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Alfawise LS02 - The First Dual-lens Dash Cam In The World With Sony Starvis Night Vision, Great For Vlogging!

Alfawise LS02 - The First Dual-lens Dash Cam In The World With Sony Starvis Night Vision, Great For Vlogging!

Scratches, collisions, bumps are inevitable for vehicles to travel far. However, who should take responsibility requires lengthy verification. 

What's worse, it's beyond dispute when you meet some troublemakers.

Therefore, a dashcam is one of the must-have for car owners.

Today, I will recommend this HD night vision dash cam to you. It comes from the top-selling brand on Gearbest, Alfawise.

It is futuristic, small, and space-saving. It looks very decent in the car.

The dashcam is perfect for both car & road conditions, because of:

Double lens: the first large-screen car DVR with two lenses to monitoring both the exterior and the interior;

High-resolution: 1080P HD image, with Sony Starvis night vision; clear at night or in the backlight;

Catch everything in sight: 150° wide-angle for recording all conditions on the road;

WiFi connection: real-time transmission, no mobile data needed;

3.0-inch IPS touchscreen: high-end and superior;

GPS: with positioning, trajectory, driving speed in the video.

The First Dual-lens Dash Cam In The World

To Monitor & Record The Interior & Exterior

Most dash cams on the market can only record outside the car.

However, Alfawise dual-lens dashcam uses the innovative dual-lens design. It not only monitors the external conditions of vehicles and roads but also captures the driver and passengers inside.

Imagine that you're driving fast on California Highway 1.

Alfawise dashcam captures your gentle face, which is shiny in the setting sun.

You are driving with your girlfriend in no man's land.

In Alfawise dashcam, she smiles, staring at your eyes. It's about youth and fearless love.

At weekends, you want to take your children and dog to on tour.

You can't take more natural or harmonious photos by using the selfie stick or camera but Alfawise car dashcam.

That's right! The Alfawise car dash cam is the best device for vlogging on the road.

If you are a taxi or Uber driver, it is even critical to install an Alfawise dual-lens dashcam.

Although you won't speculate on passengers, it is common that some maliciously report or leave a bad review. 

The worst cases are robbing or murdering a driver. I'm sure that you've heard of similar accidents.

An Alfawise dual-lens dashcam is equivalent to two cameras - one for protecting the car, and the other for protecting yourself.

Clear images & ultra-wide angle

Clear records at night

First, let's look at these photos:

During the daytime▼

With the 150° ultra-wide angle, the front and multiple lanes can be seen in sight. Thus, the road conditions are clear at a glance.

The picture is seen with the human eyes. The distortion of the image is mild.

During the nighttime▼

The left picture is taken by an ordinary dash cam; while the right picture is taken by the Alfawise dashcam.

High-definition night vision, even at dimly lit nights, it can clearly record everything around you.

Shot when going through the tunnel▼

At the exit of the tunnel, most dash cams have the problem of overexposure - entirely in white. Nothing can be seen.

In the video recorded by the Alfawise dashcam, the exit is clear. The transition is natural, even though there is a stark contrast between the light and the dark.

Its excellent performance is owed to the powerful hardware configuration.

1080P HD for the front and rear to clearly record car conditions and road conditions nearby, and the details are subtle and clear.

F1.8 large aperture lens - high configuration among dash cams.

(tips: The larger the aperture, the more light the lens can capture, and more details can be recorded in low light conditions.)

Sony Starvis Night Vision Sensor clearly records the inside and outside of the car in all conditions, no matter it is in the backlight, darkness, or with high contrast.

Super-capacitor to cope with extreme environments

As you know, in summer, the temperature in the car can reach 70 degrees Celsius.

The service life of most dash cams will be shorter due to exposure to the sun. Their batteries will be bulging. In severe cases, they will even burn and explode, which is very dangerous!

Alfawise dash cams use a super-capacitor, which is more resistant to high and low temperature than lithium-ion batteries. The super-capacitor also has a longer cycle life, which is safer and more stable.

Thus, you can use it without worry!

Real-time WiFi connection

Watch the video record in real-time without using mobile data

It is worth mentioning that the Alfawise dash cam comes with the WiFi hotspot.

As long as you use the APP to connect to the WiFi of the dashcam, you can watch the HD videos in real-time from your mobile phone. You neither need to connect it to a computer nor does it consume mobile data.

Replay videos at any time and anywhere, share your happiness and experience to your favorite social media in time.

3.0-inch OLED touchscreen, high-end and convenient

The display of most dash cams on the market are LCD screens; only high-end mobile phones use OLED touchscreens. The Alfawise dashcam is different!

Use your finger to switch between the front and rear lens, choose among video and camera modes, playback, settings, etc. It is as easy-to-use as a mobile phone.

GPS function

The Alfawise dash cam has a GPS player.

There are stamps on the photos and videos, which indicate the current time, speed, latitude, longitude, etc. 

The video clips on the recorder are not long, but short ones with the same duration, facilitating viewing.

Compact, stylish, and easy to operate

The Alfawise dash cam has a slim body that does not block the line of sight in front of the car and does not affect the car interior.

The installation is easy:

1. Attach the static cling decal to the front windshield, which is the blue range in the above photo.

2. Remove the 3M adhesive sticker from the top of the bracket, and attach it to the static cling decal.

3. Insert the car charger into the cigarette lighter, and hide the cable in the position marked by the dotted line.

To move the recorder to another vehicle, take off the dashcam together with the static cling decal, and replace the 3M sticker.

Get one, and enjoy ahead of others! Don't miss the opportunity!

You may add it to cart in case you can't find it when you need to buy.

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Alfawise LS02 1080P FHD Dash Cam Smart WiFi Car DVR with GPS



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