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How Dare These Guys Who Walk Their Dogs While Wearing Slippers!

How Dare These Guys Who Walk Their Dogs While Wearing Slippers!

Sis, you're so brave that you wear slippers
To walk your Alaskan Malamute


Slippers: I feel sick! Give me a break!


Sis: o(╥﹏╥)o Help! SOS!

In addition to the Alaskan Malamute,

None of these three sled dogs is friendly. 

Wearing slippers while walking Siberian Husky dogs,

You will be scared to death.


"Bro, wait for me, please!"


"The slippers are 'vulnerable'!"


Don't you think a "smiling angel" misbehaves?
Seeing is believing!

Samoyed: Don't be too confident in yourself. 

Is it a "smiling angel"?
Obviously, a sardonic monster.

Someone says, 
"Walking three sled dogs are too dangerous."
"You won't be at risk by walking ordinary ones."

Young men,
Don't overestimate yourself!

Those who wear slippers

Don't have good luck all the time.

Tumble will never be a big deal.

The most shameful thing is that
Your dog carries off your slipper.

"Do you want it? Catch me if you can!"


"Don't stare at me. I won't give it back!"


"Let's make a deal. Use dog food in exchange."

"Or, I will swallow the slipper."


How embarrassing you will be, 

If you walk your dog while wearing slippers!
Now, do you dare to do such a risky thing?

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