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Q9 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch - The Most Budget Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Is for the Best Value for Money

Q9 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch - The Most Budget Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Is for the Best Value for Money

Recently, I've purchased the Q9 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch and I've found it great, so we are going to discuss this choice together. I was searching for smartwatch options and I encountered different possibilities. However, none of them had really met my expectations. 

Until a few weeks later, I stumbled on the Q9 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch in a friend's apartment. I went online, did my research, and made a decision quickly. The Q9 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch was going to be my next possession.

For a Chinese brand that is just making its way into the market, it was way up there with Apple and other experienced brands in terms of looks. The first thing of Q9 smartwatch that caught my attention was its sleek design. Honestly, I am a sucker for aesthetics so I was hooked at the very beginning. 

The skin-friendly silicone strap comes in five different colors and you can switch them anytime you want. For a watch that costs than $20, I would say it's really a good deal. 

The Q9 waterproof smartwatch has a 1.3-inch display which is not LCD, whereas, in terms of battery consumption and viewing angles, the contrast and brightness are not bad at all. The Q9 smartwatch does not have smartphone capacities like some more advanced watches, but it packs a lot of fitness features.

It has a heart rate monitor that gives real-time feedback on your heart rate and lets you know when you are pushing yourself too hard. 

It also has a sleep monitor that not only measure how long you sleep but also how well you sleep. If you are a fitness junkie like me, you'll know that these are really great features in a fitness watch. 

In addition to all of the features above, it also has a pedometer and when connected to your phone through Bluetooth it can act as a remote for your phone. This smartwatch reminds me to get off my seat and keep moving. At the end of the day, the Q9 smartwatch is more useful – a wristwatch and a fitness monitor.

Now with a simple device, tell the time and track my fitness progress. You can wear it while swimming, jogging in the rain, or even taking a shower with cold water. It is unnecessary to worry about any possible damage. 

Also, it can be connected to Android or iOS devices so I never have to worry about compatibility with different devices. I've already gifted my parents with Q9.

For a watch with all its functionalities, I would say it comes at a giveaway price. Another upside to this device is its battery life. The Q9 smartwatch has a 180 mAh that can run continuously for over three days. 

Once the battery is fully charged (it usually takes about two hours), it can last for up to 15 days on standby. If you're one of those who regularly forget to charge their devices, then this watch is the right choice for you.   

As far as I am concerned, the greatest downside with the Q9 is the memory space. It has just 64MB RAM and 512MB ROM. There is a limit to how much information or data can put on this device. 

However, given that it comes at such a price, I would say it was a necessary compromise. Another downside would be the lack of SIM card compatibility. However, given that it does not double as a smartwatch, that is understood. 

Despite the few hiccups, I would say purchasing this smartwatch is a bargain. What it lacks in memory space, it makes up with practical applications and multiple functions. Thus, if you're looking for an everyday watch that can track your fitness effectively, you should consider the Q9 Smartwatch. 

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