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After Experiencing Razer 69g Gaming Mouse, I am No Longer Satisfied with Other Mice

After Experiencing Razer 69g Gaming Mouse, I am No Longer Satisfied with Other Mice

Light by Weight but With Great Core Functionality

Exterior design, colors, the functionality may be the deciding factors when you consider buying a gaming mouse. After all, the device is used as a tool, and the grip is directly associated with the user experience.

There are lots of factors that affect the grip; weight is one of them. As our strength differs, our needs for weight vary too. Some prefer heavier mice, while others prefer lighter ones.

Recently, I've got a Razer gaming mouse, Razer Viper, which is intended for those who prefer lighter gaming mice. Let's go into more detail.

The Razer Viper gaming mouse is so light that as if it didn't exist. I even suspect that I've got just a shell of a model. 

According to official data, Razer Viper only weighs 69 grams, like a little pack of chips. There is no doubt that your wrist won't feel sore after using it for a long time.

In actual use, the Razer Viper gaming mouse is easy to control. For one reason, it is lightweight; for another, there is an anti-slip rubber surface on the sides, allowing you to accomplish delicate movements.  

What's worth mentioning is that it adopts Razer SpeedFlex cable, with a fabric braided design, to avoid entanglement. Thus, the cable won't hinder the operation.

Light as it is, Razer Viper gaming mouse doesn't fall behind in terms of hardware specs and functionality. It uses the first optical microswitch. Because the click is activated through infrared rays, the latency is lower than the traditional mechanical microswitch.

Additionally, it uses the Razer PAW3390 5G optical sensor, which is adjustable and supports up to 16000DPI. It satisfies most users' needs for different sensitivity levels. 

Programmable buttons are necessary for gaming mice. Surprisingly, Razer Viper provides eight programmable buttons that you can customize through the software, Lightning 3. 

Razer Viper is different from other gaming mice because its DPI button is at the bottom, and the triangular LED indicator on the top indicates the DPI, which prevents misoperation.

As Razer is famous for its lighting effects, Viper supports colorful lighting. However, its LED strip is not prominent, when the light isn't plugged in; thus, you can't find it without close inspection.

As for adjusting the light, many colors and different lighting effects are provided, including breathing light, color spectrum, effects as feedback, etc. You can choose various dynamic effects by using Lightning 3.

Overall, the most prominent feature of Razer Viper gaming mouse is the excellent maneuverability based on the lightness. It's friendly to those users who don't have good strength. 

At last, price-wise, it is sold at 499 yuan, approximately 79.99 euros. 

Razer Viper will be available on Gearbest soon. If you like Razer gaming mice, you can compare Viper with other gaming mice beforehand.

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