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The Last Piece of Puzzle in The Pockets of OnePlus Users Should be The Pair of OnePlus Buds

The Last Piece of Puzzle in The Pockets of OnePlus Users Should be The Pair of OnePlus Buds

All users of OnePlus models don't have to go to other TWS headset reviews and ask "How does this match with OnePlus". Because now you can choose the official TWS of the OnePlus series, which is the OnePlus Buds.

OnePlus Buds is a TWS headset product that OnePlus launched when the new OnePlus Nord product was launched overseas. Therefore, the color scheme of OnePlus Buds is also very likely to be adjusted by OnePlus according to the OnePlus Nord phone. When it is officially released overseas, it provides three versions in gray, white and blue. The blue version is directly called "Nord Blue" overseas.

There is a saying, this "Nord Blue" (called "blue" in China) color scheme is really a clear stream in the TWS headset industry. OnePlus even matched the blue charging box with a fluorescent yellow lining, bringing the fashion sense of the entire OnePlus Buds to a higher level. To be honest, it is a pity that OnePlus Buds does not provide the "blue sky" color scheme similar to the OnePlus 8 series models, because I personally think that the "blue sky" color is even better than this blue.

But no problem I think that the youthful and fashionable sense of blue OnePlus Buds appearance and color matching is not inferior to Samsung Galaxy Buds+, which is the best product in the current smart phone brand TWS.

"I use a OnePlus phone, so should I buy OnePlus Buds right away?"

First of all, users of OnePlus 8 series are right to buy it, because it can achieve the most perfect experience with OnePlus 8 series phones.

What is the difference between adaptation and no adaptation?

Take OnePlus 8 Pro (firmware version is 10.5.12.IN11) as an example. After opening the upper cover of the battery box, the OnePlus Buds that have not been paired will be actively searched by the phone and prompted to pair. After the pairing is complete, the current battery level of the headset and charging box will be displayed on the mobile phone UI. In the device details of the mobile phone’s Bluetooth menu, the corresponding functions of the left and right touch panels can be adjusted, and the last used area of the headset can be viewed on the map, or the headset can not be found When you let the headset sound for searching.

The one that also needs software adaptation is naturally the low-latency mode of OnePlus Buds. After OnePlus 8 Pro starts the game and turns on the Fnatic e-sports mode, the connected OnePlus Buds will automatically enter the low-latency mode (but there are no settings or settings in the UI. Reminder bubble). OnePlus Buds that enters low-latency mode will match other mobile phone brands TWS with smart phone products in the ecosystem that have software adaptations. When playing games, the delay will be suppressed to an extremely low level.

How low is this delay? Although we can't measure it specifically (the official nominal 103 milliseconds), we can be sure that wearing OnePlus Buds, when playing "Peace Elite" on OnePlus 8 Pro, there is no audio and video delay. When my finger touched the shooting button on the screen, the shot on the screen appeared almost simultaneously with the sound of the gun in the headset.

Even in an audio game that requires a higher audio-visual synchronization rate, the drum beats and rhythms of the OnePlus Buds will not be out of touch with the content on the screen. Indeed, we do not rule out that very high-end audio game players will feel the sound delay, but at least for the average user, the sound delay of the OnePlus Buds is almost negligible.

Of course, it needs to be emphasized again that OnePlus Buds must start the Fnatic gaming mode on the mobile phone before entering the low-latency mode. To use the OnePlus Fnatic gaming mode in a specific application, you must add the corresponding application to the game list in the OnePlus game space. Some niche music games may not be recognized as games by Hydrogen OS, so you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of OnePlus Buds low-latency mode when you first use it.

At the time of writing, there is no description or reminder of the OnePlus Buds low-latency mode inside Hydrogen OS, not to mention actively guiding users to add games that may not be recognized as games to the Fnatic e-sports mode list to enjoy the OnePlus Buds low-latency mode. After the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus Buds are connected, an entry to the "Feature Introduction" page will indeed pop up, but this "Feature Introduction" page does not mention low latency mode.

