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First Look at New Flagship - Huawei HONOR MagicBook Pro Laptop

First Look at New Flagship - Huawei HONOR MagicBook Pro Laptop

MagicBook laptops were extraordinary in 2018. Over 10,000 were sold when they were available online.  

Up to now, MagicBook Series still sell well on all major shopping sites, and a large number of users acknowledges it. 

As the brand new flagship of MagicBook, before unveiled, MagicBook Pro has already attracted attention from numerous fans.

So, what about the latest laptop, which features "bezel-less full screen, high performance, and ultra-slimness"? 

1. Suddenly attracted by the cool appearance & super large screen 

As I have studied many laptops, the first time when I'd touched Honor MagicBook Pro, I was eager to buy it. On the sleek glacier silver metal body, there is only a logo, "HONOR" which appears particularly luxurious in the light. 

Most people unanimously agree that It is easy for white to get dirty. As a result, many of them won't buy a white notebook. You don't need to worry about the glacier silver of MagicBook Pro. Processed through sanding, Honor MagicBook Pro feels comfortable in hand. It isn't a fingerprint magnet, and it is resistant to sweat stains. 

In the past few days, when I was testing the laptop, it was tortured ruthlessly, being exposed outdoors, put in my backpack, and touched by my dirty hands. However, no obvious handprints or scratches were left. Neither will you feel it coarse, nor do you have to hear the scraping sound of metal.

Apart from the crisp appearance, the super large display is also impressive. When it comes to a 16.1-inch notebook, most people think of gaming books, because one can get a broader vision and more exciting experience. 

As for ultrabooks, 15.6-inch ultrabooks are the most common. Perhaps you've never heard of a 16.1-inch ultrabook. However, Honor MagicBook Pro is the first 16.1-inch full-screen ultrabook in the industry, ushering large-screen notebooks in a new era.

As Honor MagicBook Pro inserted a 16.1-inch screen into a 15.6-inch body, the visual area is increased by 6.6%, compared with other 15.6-inch models. The left, right, and top borders are only 4.9mm, thinner than a smartphone. The screen-to-body ratio is up to 90%, so the 16:9 screen is close to a full screen, which looks fantastic. 

The HD display is a 1980 x 1080 screen, with up to 300 nits brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 100% RGB color gamut. With such high specs, the image will be true-to-life, whether you're viewing HD photos, watching videos, or playing games.

Moreover, to protect users' eyes from the screen glare due to staring at the screen for too long, Honor MagicBook Pro provides "Eye Protection Mode" to reduce blue light by 30%. It effectively relieves eye strain. 

The camera has been moved to the keyboard from the top of the screen to realize the narrow bezels. Only on close inspection, can you find where the camera is hidden. 

There are 15 keys in the first row of the keyboard, the one in the center (with an icon) conceals the camera. 

Press it gently, and the camera will pop out. Press it again, and it will restore the original look. Such design not only allows for the tidiness and beauty of the keyboard but also protect the lens and personal privacy.

The travel distance of the keys is ideal, and the keys rebound appropriately. Fingers can move comfortably between keys in different areas, so the keyboard is very suitable for typing. 

Using Honor MagicBook Pro to write manuscripts these days, I am convinced that the workmanship and quality of the keyboard are excellent. 

The speakers on both sides of the keyboard are like the two ears. They not only make the keyboard layout pretty neat but also make the sound clearer and louder. 

In the upper right corner of the keyboard, you can find the combination of the power button and fingerprint scanner. Not only does the design look beautiful, but also it improves security and unlocking speed.

During the test, except for the first time when the password was needed to initialize the keyboard, I never used the password again in the next few days, so I forgot the password. 

As for the interface, there are three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, one full-featured USB Type-C port, and one headphone jack. 

It provides all you need for business meetings. Thus, you won't have the trouble of a limited number of interfaces away from home/office.

2. A gaming book among ultrabooks: high performance & long battery life

Generally, at the same price, the performance of most ultrabooks is not as excellent as that of gaming laptops. It is because an ultrabook has to make compromises between high configuration and portability. 

In contrast, the new Honor ultrabook, MagicBook Pro is the perfect combination of beautiful appearance, portability, high performance, and long battery life.

The MagicBook Pro features an Intel Core i7-8565U processor that performs exceptionally well among low voltage version of 8th-generation Intel Core processors. The processor has four cores and eight threads, and its TDP is 15W. The performance is more than satisfying for daily use. 

