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The Best Accessory For Xiaomi Mi 9: Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W Quick Charge Version) Review

The Best Accessory For Xiaomi Mi 9: Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W Quick Charge Version) Review

On 20 February 2019, Xiaomi released its annual flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone. Xiaomi Mi 9 is equipped with Qualcomm flagship processor Snapdragon 855, whose performance is impeccable. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 9 also supports 20W high-power wireless quick charging.

3 wireless charging accessories were released together with Xiaomi Mi 9, including Xiaomi Wireless charger (20W quick charging version). Today, I want to share it with you.

1. The unboxing of Xiaomi wireless charger (20W quick charging version) 

Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W quick charging version)‘s (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi Wireless charger) packing is the typical Xiaomi style, only a shape of the charger printed on the front side of a white square box, very concise.

The product’s name: Xiaomi Wireless charger is printed on the side.
Printed on the back is the product’s parameters:

Product Name: Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W quick charging version);
Applicable model: Xiaomi Mi 9;
Product material: PC+ liquid silicone;
Model: MDY-10-EP;
Input: 5V-20V 1.35A Max;
Output: 20W Max.

Further down there are various types of certification identification: Qi certification, Qualcomm QC certification and so on. 

After ripping out the "zipper" of the box to unpack, inside there is a Xiaomi Wireless Charger, a power adapter, a USB cable, an instruction book. Because it is a set version, there is an extra adapter than the standard version. 

The accompanying 27W power adapter has a two-legged non-folding pin. 

Model: MDY-10-EH,
Input: 100-240V,50/60hz,0.7a;
Output: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.25A, 20V1.35A.
The product has 3C, QC3.0, and other certifications. 

Xiaomi Mi 9’s Standard charger is also this model.

The charger has only one USB-A output interface, placed on the opposite side of the pin.

Use Charger LAB Power-Z KT001 for protocol testing. The charger supports QC 2.0, QC 3.0 quick charging and DCP protocol.

The accompanying data cable interface is USB Type-A to USB Type-C, which supports a current as large as 3 A.

Now let's take a look at the protagonist of this article.

Xiaomi Wireless charger is in the shape of a disc, white, its wireless output panel doesn’t have any logo on. The use of skin texture liquid silicone material can prevent slip and give you a great tactile experience. 

The wireless charger’s side and the bottom are made from PC material, the bottom is additionally inlaid with a liquid silicone used to prevent slip and for the product’s specifications and parameters to be printed on. The parameters are exactly the same as those printed on the box. 

Model: MDY-10-EP;
input: 5V-20V 1.35A Max;
output: 20W Max. 

The design of the wireless charger is very clever to hide the cooling hole, in the middle is a groove for air exchange. On both sides of the base sets a row of air outlets for fan cooling.

The wireless charger’s input interface is USB Type-C, which is located on the side of the product.

USB Type-C socket uses internal concave design, which means that it can be quite convenient to plug in if one gets the position of the socket right.

The thickness is about two-thirds of a dollar coin.

There is an LED status indicator on the side of the wireless charger that turns green when the device is working properly.

The wireless charger weighs 138 grams, which is relatively light.

2. Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W quick charging version) test

2.1. Compatibility test

Use Xiaomi Wireless charger to charge iPhone XS Max. The wireless charger has an input voltage of 12.02V, current 0.44A, power 5.39W, but fails to turn on 7.5W wireless quick charging mode for iPhone XS Max.

With Xiaomi Mi 9, the wireless charger’s input voltage is 16.25V, the current is 1.38A, the power is 22.49W. With Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone, the charger activates 20W wireless fast charging mode.

With Samsung S8+, the wireless charger’s input voltage is 12.02V, current 0.51A, power 6.14W, but fails to turn on 10W wireless quick charging for the model.

2.2. Xiaomi Mi 9 full charge test

Next, we’ll take a look at how long it takes for the Xiaomi wireless charger to charge Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone. After Xiaomi Mi 9’s battery has drained, which led to an automatic shutdown. 

Then, the wireless charger is used to charge it. LAB Power-Z KM001 is used for power detection and the following chart is based on data recorded by a computer: 

As we can see from the chart, Xiaomi wireless charger’s input power rises directly to nearly 22W in just a few seconds, Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone activates 20W wireless charging mode; 

This mode lasts for nearly 6 minutes, then the power falls to about 12W and remains stable for a short period of time. After that, the power begins to gradually rise, at 1 hour and 5 minutes the power reaches nearly 14W. 

In the end, the power gradually reduces, at 1 hour and 51 minutes it reduces to about 1W, and the charging is completed.

Let's take another look at the changes in the power of Xiaomi Mi 9 phones.

In the first 6 minutes, Xiaomi Mi 9 turns on 20W wireless charging mode, its power rises to 11%. 30 minutes after the charging began the power is 37%, 1 hour after that the power is 71%. The total charging time is 1 hour and 51 minutes, which is a good performance.

The above are the results of a test I conducted at 26 ℃ room temperature, there are results of another test carried out at 13 ℃.

As can be seen from the chart above, because the room temperature is low, the wireless charger’s high-power output lasted more than 30 minutes, compared to my test result " only 6 minutes of high-power output", the time is five times as much.

Let's take another look at how Xiaomi Mi 9’s battery changes in the test conducted at 13℃. Half an hour later the power rises to 50%, one hour later the battery level is 89%. The whole process takes 1 hour and 35 minutes, consistent with what Xiaomi official claims.


The appearance of Xiaomi Wireless Charger (20W quick charging version) is very concise, the use of white skin texture liquid silicone material contributes to a nice feel to the touch, it also prevents slip.

In the actual compatibility test, it can charge all the phones used in the test, but the wireless charger does not support any phone except Xiaomi Mi 9 when it comes to the wireless quick charging. 

Therefore, it can only charge other phones at a low power of 5W. It performs rather nicely when charging Xiaomi Mi 9. We tested it at two different temperature, and the input power can reach over 22W. 

Affected by temperature, the results of two tests vary considerably. At a room temperature of 26 ℃: 37% by half an hour charge, 71% by one hour, the charging time is 1 hour and 51 minutes. 

At room temperature of 13 ℃: 50% by half an hour, 89% by one hour, the charging time is 1 hour and 35 minutes. 

Of all the wireless chargers on the current market, this Xiaomi wireless charger is very suitable for Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone, so it is not an overstatement to call it its best partner. Xiaomi Mi 9 mobile phone users may wish to buy one.

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