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30000000 Users’ Choice: The Most Cost-effective Notebook Brand In 2019, ALLDOCUBE

30000000 Users’ Choice: The Most Cost-effective Notebook Brand In 2019, ALLDOCUBE

The 2019 ALLDOCUBE laptop, Kbook was debuted worldwide on Gearbest on August 19.

After its emergence, the new laptop has attracted wide attention from numerous users.

Within one day, 170 ALLDOCUBE Kbook laptops were sold on Gearbest. Over 1,200 users followed it after knowing it from Gearbest Community alone. 

Why do so many users recognize ALLDOCUBE Kbook?

We’ve got to know its strong brand influence.

From an OEM to brand of the second largest market share

ALLDOCUBE was established in 2004. The product line covers the leading-edge digital products, such as the tablet PC, MP3, MP4, and e-book.

Similar to HTC, in the beginning, ALLDOCUBE functioned as an OEM to provide OEM/ODM services to Korean, Taiwanese, and European brands.

ALLDOCUBE has never regretted investing a lot in production.

After the introduction of the advanced MID process, ALLDOCUBE customized all products. In this way, the appearance and quality of ALLDOCUBE products have won high reputation and recognition in the industry.

To let more users enjoy the beautiful life and experience cutting-edge digital technology, ALLDOCUBE has established itself. The brand has advantages of cost-performance ratio and screen display.

ALLDOCUBE excels in the design and research, meticulous quality inspection, extensive distribution system,  and after-sales service system. It has not only won 30 million users but also let them experience the thoughtful and professional service of ALLDOCUBE.

In 2011, ALLDOCUBE’s market share in China ranked second, only inferior to Apple.

The Choice Of IT Giants For Peace Of Mind

ALLDOCUBE, which has a considerable market share and excellent reputation, has gained the favor of giant companies.

Intel, Microsoft, MTK, and many other top manufacturers have taken the initiative to become a strategic partner of ALLDOCUBE.

In 2013, ALLDOCUBE and MediaTek Inc. launched the first tablet phone TALK7X, which achieved an amazing sales volume.

In 2016, backed by Intel Core 6th-generation processor, ALLDOCUBE released the 2-in-1 i9 tablet.

In 2017, ALLDOCUBE cooperated with Intel and Microsoft, releasing Thinker.

In 2018, ALLDOCUBE launched a 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet with a 180° wide-angle field of view, 105% NTSC, 287 PPI, and resolution up to 2560x1600.

It is because of these well-received products that the company has gained more than 100 awards. 

For example, it has received Intel 2-in-1 Contribution Award, been recognized as Microsoft Global Alliance SI Partner of the Year 2017, Consumers’ Preferred Brand, Double 11 Best Sellers in 2015, and much more.

This time, ALLDOCUBE Kbook, which appeared on time, has a 3000x2000 high-resolution full-view Panasonic screen, 512GB high-speed SSD, 8G RAM, and an all-metal high-end body. Its configurations surpass all products at the same price range.

If you want an attractive laptop with an excellent configuration, extraordinary cost-performance ratio, the ALLDOCUBE Kbook is certainly one of the most worth buying notebooks for you in 2019.

ALLDOCUBE Kbook 13.5 inch 3K IPS Display Laptop with 512GB SSD



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