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TicPods 2 Pro Review: A Pair of Distinct, Experience-Oriented True Wireless Headphones

TicPods 2 Pro Review: A Pair of Distinct, Experience-Oriented True Wireless Headphones

The first moment I saw the TicPods 2 Pro headphones out of the case, I felt they were special. The long charging case is like a fat lipstick in your hand. In terms of design, compared to other headphones of the AirPods series, the TicPods 2 Pro earbuds have a very different style.

The front of the TicPods 2 Pro charging case features a ripple-like design, like an enlarged fingerprint texture. It looks three-dimensional, with slightly raised left and right sides, looking playful and sexy.

The material of the charging case is easy to get greasy. But it is easier to clean up.

There are three colors available: white, blue, and pink.

Opening the charging case of the TicPods 2 Pro, the body of the TicPods 2 Pro is staggered in the cabin, which makes the volume of the charging case is small. The charging case is like a lipstick, which can be easily tucked into the pocket of your pants and weighs less than 40g.

TicPods 2 Pro's misplaced headphones compartment saves charging case volume. Compared to AirPods, it is easier to take out the headphones, but it is more difficult to wear them.

01 First, TicPods 2 Pro headphones are for listening to music

As the truly wireless headphones, TicPods 2 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm CC5121 chip. With Qualcomm WS solution (not TWS Plus), the left headphones are directly connected to the phone, and the right-channel data is forwarded to the right headphones.

Although TicPods 2 Pro is designed according to Qualcomm's TWS scheme, it has excellent stability. Except in places where the wireless network environment is involved, such as airports, large high-speed rail stations, occasionally poor, intermittent signals appear in the left and right ears, usually, the connection is normal.

In terms of power consumption, the TicPods 2 Pro in master-slave mode can be used continuously for more than 3 hours, including continuous music playback and more than ten minutes of talk.

In terms of sound quality, because there is no relevant data, here I share my subjective feelings. Compared with AirPods, the TicPods 2 Pro tri-band is obvious. The protruding low frequency accords with its positioning of movement, suitable for listening to heavy rhythm music such as electronic dance music and European and American pop.

 TicPods 2 Pro's sound layering is not apparent. In terms of musical instruments, these headphones are more suitable for listening to percussion instruments than string and wind instruments. In terms of space, compared with jazz, the sense of space in orchestra performance needs to be improved. 

TicPods 2 Pro headphones use semi-open headphones, similar to AirPods. At the same time, the stand-alone weight is 4.4g, and the actual wearing is quite comfortable. However, the cavity of the headphones is slightly larger. I feel that the actual wearing feeling is somewhat worse than AirPods.

02 Second, some headphones free your hands

TicPods 2 Pro headphones are launched by a company that relies on voice assistants and smartwatch brands. Wireless headphones have many functions. TicPods 2 Pro headphones are positioned as "AI wireless headphones".

In terms of hardware, TicPods 2 Pro headphones are equipped with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, which can sense the movement of the head. When a phone call came in, nodding twice meant that it was connected and shaking his head twice to refuse. Even when you are sedentary, these headphones remind you of exercise.

Similar to AirPods, the TicPods 2 Pro headphones have a touch area on the headphones pole. By clicking the touch area, you can play or pause the music. Even better than AirPods, TicPods 2 Pro headphones can slide up and down to control the volume, which is called the "Tickle" function.

The TicPods 2 Pro headphones are equipped with two microphones in one ear, which is not only used to reduce the noise during a call but also can be used with the Qualcomm QCC5121 chip to realize the wake-up function

With the help of echo cancellation and dual microphone beam-forming technology, the two microphones reduce noise and improve speech pickup capabilities in different environments.

TicPods 2 Pro headphones can play all their functions with the mobile phone's "LivingLab" app. Just like the "Hey Siri" function of AirPods, you can wake up the voice assistant with a sentence "Hey, Q ", and realize functions such as translation, reading the information, and even taking notes.

In some ways, it is more efficient than the "IdeaNote" function of the Smartisan. 

Compared with AirPods and Siri, TicPods 2 Pro headphones have incomparable advantages in quick operation in different scenarios. For example, when a call comes in, you can respond directly by shouting "answer" or "hang up"; when playing music, directly call out "start playing", "stop playing", "next song" to control the music. 

And the accuracy rate is high, even in relatively noisy malls, only one out of ten failed to give correct feedback.

03 May is not the most eye-catching, but the style is bright

As mentioned earlier, TicPods 2 Pro headphones can support more than 3 hours of use under high intensity. Although the charging case is small, it makes TicPods 2 Pro last for another 20 hours.

At present, compared to the many true wireless headphones available on the market, the TicPods 2 Pro headphones, which cost $799, may not be the most eye-catching on the market, but they may be the most distinctive ones.


If you are interested in liberating your hands, TicPods 2 Pro headphones are indeed for you. If you love sports and like semi-open headphones, then the TicPods 2 Pro with IPX4 waterproof protection is also suitable for you. Using these headphones with a TicWatch Pro 4G watch is also an excellent choice.

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