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Alfawise V9S BL517 At Only $269.99, But It Is Even Better Than Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum

Alfawise V9S BL517 At Only $269.99, But It Is Even Better Than Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum

Alfawise V9S BL517 robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners on Gearbest. 

By comparing it with the first-generation Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($259.99), you will find that Alfawise V9S is a much better choice. 

It's because the former can both sweep and mop while offering the same features and performance as the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This device is ideal for those who don't have a lot of time cleaning the home quickly.

It is very comfortable and convenient for you to start using this robot vacuum cleaner. It can offer a pleasant hands-free cleaning experience. You don't need to do anything other than pressing the start button. 

Everything is going to start the cleaning process automatically. Once it runs out of battery, it is going to enter its self-charging mode. This vacuum cleaner provides many other features.

Irreplaceable Superiority

1. Precise mapping

It is the most significant benefit that you can get from this vacuum cleaner. This unit packs a smart LDS sensor which provides up to 10 times of 360-degree scanning every second. It also features the SLAM system. 

Both features can provide precise mapping and avoid any obstacles in your room easily. This robot vacuum cleaner also has a gyroscope navigation system. This system can automatically move in zigzag cleaning routes, so it will never miss any areas inside your room. 

This device is going to proceed accordingly in the right direction. Therefore, no space will be overlooked when you use this robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Patented smart water tank

The robot V9S BL517 vacuum cleaner does not only sweep your floor, but it also mops it during working. This device has a patented smart water tank system. 

This system is handy because it provides precise water flow for offering an even weeping. It can avoid any leakage, especially after the cleaning process stops. This smart water tank system features 2-in-1 design, which consists of a 220 ml water tank and also 230 ml dustbin.

3. Multiple smart cleaning modes

It is another feature that is very useful for all users. This robot vacuum cleaner comes with multiple smart cleaning modes. It means that you can select the right mode, depending on your needs. The standard mode is for cleaning the kitchen or living room efficiently. You can also use its powerful mode for cleaning your carpet thoroughly. 

This powerful mode can provide the best cleaning process so that it can remove any dust from your carpet quickly. This V9S vacuum cleaner also has a silent mode. This mode can be used to clean your child's room without producing any noises.

Design Highlights

This smart robot vacuum cleaner is top-rated among many people nowadays. This unit comes with an exquisite appearance. This winner of the RedDot design can make you feel comfortable when using this high-quality vacuum cleaner. 

This vacuum cleaner comes with a durable battery that has up to 2600 mAh capacity. This battery can run for up to 120 minutes of continuous use. 

Therefore, you can use this smart robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning all parts of your home. This device has up to 1800 Pa suction power, so it can be used to vacuum any dust, crumbs, and also snack leftovers effortlessly. 

Its long side brushes can leave nothing behind. There is no dead corner that you will have when you are using this robot vacuum cleaner.

Practical Performance

Many people are interested in using this powerful robot vacuum cleaner. It is very convenient for you to operate this device. You can set the cleaning areas before the machine can start the cleaning process automatically. 

Don't forget to set up the forbidden zones by swiping or tapping the device. You can also use Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control the movement of this vacuum cleaner.

Alfawise V9S BL517 vacuum cleaner can bring a lot of benefits for you, making cleaning much easier. You can clean all parts of your home or office quickly when using this automatic vacuum cleaner. 

There is a flash sale on this product. You can save a lot of money when you purchase this robot vacuum cleaner today. 

Alfawise V9S BL517 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Mop Support Amazon Alex Google Home EU Plug



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