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I Bought A CUBOT X19 Phone, Luckily It's More Than I Ever Expected

I Bought A CUBOT X19 Phone, Luckily It's More Than I Ever Expected

I bought a Cubot phone, and it's certainly so much more than I expected. I learned about the brand through Reddit and other online forums. 

Although I have never purchased any rugged phones before, the phone's stylish design, paired with its very affordable price was something hard to miss. The specifications looked promising enough and reading the staggering user reviews forced me to make the $120 purchase.

The model I purchased is the CUBOT X19, and the device is being marketed as a 4G phablet. There's so much about this phone that I fell in love with, so we will go through all of its important aspects, one by one.      

The Quirky Design For A Rugged Phone:

Taking the phone in hand felt nice since unlike other rugged smartphones, it didn't feel as heavy as a brick. The phone's lightness and robust build make it very easy to carry it around. The 5.3-inch Full HD+ screen is more than what I could ever ask for.

Watching videos is such a pleasant experience on this device, as it captures all of the details and colors perfectly. In terms of design, you have two color options to choose from black and twilight. I went for the twilight one since it looks so stunning and beautiful. The company has dubbed this color scheme as magic gradient, and it seems unique in hand.   

The back of the phone is made out of sturdy plastic, and it does feel a bit of a fingerprint magnet. However, my phone came with a free silicone cover, so it's all good in terms of scratch safety. The rounded corners of the phone surely give it a fantastic feel and make gripping a tad bit easier.

Finding a notification light on the front of the phone came as a bit of a surprise since I was expecting the company to cut corners in such an affordable device. I love notification lights and have already customized their settings to those similar to my other phone.  

No Notch Is Good:

For most people, no notch is the priority. When Apple introduced the notch in their IPhoneTM, almost every other smartphone brand, except Samsung, followed suit. 

Honestly, I wouldn't have blamed CUBOT, had they decided to follow the trend, considering how new they are to the smartphone market. But, no, sir no. CUBOT kept the good smartphone look and didn't give into the hype.  

The Camera:

The back panel of the X19 houses a 16MP + 2MP camera setup. The main lens has an f/2.0 aperture and takes some decent shots under normal lighting conditions. The front selfie camera houses an 8MP, 4P lens, and I was quite happy with the couple of selfie shots that I took. 

What I don't like about this phone is its video file format. Video recordings are saved in a 3gp format, which I think is a thing of the past. CUBOT should have avoided this, but hopefully, it will all be fixed in the next updates.  

Quality Hardware at Such a Good Price:

A phone's storage and processor are of utmost importance to me since I usually have to take a lot of pictures and also multitask quite often. Thankfully, my X19 comes with a 4GB RAM plus 64GB ROM setup. 

The 2.5 GHz Octa-core processor makes switching between apps a breeze. To test the phone's hardware performance, I installed Asphalt 9 and played it for 4 hours straight. 

The phone didn't lag or heat up, except for some minor heating at the back, near the end of my gaming session. CUBOT has seriously optimized its hardware to make the 4000 mAh battery last for at least a couple of days upon regular use.

USB Type-C:

CUBOT X19 has a USB Type-C port, and it comes with the fast charging capability. There is no stopping CUBOT when they decide to make the most affordable and rugged smartphone. So much for so little? I am truly impressed.   



All in all, I love my CUBOT X19. The phone has a ton of features, a sleek design and so much more, all for just 120 bucks. I now have a smartphone that will likely last me for years and can handle some accidental falls or scratches as well.

CUBOT X19 4G Phablet



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