Things are much simpler on the OnePlus 7T Pro that is not compatible with OnePlus Buds. Because there is no software adaptation relationship, OnePlus 7T Pro cannot use features such as touch function mapping, search for headphones, low-latency mode, etc. For OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus Buds is no different from other TWS headsets. Therefore, U hope that OnePlus can push the firmware for 7T Pro and other products as soon as possible. After all, one of the embarrassments of many OnePlus mobile phone users today is that there is no useful TWS
According to the official product details of OnePlus, OnePlus 6 and its subsequent OnePlus phones will be adapted to OnePlus Buds. After the adaptation, OnePlus 6 and subsequent OnePlus phones can enjoy fast pairing and 103 milliseconds low latency, but the Dolby Atmos feature requires OnePlus 7 and later devices to have it. So OnePlus Buds can indeed be included in the list of digital products that OnePlus mobile phone users will buy in the future.

The remarkable "105"

OnePlus Buds is a very complete "Package", which is the kind of TWS headset with a good overall experience. As a TWS headset, its wearing comfort and sound quality are very worthy of the official price of 105,90$ 

First of all, the most commendable thing is that the battery life of the OnePlus Buds is very good, at least in my personal work and life cycle when I wear it, I have not encountered the headset itself actively prompting the lack of battery. OnePlus officially claims that it can be used continuously for 7 hours with a single full charge, and it can last up to 30 hours with a charging box. For such a lightweight headset and charging box, this endurance performance makes me very satisfied.

Of course, it would be better if OnePlus Buds supports wireless charging, even if the price is higher, I believe that many people are willing to accept it.

As for the sound style, OnePlus Buds is somewhat similar to the OPPO Enco W51. In contrast, the high frequency smoothness and ductility of OnePlus Buds are not as good as W51, but correspondingly, the low frequency of OnePlus Buds is much more convergent than W51. Most of the energy of OnePlus Buds sound is concentrated in low and mid frequencies, which is a typical tuning style suitable for enjoying popular music. As a 105,90$ TWS, this sound quality is fully qualified.

Is there anything that OnePlus Buds is not doing well enough as a TWS? Yes, touch operation.

We are not here to blame the OnePlus Buds for insensitive or difficult to use touch control. The main reason is that when OnePlus Buds is connected to a device to play music, the touchpad only provides a double-click operation. In contrast, some other TWS can achieve many functions by single-clicking, double-clicking, triple-clicking and long-pressing, while OnePlus Buds can only achieve 2 operations by double-clicking the left or right side. This makes the touch operation of OnePlus Buds feel seriously inadequate in daily life. At present, there are more than 1 TWS models on the market that can adjust the volume, play/pause, switch music back and forth, and even wake up the phone’s built-in voice without taking out the phone. Assistant and other operations.

In contrast, users of OnePlus Buds have to take out their phones more frequently to operate, and the touchpads on the left and right sides are too limited because of the limited functions that can be provided. It even makes me feel a little hated that iron is not steel
Because OnePlus could have done better.

Before you had no choice, now you have no better choice

If you are currently using OnePlus 8 series phones and want to experience the best TWS as a pair, please close the article page immediately and place an order for OnePlus Buds on Gearbest.

This is what I think about OnePlus Buds, which is currently the only TWS headset under OnePlus. However, as the first TWS of OnePlus, its product design, quality and function are all done well. OnePlus has indeed given OnePlus 8 series users a cheap and well-qualified TWS, and the experience of using it with OnePlus 8 series models has indeed reached the first-class level in the mobile phone brand's own hardware ecology. Not to mention the others, the existence of the "low latency mode" feature alone determines that OnePlus 8 series users should choose OnePlus Buds instead of other TWS.

OnePlus Buds is not a perfect product, and even it feels like the OnePlus 8 Pro phone. Its hardware is good, the price is reasonable, and the experience is very good most of the time, but it can always change in the process of use, making me feel that I can create a better one than its product manager based on the same hardware. product. OnePlus Buds is just as good as the OnePlus 8 Pro, but OnePlus has left incompletely polished details on these two products, making the experience that should have been better compromised.

 Of course you should buy it, especially if you're a OnePlus 8 series user so you will not have a better choice. The same is true for OnePlus 6/6T/7/7T series users.

Oneplus Buds Wireless bluetooth TWS Earphone 13.4mm Dynamic IPX4 Environmental noise cancellation 5.0 for OnePlus 8 Pro 8 Nord



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