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700Kids WB0601 Transformable Kids Bike Review

700Kids WB0601 Transformable Kids Bike Review

Riding a tricycle is good for children’s growth and health because it not only trains the body but also helps them master riding skills, promoting better balance and adaptation, orientation, attention. Riding is so beneficial that I want to ride, too.

Summer is a good season for outdoor activities. It’s time to take your baby out and do sports. 

Look! The vehicle is 700Kids transformable kids bike, which has received 2018 German iF design award.

Brand: 700Kids

Model: WB0601

Color: worm green

Design: 2-in-1 bicycle/tricycle 

Material: Q195 metal frame + environmentally friendly PP

Payload: 20kg

Net weight: 5.3kg

Frame: thin body, simple deformation

Saddle: enclosed, with high-speed ball bearing


700Kids kids bike was in the package. 

After opening the box, I found the body of the 700Kids transformable bike. The front and rear wheel were fixed in the box, which improved the safety during the shipment. Since I have a baby boy, I chose the color worm green. 

Isn’t the bike beautiful?

Product list

There is the body of the bike, handlebar, two envelopes. 

In the long pack was a sticker, which could be used to "dress up" 700Kids WB0601 Transformable Bike. In the other envelope, there was the instruction manual and a hexagon wrench (used to install the handlebar).

How to assemble

When I returned with the bike, my hubby was even more anxious than I. He immediately opened the box, ready to assemble the new bike.

Firstly, he used the hex wrench to remove the front wheel, the screws, and nuts under the handlebar.

Then, he inserted the handlebar into the groove of the body tube and locked the screw nut. Yeah, that was easy! 

For comfortable riding, the handlebar is designed to be adjusted at two angles. 

As long as you press the button between the handlebar and the front wheel, you’ll be able to increase the distance between the front and the seat. The saddle can also be adjusted as kids grow so that they can ride more comfortably. 

When I was choosing a bike for my baby, I looked at it carefully. It was perfect. No acute angles can be found on the bike, making it safer for babies to play and reassuring the parents. 

The front wheel of 700Kids consists of double wheels, wide to reinforce the stability of the body. The wheels are also skid-proof. 

It is worth mentioning that the wheels of the 700Kids transformable bike are all enclosed. The enclosed design is to avoid the baby from accidentally putting hands and feet into them, which prevents the safety hazard. 

The handlebar is made of PP, an environment-friendly flexible rubber, with two ends surrounding the handlebar.

Not only can such a design prevent slip, but also protect babies’ delicate hands better.

The handlebar features a limited angle of 30 degrees, preventing the tricycle from rolling over when kids are playing. 

700Kids transformable kids bike has the metal construction, which is robust, reliable, and durable; its environmentally friendly plastic is tasteless and non-toxic; the two-way self-locking mechanism ensures the peace of mind and ease of use. 

Next, let’s see how to transform 700Kids children’s bike.

Take out the buckle on the rear wheel and put it at the bottom of the bike. 

At the same time, press the upper and lower release plate under the saddle to open two legs from the back. On the outside of the rear wheel are two sliding buckles. Push the sliding buckles to rotate the rear wheel, and you will hear a crack. 

The pedals are hidden under the seat. Just pull them out. Push the front sliding button, align and insert, and then it’s done when you hear a crack. 

The most fantastic thing of 700Kids WB0601 Transformable Kids Bike is the combination of riding and sliding, namely, it can be a tricycle and a scooter, two ways of playing. 

This vehicle is the first transformable bike that I have seen, and the transformation doesn’t require any tools and can be quickly done. I am particularly fond of it.

My son, Jackie is three years old this year, 98cm tall, weighing 30kg. He says that he loves this transformable bike very much. He rides on his new bike whenever he goes out or at home.

Because 700Kids WB0601 Transformable Kids Bike doesn’t have brakes, kids should control the speed by pedaling fast or slowly, and using the legs to move forward and stop, which can improve their sense of balance. 

In the afternoon, my son insisted on riding the 700Kids bike to pick up his daddy from work. 

When the tricycle is not in use, it can be transformed into a scooter. Whether put on the balcony or behind the door, the 700Kids bike takes up a little space.

The bike is for both riding and sliding. No tools are required to turn it into a tricycle/scooter.

The bike is space-saving.

Enjoy riding with 8 safety protections. 

700Kids Child Deformable Balance Car Tricycle from Xiaomi youpin



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