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Less Than $50! This Amazing King Wear KW18 Smartwatch Phone is Gonna Fancify Your Life...

Less Than $50! This Amazing King Wear KW18 Smartwatch Phone is Gonna Fancify Your Life...

Smartwatches tend to be one of the most commonly used gadgets nowadays. With plenty of the features, a smart watch provides so much in so less dial frame. 

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch is one such gadget that is designed very neatly and comes in rather a cheap rate. Its elegant and simple design is much more acceptable in the price range. 

With 1.3 inches display and 240x240 screen resolution, this watch is classical enough. It comes in a standard packaging along with a battery, USB cable and user manual in the English language. It comes in black, silver and champagne gold colors.

Why I Purchased This Amazing Smartwatch?

There are many reasons that justify my purchase of it. I have always been a big fan of smartwatches in the past and I keep track of every new watch coming in the market. 

My foremost reason to buy a watch has always been its design and compactness. But I also have a couple of issues with almost every watch I ever got. Some come with an annoying square-shaped dial which I personally never adored. Or others have that irritating kind of strap. 

So, when I saw this smartwatch; KingWear KW18, I was quite amazed that it came with both perfect things. A classic round dial to perfectly fancify my wrist and a perfect strap. So, I immediately purchased it.

Highly Recommended For Its Incredible Features

After testifying this amazing smartwatch I have come to this conclusion that it is a watch worth paying for. Wearing this watch gives you an amazing feeling because of its design. The comfort and finishing of the watch make it premium. 

It can go with all types of clothes and its round dial as I discussed earlier, is so much classy. You can put a TF card in it of up to 16 GB. 

But it is more than this. This watch is incredible when it comes to its amazingly unique features. 

First of all, it has some great sensors which can work according to your set standards. For example, you can set your sleeping hours and sleeping quality on it and then it will take care of your sleep very nicely. It is just like sensing how good you are getting your sleep and telling you in the morning all about it.

Surprisingly like many other smartphones, this smartwatch also counts your footsteps and let you know how many calories you have lost in the past few hours. This health assistant can be helpful to set your goals and meet them accordingly.

And a relaxing time reminder, wow it was just incredible. Like it is so great and lovely when it tells me that I have worked so hard for these continuous hours and now I need to sit back and relax a bit. 

Another amazing and great feature is heart rate monitoring. Well, yes, it is monitoring my heart rate at any time and at any place. Because it is attached to my wrist, it gets more precise results than ever.

How Does It Work?

After getting it, I tested it thoroughly for all the features I heard about it. And during that phase, I came to know to all of its functionalities and how it actually works, what things and amazing features it offers. 

It has a slot for inserting SD card in it for additional space and while you have connected it with your phone, you can use it as your phone too for calls and messages. It has a built-in speaker that allows talking on the phone even when you are driving. 

It does not have its camera, but you can control your phone's through it. This way you can have more lovely selfies of yours. There is alarm fitted in it along with a voice recorder. And guess what, in a specific range of 40 to 50 cm, you can find it too if you have forgotten where you kept it last time. 

I also have tested its strap which seemed to be not replaceable but reliable enough to remain along with the battery. It also comes with a screen protector like other phones, although it has a scratch resistance face. 

Also, I have gone through its software. The built-in one is not much great, but you can work with alternative ones from play store. You can also change the themes of the watch faces with different backgrounds and the brightness level according to the requirement. 

Advantages Over Similar Products

This watch is great gadget in much less price range. Like you can afford it even if you have not so much money with you. The only thing that is required is your love and passion for smartwatches. 

Additionally, it supports an independent SIM card which makes it exceptional one over the others which can only function when connected to the phone. Its useful health features are also incredible. People buy it because of its classy round shape dial. 

Disadvantages Compared With Similar Products

It does not fully compatible with iOS because of some of the functions. It also has no camera in it but just a support to control the one in the connected phone.

Moreover, it has very limited packaging items. Its strap is also not replaceable which is why there is some limitation in it.

Who Should Buy KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone?

The busy and working-class men and women who want useful and valuable gadgets for their busy routine; who want to keep track of their coming events or cannot afford to wait for getting home first to attend calls. 

Nevertheless, it is fit for males, females of all ages. Even teenager boys and girls can use it who love to have a funky and stylish gadget.

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone



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