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Is Xiaomi Mi 9 The Best Of Xiaomi Phones In 2019? Maybe Not The Best But The Most Worth Buying!

Is Xiaomi Mi 9 The Best Of Xiaomi Phones In 2019? Maybe Not The Best But The Most Worth Buying!

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet is as one of the best-selling smartphones for 2019, and it is under $520. 

Produced by Xiaomi Company, Xiaomi Mi 9 is a smartphone whose code name is the battle angel. Even when it gets rid of price constraints, Xiaomi Mi 9 is still the most valuable flagship phone to buy and lives up to its reputation.

In addition to regular upgrades such as full curved fuselage, mermaid line color matching, game enhanced Game Turbo technology, very narrow chin (COF packaging process) and 90.7% screen-to-body ratio, you can find more improvements: a state-of-the-art AMOLED screen, triple-lens camera configurations, and the sixth-generation protective glass cover that resists scratches and drops.

Xiaomi Mi 9 screen uses Samsung AMOLED as top screen, featuring 103.8% NTSC super wide color gamut, brightness up to 600Nat, plus 600000 /1 ultra-high contrast. Its beauty is so overwhelming that I felt obsessed with it at first sight.

As a 6.39-inch mobile phone, it is much larger than the Xiaomi Mi 6 that I used before, but the feel is superior. Its body thickness is controlled at 7.61mm, which is more rounded than the borders of Note 1 and 2, and the grip is also better.

Let me first talk about some comparisons with Xiaomi Mi 6.

In terms of appearance, the first feeling that Xiaomi Mi 9 gave me is that the fuselage is very long, but even if the phone gets bigger, I can operate it with one hand without the slightest difficulty.

In terms of fingerprint unlocking, Xiaomi Mi 6's fingerprint unlocking is completed the moment you touch the key. You can barely feel the process of its recognition. 

When I use Xiaomi Mi 9, it is often because the pressing time is not enough and then it should be pressed for one more time. Maybe I'm not used to it yet. I can unlock it quickly after getting used to it.

The contrast between Xiaomi Mi 9 and Xiaomi Mi 8 is also quite obvious.

I have to say that the battery capacity of Mi 9 is really small, only a little more than the 3200mAh of Xiaomi 8, but there is not much, only 3300mAh. This is the least pleasing thing of Xiaomi Mi 9.

Xiaomi Mi 9 20W wireless fast charger is more efficient than Mi 8's 18W cable charger. What’s more, it is very convenient and fast, and the frequency of charging once a day is enough for moderate use. 

The battery life is more than satisfying for me, although I like using the smartphone to play CPU intensive video games at leisure.

The camera is definitely the first echelon in the same type of mobile phone. As for the performance of the camera, the rear three-lens camera setup is impressive: 48 megapixels resolution primary camera, the integration of super wide-angle and macro lens, as well as front-mounted self-timer lens.

At the same time, Xiaomi Mi 9 comes with Sony IMX586 sensor, 12 megapixels 2X telephoto, 117 degrees wide-angle camera. In comparison, at similar prices, the Honor V20 doesn’t have the telephoto camera, wide-angle camera, only relying on a single camera + TOF configuration. It is evident that Xiaomi Mi 9 is indeed better than Honor V20 in the camera performance.

The strength of the Xiaomi Mi 9 camera is unquestionable. With DXO score 107 points, the camera of Xiaomi Mi 9 ranks the third in the world, ahead of XS Max and Samsung Note 9. The first and second one is Huawei's Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. 

In most cases, we use the mobile phone to record nearly everything around us, including figures, natural scenery, sights, night landscapes, and so on. 

These shots are going to attract your eyes and impress you.

The portrait mode ↓   

The super wide-angle shooting effect ↓   

The micro-distance shooting effect


The night scene mode


All the photos are great!

Another big highlight is the Snapdragon 855 processor, which is currently the most advanced processor for Android smartphones. The processing speed is a few percentage points higher than the Snapdragon 845. 

The game is almost no card frame, smooth and natural, but after playing four or five games, there will be an obvious fever. Moreover, Snapdragon 855 is even more energy-saving than Snapdragon 845. 

The sound quality of Xiaomi Mi 9 has been improved based on that of Mi 8. Although Xiaomi Mi 9 doesn’t have dual speakers, the external sound is absolutely crystal clear, dulcet, pleasing the ear. I like playing songs at home using the speaker of Xiaomi Mi 9, and I just can’t stop dancing to the music because the sound really excites me.

The last and most important thing is certainly the price. I estimated that the price would be much higher than that of Xiaomi Mi 8, but in fact, I was wrong. Even though laden with the latest and most sought-after features, Xiaomi Mi 9 is only priced at about $520, which moves us to tears and wins our heart completely.

I didn’t hesitate to buy Xiaomi Mi 9 as soon as I knew it. Now, I am loving it! It is the best smartphone I’ve ever used and certainly the most worth buying for 2019.

Xiaomi Mi 9 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB RAM



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