We tested the multi-core and single-core performance of the processor through the mainstream benchmark software, CINEBENCH R15. The multi-core performance scored 660cb and single-core performance scored 174cb. The benchmark scores stand out among the ultrabooks.

To verify the multi-core performance of the processor, Honor MagicBook Pro ran the Fritz Chess Benchmark and got a score of 9347 steps. The score means the processing capability can ideally meet our daily needs.

In terms of graphics, MagicBook Pro features the latest NVIDIA GeForce MX250 discrete graphics, with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM, 384 CUDA cores, a 64-bit memory bus, and 1519MHz core frequency. 

Compared with the previous generation, the graphics card boosts the image and video processing speed by 3.5 times. 

By using the powerful i7-8565U processor, it is easy to process pictures, video clips, and even online games. 

By using the Fire Strike mode of 3DMark, the ultrabook got a final score of 3564. 

The graphics card scored 3925, which was a relatively high score among the many models equipped with MX250.

Then, it was tested in the Sky Diver mode. It got a comprehensive score of 11060 points, and a score for graphics was 12086 points.

In Could Gate mode, it achieved a comprehensive score of 14541 points, and its graphics card scored 22808 points. 

The benchmark results in these two modes also prove the excellent graphics performance of Honor MagicBook Pro.

After running benchmark tests of CPU and GPU, let's take a look at the overall performance of Honor MagicBook Pro! 

PCMark 8 provides the Work Mode for ordinary tasks to test the performance of browsing the web, typing documents, having video calls, etc. 

Honor MagicBook Pro scored 3805 points in the end. The score means that MagicBook Pro offers a great experience in dealing with daily work, video calls, and so on. 

In addition to the performance, battery life is also an aspect that cannot be ignored. The long battery life of notebooks is crucial for office workers who often go out. It is also vital for college students who suffer from the regular power outage at 10:00 p.m., but want to continue studying. 

MagicBook Pro is equipped with 56Wh high-capacity battery, in combination with the unique smart power-saving technology, it provides high performance while ensuring ultra-long battery life. 

In the Work Mode of PCMark 8, with 50% brightness and WiFi connection, MagicBook Pro can last 8 hours 49 minutes. 

In other words, after a full charge, you can binge-watch for a whole day or normally work on a short business trip.

In terms of storage, Honor MagicBook Pro boasts a high-performance PCle SSD (512GB). Tested with CrystalDiskMark, its read speed is 3523MB/s, write speed is 1988MB/s. 

With such high speeds, are you still afraid of lagging when loading heavy games or software?

As you can see from the above, MagicBook Pro is an ultrabook with excellent performance. But can MagicBook Pro meet the demand of users who want to play games in their spare time? 

As a result, we tested the two games, including "League of Legends" and "Watch Pioneer."

In the "League of Legends" game, when the picture quality was adjusted to "extremely high." Its frame rate could maintain at around 100 to 120, and I played it smoothly.

In "Watch Pioneer," I set the picture quality of the game to "extremely high," and there was no latency or frame drop during gaming. Its frame rate is stable between 50 and 60.

By testing these two popular games, you can find that Honor MagicBook Pro enables you to do office work efficiently and allows you to play games at leisure. 

Tip: this screen is 16.1 inches, and the gaming experience must be superior to that of 15.6-inch laptops. 

Games are associated with heat dissipation, in which Honor MagicBook Pro outperforms most ultrabooks. 

The dual upgraded fans are in the shape of shark fins. Air is taken from four sides to the bottom, effectively increasing the air volume by 20% and revolving speed of the fan. 

It is the motorized fan dedicated to gaming that contributes to fast heat dissipation and effective noise canceling. 

I used software to generate heat for 20 minutes, the highest temperature on the front is only 43.9 degrees Celsius, that on the back is merely 41 degrees Celsius. 

However, during gaming, you won't feel that it is hot.

Summary from our test lab: 

As the latest product of Honor notebook series, MagicBook Pro is a well-designed and cost-effective notebook, concerning its design, functional experience, battery life, and other aspects. 

As the first 16.1-inch full-screen ultrabook, Honor MagicBook Pro will undoubtedly be simulated in the future.

Additionally, we can conclude that Honor not only applies some techniques of mobile phones to laptops, but it also adds its thoughts. 

The conclusion is based on the integrated fingerprint scanner, camera hidden under the keyboard, long-lasting battery life, Magic-Link2.0, etc. 

The notebook which offers extraordinary performance at a reasonable price is the right choice for those who are on a budget.

HUAWEI Honor MagicBook 2019 14.0 inch Laptop



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