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[Free Gift] If Only I Got It Earlier丨This Oclean Z1 Electric Toothbrush Under $40 with Intelligent Blind Spot Reminder.

[Free Gift] If Only I Got It Earlier丨This Oclean Z1 Electric Toothbrush Under $40 with Intelligent Blind Spot Reminder.

Nowadays, electric toothbrushes are on the washstand in every family as a necessary personal care device. I started using the electric toothbrush five years ago, and the first one I used was from Oral-B. Later, dissatisfied with the user experience, I tried electric toothbrushes from other brands, including LEBOND, Panasonic, Philips 6511, and so on.

Because of the excellent impression on Xiaomi, this time, I've chosen the 2nd-generation Oclean electric toothbrush, Oclean Z1.

It's powerful, similar to high-end models of Philips and Oral-B. However, the price is less than $40. It's the king of cost-effective!

Nothing is a better choice for beginners! 

01 Quick Unboxing

Tired of the gift box of Philips electric toothbrushes, I feel the packaging of Oclean Z1 refreshing. The package box is as thick as a book, indicating that Oclean Z1 electric toothbrush is inside.

The first impression that Oclean Z1 left on my mind is that its design is better than that of Philips electric toothbrush, because of the extremely simple contour and Nordic style. The electric toothbrush can perfectly match any bathroom.

All accessories are clear at a glance. The electric toothbrush comes with a charging base, a charging cable, and an instruction.

02 Admirable Details 

Brush bristles

The brush adopts the German metal-free flocking process, which increases the density of the bristles. The tips of the brush are rounded, and they feel comfortable when moving around on your skin.

Compared with Philips standard brush heads, the brush bristles of the Oclean brush head are not colored. However, the user can rely on the dedicated App, which reminds him/her to replace the brush head.

The reminders are different, as the former is more traditional, the latter is more technical. Nevertheless, I think both are fine.

Brush handle

The brush handle of Oclean Z1 features a simple and ergonomic design. 

On the handle, there is only a rubber-like gray area where there is an on/off button and 3 LED indicators. 

Such a design is the main selling point of Oclean Z1.

As more functions are introduced to electric toothbrushes, users have more difficulty in learning how to use them.

For the lazy people who don't like complex operation or the elderly and children who are not good at learning, such practical and easy operation is preferred. Furthermore, it should be the essence of daily necessities.

The LED lights under the switch keys are like the seedling growing based on the Fibonacci sequence, which indicates the intensity level and remaining electricity.

Let's have a look at another detail. 

Although the brush head and the handle of the fuselage are not seamlessly connected, the design of Oclean Z1 is more pleasing to the eye than that of Philips electric toothbrushes. It's a plus for OCD patients, although there are visible seams between the brush head and the handle.

03 Oclean Z1 User Experience

Just press down the switch button and brush your teeth.

Low Intensity: Cleaning Level 1 - 11, Whitening Level 1, Massage Level 1, Sensitive Level 1.

This intensity level is suitable for the beginners of electric toothbrushes or those without issues with gum health to use every day.

Using the low intensity won't make beginners feel discomfort resulting from the vibration. It is extremely mild. Judged from the amount of foam, the low-frequency vibration is gentle. Therefore the foam won't be splashed out.

Medium Intensity: Cleaning Level 12 - 24, Whitening Level 2, Massage Level 2.

In a lack of adequate dental care over the years, you can remove much dental plaque from your gum. The medium intensity is suitable for regular use if you suffer severely from dental calculus. 

You can easily see in the gif picture that the medium intensity is powerful enough to remove the food residue between teeth and take it away with foam. 

After choosing the medium intensity, one can feel the vibration enhanced. What's more, those who use the electric toothbrush for the first time might not be adapted well to the slight numbness in the mouth at this time.

High Intensity: Cleaning Level 25 - 32, Whitening Level 3, Massage Level 3.

My teeth are yellowish. To make it more clear to you, I use some yellow mustard for the demonstration.

This mode is a pleasant surprise for me. When switching from the medium intensity to the high intensity, I didn't find any discomfort due to a sudden increase in frequency. It's different from that of other electric toothbrushes! The continuously variable transmission of speed is thoughtful, bringing better user experience. 

Moreover, while maintaining the strong vibration, the brush head will swing from left to right intermittently, which is good for clearing plaque and bacteria attached to the surface of teeth.

It's worth mentioning that Oclean Z1 can work in coordination with sensors and tell you which part you forget to brush or spend too little time to clean. 

For example, with Oclean Z1, I realize that I spent too little time to brush teeth on the right side each time and that I forgot the inner side of teeth.

Now, I pay more attention to brush these parts of the teeth.

Summing Up

For every electric toothbrush that claims to be "smart," you can turn on the APP to view the basic parameters of the toothbrush, the report of your brushing, and so on.

The Oclean Z1 is intelligent not just in recording data, but also in turning to brush into an enjoyable experience with the smart chip and sensor. 

1. You can control tooth brushing by using one button. It's convenient. My parents all think this "fool-proof" toothbrush is the most suitable electric toothbrush for their age.

2. The blind spot reminder is not tricky, but more beneficial for the cultivation of right brushing habits. It's excellent, especially for children who brush their teeth carelessly, because parents can supervise the children's brushing better. As everyone knows that "I brush my teeth" does not mean "I brush my teeth well."

3. Moderate price, only at $39.99, more affordable than budget Philips electric toothbrushes. However, Oclean Z1 offers you features of high-end models. You can't find any electric toothbrush more cost-effective. I suggest that everyone should have one! 

Free Gift

Those who made the first 100 orders can get an Oclean 2-in-1 Design Electric Toothbrush Charging Base and a Gearbest Customization Christmas Storage Box for Oclean Z1.

Those who made the 101st to 500th orders can get a Gearbest Customization Christmas Storage Box for Oclean Z1

Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Brushless Motor 32 Intensity Levels Non-metal Tufting Blind Zones Detection App Control International Version



Oclean 2-in-1 Design Electric Toothbrush Charging Base Seamless Magnetic Holder Wall Mount for X / Z1



Oclean Electric Toothbrush Case Gearbest Customization Christmas Storage Box for Oclean Z1 / X



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