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You Can't Beat the Price! Nokia 6.1 Plus is Your Worthy Pick for Choosing the Best Android Smartphone

You Can't Beat the Price! Nokia 6.1 Plus is Your Worthy Pick for Choosing the Best Android Smartphone

Known as Nokia X6, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is an undefeated winner when it comes to choosing the best Android smartphone. If you like slim and sleek phones, don't hesitate, go for Nokia 6.1 Plus. 

Every time I use my Nokia 6.1 Plus, I receive a lot of compliments because most people take it for an iPhone 7 because the Nokia 6.1 Plus looks just as prestigious as an iPhone and features a glass back.  


Nokia 6.1 Plus: Design

One of the reasons why I rate this phone 4.9 out of 5 is because of its 5.8-inch screen. The screen of Nokia 6.1 Plus has a tiny bezel and a small compartment on the bottom where there is a logo of Nokia. 

Nokia 6.1 Plus has a USB Type-C charging port and a headphone jack, even though the phone doesn't come with a pair of headphones. Its power button and volume control button are placed on the upper right side of the device. 

On the left side, there is a hybrid SIM tray that can either accommodate two SIM cards or one SIM and an SD card. On the bottom and top of the phone are mics and speakers. Lastly, the unique feature that I love about Nokia 6.1 Plus is its glass panel and dual camera setup.   

Nokia 6.1 Plus: Camera

On the front, there is a super high-quality 16MP camera, while the main sensor at the back of the dual camera is 16MP. The depth sensor that I use for portrait mode is 5MP. The camera pixel is pretty awesome because it provides me with high-quality photos, even if I stay at a distance. 

The last video I made with my Nokia 6.1 Plus was superb because the Snapdragon 636 chipset enabled me to shoot slo-mo videos by using both the front and back cameras.   

The first time I used the camera of Nokia 6.1 Plus, I didn't think it is necessary to use Snapchat. The camera has all the filters available on Snapchat. What's more, I can edit my photos to make them look flawless. 

Another unique camera feature that I love so much is the live streaming option even though it's limited to just YouTube and Facebook. You can also use its dual camera mode to take two different photos simultaneously. Isn't that awesome?    

Nokia 6.1 Operating System and Features

Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with the latest OS, Android One. As soon as I unboxed the phone and turned it on, the logo of Android One welcomed me. The operating system (OS) delivers an extraordinary user experience. 

After putting on the phone, I noticed that Google Lens had already been installed on the phone as well as a few other basic Apps. 

I also stumbled on a feature that required me to input my medical details and contact information. Thanks to this feature, in case of an emergency, anyone can contact your health care providers without necessarily unlocking your device. 

While I was testing the features on my phone, I came across the dual-screen feature. This feature allowed me to split my screens into two halves and work on two different apps with ease. 

Nokia 6.1 Plus: Storage & Battery Life

With a storage memory of 64GB, I don't think I need any extra SD card unless the system files and Apps take up a lot of space. Nokia 6.1 Plus has a non-removable Li-ion battery whose capacity is 3060mAh. The battery can't last over 12 hours without charging unless you barely use it. 

Reasons Why I Love The Nokia 6.1 Plus

When you use the Nokia 6.1 Plus, you can set up more than two fingerprints to unlock your phone. You can also create lyrics when you are listening to songs without lyrics. Many other features are also attractive to me.

I purchased the Nokia 6.1 Plus because of its compact size and sleek design. There aren't many budget-friendly phones that have impeccable features like the Nokia 6.1 Plus. 

This phone has a clean Android system, a high-speed processor that doesn't lag while in use. What's more, it offers smooth operation when I am playing games or using dozens of Apps. The performance of the phone is so admirable.

Nokia 6.1 Plus: Pros & Cons

After testing the phone, I found that the Nokia 6.1 Plus is somewhat inferior because unlike similar products, it doesn't have a superb back camera and a long-lasting battery. I expected longer battery life and the Nokia 6.1 Plus failed me because I am a heavy user and I need my phone battery life to last longer.
However, I recommend this budget-friendly phone because it not only provides me with a smooth and fast operating system but also high specs and sleek design as well. If you are looking for a super-fast phone with a good camera and a clean OS, then the Nokia 6.1 is the right choice for you.
●It comes with the latest Android 9.1 OS (Android One)
●A good screen-to-body ratio
●4GB RAM and 64GB ROM
●It offers smooth performance without lagging
●It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset
● Its battery does not last long
● You cannot use both SIM cards and a micro SD card at the same time

I have been using the Nokia 6.1 Plus for a while, and I enjoy it. Anyone can use the phone, especially those who like small phones. 

The Nokia 6.1 Plus provides a good camera, sleek design, premium build, and moderate battery life for users. I look forward to more Nokia products like this, and hopefully, they will continue to offer more awesome features.

Nokia X6 5.8 inch ( Nokia 6.1 Plus ) 4G Phablet International Version



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