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The Upgrade Roborock S5 MAX is the 2019 Most Worth Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner You Can Find on the Market at the Moment

The Upgrade Roborock S5 MAX is the 2019 Most Worth Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner You Can Find on the Market at the Moment

Roborock S5 MAX Coupon: K48D1B16555EB000 Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020

Last few years, I've been using all kinds of vacuum cleaners, and I have witnessed the technical advance of these products.

From random collision cleaning to gyroscope primary planning, LDS laser ranging, visual navigation technology, Roborock are becoming more and more intelligent, more and more humanized, and finally can truly become the primary tool for home cleaning.

At present, the Roborock brand is recognized as a Roborock brand with the highest quality and cost performance.

The latest release of the S5 MAX is currently the most worthy buying device by Roborock.

Just by having a look at promo materials, we can notice that most of its internal components are purchased from internationally renowned brands. The whole machine uses a total of 14 types of sensors. 

In addition to these sensors, there's a newly upgraded 3.0 map system, making the robot vacuum cleaner much easier to use.


In addition to the main unit, the water tank, and battery, the Roborock S5 MAX comes with a dust filter.

From the outside, S5 MAX and the previous-generation S5 share many common details.

Protected LDS laser ranging sensor▼

This device has an integrated laser sensor, which will help you to use it without damaging it. If the machine enters in a relatively narrow space, an obstacle will trigger the laser sensor, and roboVac will react and try to get out.

There's an infrared sensor located on the front part of a machine to detect the position of the charging dock and automatic charging.

The wall sensor on the front side is produced by KODFNSHI from Japan. There are many other brands of Roborock that don't have a wall sensor. 

The previous generation S5 uses the ST sensor of the ST STMicroelectronics laser TOF ranging module. This sensor can achieve a millimeter precision, so the RoboVac can maintain a proper distance from the wall when cleaning the wall. Your device will not hit the wall on the one hand, and it won't miss any area along the wall.

There are four cliff sensors on the bottom of the machine to prevent the machine from falling off the steps.

Your Roborock will move smoothly, thanks to its tires from the German company, Coverstro. The driving wheel is connected with the gripping gear, and it has an integrated odometer for collecting the driving distance data during the usage. In combination with relevant algorithms, the duration of the critical components can be estimated.

The dust box can be replaced by removing the dust box cover. The dust box capacity of the S5 MAX is 480ml, and the dust box in-position sensor is designed in the dust box position. You will hear a sound while removing or loading the dust box.

The dust filter has a washable design. We recommend you to clean the filter every two weeks. Please bear in mind that the cleaned filter should be dried before being loaded, so the two filters can be rotated.

The main brush bristles are made of American nylon material. We advise you to clean it once a week. For any Roborock, the main brush can stick due to hair and dust. If you do not remove hair every once in a while, it will affect the cleaning effect and even cause big problems. You will notice this problem if the main brush does not clean as before.

Product testing

After pairing with Roborock S5 MAX, you will notice very detailed machine settings and status queries that can be performed in the APP.

You can set the working mode of the machine in the APP, from quiet to standard, strong or MAX. The suction of the device will change according to the different modes, so don't get surprised if the working noise will be different. You can also set the personalized working time, turn the device on automatic mode for cleaning during business hours or at a specific time.

When mopping the floor, the device will run into several obstacles or objects on the ground. You can use the APP remote control of the RoboVac to focus on a designated area.

Roborock S5 MAX has a newly upgraded map management 3.0 system. After generating the map, it automatically divides the indoor areas in smart mode and then can clean the whole or specific area. This refined cleaning method can avoid cleaning areas that do not need to be cleaned, or you can focus on some dirty locations.

Because my family keeps a cat, there are usually many hairs in the room, so after the two days' working of Roborock S5 MAX, the dust box is already full of hair and dust.

I set up the whole room cleaning every morning and afternoon on the APP. I cleaned the main bedroom once every day at noon so that I can see if there are no cat hairs on the floor.

Because the water tank can't be automatically loaded and unloaded, you have no choice but set the Roborock S5 MAX mopping after returning home, cleaning the mop, and installing the water tank.

Roborock S5 MAX can set two volumes of water because the floor in my home is made of solid wood. I set a small amount of water to mop the ground to avoid traces of water on the floor. In this case, it can have protective effects on the wooden floor.  

The Roborock S5 MAX has up to 2000Pa of suction, and most of the floor dust, hair, and other traces can be cleaned during daily use.

Occasionally, for some cat litter split outside, you can use your regular vacuum cleaner when you don't use the robot vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the cat litter means a piece of cake for Roborock S5 MAX RoboVac.

The most unfriendly area of my home for the RoboVac is the sliding door between the kitchen and the dining room. It is also the key point to test the ability of the RoboVac to overcome obstacles.

However, fortunately, the Roborock S5 MAX can overcome up to 2cm high obstacles, so it is not a problem to cross this sliding door track.

The complex environment of the dining table does not bother the S5 MAX. The RoboVac could accurately bypass the legs of my dining room table and chairs.   

Regarding the noise, the performance of the Roborock S5 MAX doesn't disappoint me. In the MAX mode, the decibel meter is used to measure the position of the air outlet of the machine at a close distance, and the noise value was only 77dB.

In the quiet mode, the position of the air outlet of the machine was measured at a close distance, and the noise value was only 64.9 dB. Such noise is relatively low for the Roborock.


As the current flagship model of the Roborock brand, the Roborock S5 MAX has made many upgrades in the user experience.

From the practical point of view, its sweeping and dust removal ability follow the great tradition of the Roborock brand. The large suction force of 2000Pa can clean everywhere in your home.

When it comes the mopping ability, the water tank, and mop volume are limited, but the performance is more than satisfying for the relatively clean floor; however, if the floor is quite dirty, it will be difficult to clean it thoroughly;

As the working noise is minimal, especially in quiet mode, the S5 MAX won't be annoying in your daily life.

PRP: $589.99

Gearbest Globale Launch Price: $499.99

Roborock S5 MAX Coupon: K48D1B16555EB000

Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020

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