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Is Diving That Terrifying? Some Facts About Diving You Need to Know...

Is Diving That Terrifying? Some Facts About Diving You Need to Know...

Diving is an entry-level sport. A lot of people who wanted to learn how to dive haven't started learning it. 

It is because they have a misunderstanding of diving and some concerns. They consider diving as a rather dangerous sport.

What if you meet a shark while diving?

It sounds terrifying, but sharks aren't as scary as we think. Most sharks aren't a threat to humans. Of more than 375 kinds of shark, only about 20 are dangerous. 

At present, humans kill sharks without discrimination, reducing the number of sharks. In a sense, sharks are not so much a threat to humans as they are afraid of humans. 

If you can't swim, can you dive?

If you can't swim, you can also dive with the help of an underwater diver propulsion vehicle. With it, even though you can't swim, you can enjoy exploring the ocean and discover more about the blue planet. 

What's more, thanks to the underwater diver propulsion vehicle, you won't be constrained in a limited area. It allows divers to expand the range of exploration while carrying a limited amount of air. 

The vehicle, once used to map underwater terrains, has become increasingly popular among professional and recreational divers. It's widely applied to the exploration of shipwreck and caves. 

Of course, by using it, recreational divers like us can also experience drifting underwater in open water, without pushing the water laboriously. 

Is there an age limit for diving?

There is no strict age limit, but there is no limit for the maximum age but minimum age. 

Anyone who is physically fit can try it. It is because those who are too young might not understand diving. 

Therefore, so far, most diving organizations require the minimum age for getting a diving certificate is ten years old. Of course, there might be slight differences according to different regions. 

However, there is no limit to the maximum age. Thus, don't let age become an excuse for your exploration. To have an unforgettable experience, do what you want! 

What if the air is used up underwater?

It is unlikely to happen because you carry a pressure gauge with you during diving. It indicates how much air left. It allows you to return to the water surface with plenty of air. 

Don't worry if the air runs out, because your partner probably carries a backup air tank with which you can share the air while rising to the surface.

The underwater world is fascinating. We are on a planet 29% of whose surface island, while 71% is water. Fearful yet longing for the mysterious underwater world, humans have been eager to unveil the mysteries of the underwater world thousands of years. 

Now, with the development of science and technology, more and more devices come into being; therefore, exploring the magical underwater world is no longer a dream.

People recognize more and more underwater sports. Water sports are not limited to swimming, boating, water skiing, and surfing. 

To further appreciate the wonders in the sea, people begin to record the beautiful things in the sea by diving. Nowadays, diving is a trendy leisure sport worldwide.

Here are the coolest and most cost-effective diver propulsion vehicles for 2019 — this propulsion vehicle, which serves as an electric propeller. 

Backed by its power, diving, swimming, and underwater activities will be easier. 

If you live in a tropical country or are planning for a trip, this underwater diver propulsion vehicle is an absolute leap forward for your diving experience.

Main Features:

Motor: 300W

Speed: 5-6 km/h

Maximum depth: 30 meters

Maximum load capacity: 100KG

Battery charging time: 3 - 5 hours

Running time: about 1 hour

Water sports equipment, underwater propellers, submersible, fun, fashion

Material: ABS, rubber, metal

Built-in 6000mAh Li-ion battery

Product weight: 8.4000 kg 

Practical Underwater Propeller SEA Diving Equipment



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