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[Coupon]Is Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable E-bike Worth Buying? You Won't Regret Spending Every Penny!

[Coupon]Is Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable E-bike Worth Buying? You Won't Regret Spending Every Penny!

Xiaomi has become one of the leading brands around the world that offer reliable and cheap electronic gadgets, including smartphones and laptops. 

The company has been able to gain the trust of millions of customers around the world within a short period, mainly because of its high-quality product offering at affordable pricing. 

It is one of the main reasons why customers prefer Xiaomi to other brands such as Samsung and others. In this article, we will discuss another great product, Xiaomi HIMO C20 Foldable E-bike that the company offers. 

Irreplaceable Superiority

Xiaomi HIMO C20 is a foldable E-bike that has been designed with an innovative in-line battery compartment, which is hidden inside the frame. The handles of the bike are foldable that allows for easy parking. 

This E-bike comes with three different riding modes. It supports both human and electric power for ensuring a smooth ride. 

You can make use of the electric mode for daily commuting purposes, whereas the human power or electric assist can be used during exercising or to enjoy a pleasant ride. 

You can switch between the modes quickly by using the digital display on the handlebars and see information regarding battery status, and the distance covered. 

It features a 6-speed Shimano shifting system with which you can adjust the riding speed rapidly. The battery takes 6 hours to charge completely and offers an electric moped mileage of more than 80 KM. 

The inflatable tires used in the E-bike have low resistance and firm grip. You can easily fill the air by using the portable hidden pump in the tube of the saddle. 

Design Highlights

The company has patented the integrated design of Xiaomi HIMO C20. It is a foldable bike that comes with a 20-inch lightweight frame, providing high-quality and stability to its riders. Even the handles of the bike can be folded down to allow for better parking. 

Riders can ride the bicycle either manually or by using the electricity with the lithium-ion battery. The mileage for only electric mode riding stands about 50 KM with a fully charged battery. It comes with an IPX5 rating. 

There is a battery management system that offers protection against overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, and temperature. It also provides automatic power off and voltage equalization. 

The bike makes use of double braking system that provides more stable braking capabilities and excellent safety to its riders. At the front, you get 4m dry brake distance, and at the rear, you get 6m wet brake distance. 

The battery of the bike is entirely hidden inside the frame. Riders can use the LED headlight to have a proper vision to ensure a safe ride during night time. There is also a brake tail light and non-slipping pedals. 

Practical Performance

The electric moped bicycle can be used for your daily commute and to enjoy a pleasant ride as well. You can use the bike on manual power if you want to do exercise regularly and keep in shape. 

The foldable bike can be easily parked anywhere, as it requires less space with its foldable mechanism. You can get up to 80 KM worth of distance using the electric moped continuous sailing mileage. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for an electric bike for the daily commute or exercising, the E-bike from Xiaomi offers a great riding experience. 

With its three different riding modes, you can choose anyone depending upon your convenience. And with the high mileage that it has to offer, you can travel long distance without any difficulties.

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Original Xiaomi HIMO C20 10AH Electric Moped Bicycle 25KM Per Hour 250W Motor Foldable



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