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Alfawise V10 Max: Worthy Competitor to Xiaomi.

Alfawise V10 Max: Worthy Competitor to Xiaomi.

The best solution with laser navigation and possibility of wet and dry cleaning.

What is inconvenient for a robot vacuum cleaner? An ordinary robot vacuum cleaner is blind. It randomly moves indoors for some time, which conditionally depends on the size of the room. For cleaning to be more or less high-quality, it is necessary to limit the cleaning area to one room. To do this, you can use the virtual wall or just close the door. The inconvenience lies in the fact that to clean the entire apartment you need to move the robot from room to room. At the same time, he does not have enough battery charge and has to take a break in cleaning for a couple of hours until the robot recharges. As a result, the cleaning process is delayed. If you do not limit the perimeter, then the robot will not normally clean. Having started cleaning in one room, he can go to another and not come back.

In the past, additional beacons were used to allow the robot to automatically move between rooms. They worked like a virtual wall, but received a signal from the robot to complete the cleaning, opened the passage and sent the robot to the door to continue cleaning in the next room. In principle, the lighthouses worked quite efficiently, but then they were abandoned in favor of a less efficient automatic virtual wall, which itself opened the passage after a certain time, regardless of whether the robot finished cleaning the room or not. The effectiveness of this solution was very low. In addition, the “blindness” of the robot vacuum cleaner and the lack of knowledge of the layout of the room did not allow him to automatically continue cleaning, which again led to the need to transfer the robot between rooms.

Another thing, a robot that knows how to fully navigate in the apartment, has a memory and continues to clean after recharging. These are robots with navigation. There are several technologies that allow the robot to build a map and navigate indoors. The most accurate and effective is a 360-degree laser rangefinder. However, such robots are quite expensive ー more than $ 500. But there are exceptions.
I recommend to pay attention to the decent model Alfawise V10 Max. This robot has not only the classic capabilities of laser navigation, but also can perform dry and wet cleaning, for which it is equipped with large containers for garbage and water.


Externally, this robot is very similar to Xiaomi robots. It is made in a classic round case of white color with a central location of the garbage container. The diameter of the robot is 34 cm, and the height is only 10 cm, which allows it to easily clean under the furniture.

At the heart of the Alfawise V10 Max is a classic three-wheeled chassis: one support wheel and two drive wheels with variable clearance to easily overcome small differences in height.

The Alfawise V10 Max has 32 sensors that prevent the robot from getting stuck, colliding and falling. In addition to the circular laser rangefinder, the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with left and right wheel speed sensors, left and right infrared sensors, as well as collision sensors, a frontal binocular sensor, infrared differential height sensors, angle sensors, a gyroscope, water tank and waste bin sensors, a temperature sensor batteries etc.


For cleaning, two side brushes with a long pile and one roller brush, combining a rubber and fleece base, are responsible. The design of this brush allows you to effectively clean not only small debris, but also the hair of pets. At the same time, its design eliminates tangling of the wool, provides easy removal of dirt and extends the service life.

Side brushes are also unusual. A long pile eliminates the appearance of dead zones and allows you to effectively sweep debris from the corners. In addition, on each brush there is an additional small brush pile up. It protects against winding wool and wires.

Also, the developers of Alfawise V10 Max installed a container with an increased capacity of 400 ml. This is enough to complete a full cleaning cycle without stopping the robot.

Another advantage of the Alfawise V10 Max is its increased suction power of 2000 Pa. This is more than Xiaomi.

In the wet cleaning mode, the Alfawise V10 Max also has something to boast about. Firstly, a large capacity of 450 ml. And secondly, a pump that controls the amount of water created on a napkin. For example, at a high speed of movement it is necessary to supply a larger volume of water, and during charging it is necessary to completely stop the flow of water.

However, the Alfawise V10 Max cannot perform dry and wet cleaning. The container with water fits in the place of the garbage container. This is actually correct. The vacuum cleaner must first collect dust and various large debris and only then wipe the floor. If you do this almost simultaneously, then there is a chance that the cleaning will turn into smearing dirt.

In the wet cleaning mode, the user can select one of three speeds. At low speed, the robot will thoroughly wipe the floor for 2 hours. This mode is relevant for heavy pollution. At medium speed, the wet cleaning process will take less than 1.5 hour, and finally, 40 minutes in quick mode is enough for a quick, daily cleaning.

In work

At the first start, the robot draws a plan of the room and, taking into account the location of furniture, doorways, virtual walls, a charging station and other obstacles, builds a route using the SLAM algorithm. During cleaning, the robot moves the snake ー the most effective way to clean. If at the time of cleaning the robot accidentally leaves the doorway and discovers another room, it goes back, fixing the door on the map. Now he will not cross it until he completely removes the room.

Speaking about the features of cleaning, you should pay attention to the possibility of remote control through a mobile application, where you can not only start the cleaning process, create a schedule, but also determine which rooms to clean and how to do it. For example, you can tell the robot to clean a certain room in the usual way, and another more carefully. And you can say it in a voice. The robot can be controlled using Alexa and Google Home.


So, despite the low price, this robot vacuum cleaner has serious capabilities that are not inferior, but in some ways even superior to the leaders in the market of robots with laser navigation. And a pleasant bonus to purchase will be the availability of an additional four side brushes and two wet wipes in the Alfawise V10 Max kit. So you can forget about buying additional consumables for this robot.

Alfawise V10 Max Laser Navigation Robot Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Auto Recharge Resumption Smart APP Control Support Alexa Google Home EU Plug



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