almost 8 hours as compared to the other electric shavers that only last for a mere 45 min to an hour. One full charge can last you a long time.

Another interesting feature of the Xiaomi battery is the auto-shutoff. This makes your shaver safe from overcharge and subsequent damage. It also prevents extra consumption of electricity. So, even if you forget to manually unplug it your razor remains safe from overcharging. 

√  Shave Convenience 

Xiaomi razor provides an effortless and convenient shave. With its ability of both wet and dry shave, it gives a smooth and fluent shaving experience.

√   Dual shaving options

This model of Xiaomi shaver gives the user the option of both wet and dry shave. It is 100% waterproof. You can use it while showering without any tension.

√  Package and parcel

Xiaomi electric shaver comes with a full package. With the shaver, you also get a mini brush and a charging dock. These extra accessories make this shaver more attractive than the other shavers available.

√  Design and shape

Xiaomi electric shaver is made from stainless steel that gives it strength without making it bulky and difficult to use. It is designed and fabricated in a way that makes it user-friendly. It is available in black color only.

√  Effortless cleaning

This electric shaver comes with an indicator that tells the user when to clean the device. It also comes with a mini brush with which you can easily clean the shaver without any undue hassle.

√  Bimodal 

Unlike other electric shavers, this Xiaomi shaver model comes with two modes: the standard mode and the accelerated mode.

The standard mode is mostly for beginners, but pro users can go for the accelerated mode. You can always switch between the modes.

Advantages / Disadvantages:

√  Easy to use
√  Great body design
√  Efficient shaving experience
√  User-friendly
√  Wet and dry shaving options
√  Light weight
√  360 degrees rotary head
√  Bimodal
√  Washable
√  Various indicators
√  Excellent battery life
√  Easy to carry
√  USB port
√  Mini brush and charging base with the shaver
√  Rechargeable
√  Portable blades
√  Reasonable price range
√  Easily available
√  Both beginners and pros can use it comfortably
√  User manual in English is not provided with the shaver. You can always go online for any of your questions.
√  Though a charging port is provided, a USB cable is not a part of the package.

In my experience, Xiaomi electric shaver is a handy and useful device. It is easy to use without any extra and unnecessary features. It is comfortable to hold. Its efficiency not only gives a good shave but also saves time. With this shaver, shaving is no more a tedious chore for me. 

With 3 sharp blades, shaving is easier and pain-free. The rotary head makes it easy to reach the difficult corners of the face. The easy accessibility makes it safe for use. Even if you are in a hurry, this shaver makes shaving safe and painless. 

If shaving is not your favorite thing, then with this shaver you will definitely like it a whole lot more. It will make your life easy and simple.

If you are going to use an electric shaver for the first time, then I will recommend this shaver for you. With its standard mode and acceleration gear, you can easily control the speed of the shaver. You can operate this device at the speed with which you are comfortable. 


As shaving is done on a daily basis, it is better to invest in a shaver that lasts a long time and gives you the satisfaction of a good old shave. 

Xiaomi Mijia 360 Degree Float Shaving Electric Shaver is definitely worth buying. With its uncomplicated functions and beautiful design, it is one of the best shavers available nowadays. I recommend you to try this excellent Xiaomi shaver model at least once. 

Xiaomi Mijia MJTXD01SKS 360 Degree Float Shaving Electric Shaver



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