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Only $24.99? The Kospet Magic 2 With 30 Sports Modes is a Must-Buy Smartwatch for Sports Enthusiasts in 2020.

Only $24.99? The Kospet Magic 2 With 30 Sports Modes is a Must-Buy Smartwatch for Sports Enthusiasts in 2020.

Why did I choose the Kospet Magic 2?

After the launch of its first fitness tracker (Kospet Magic) last year, the company has launched the next version in the series known as Kospet Magic 2 with some added features. The reasons to choose this product are several which include a classy design, in-built heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, 30 sports modes and so much more. Tailor-made for sports enthusiast it is one of the finest smartwatches available in the market for the sports lover. 

What I like or dislike about this product. 

Apart from the 30 sports modes available with the Kospet Magic 2, some of the other attractive things are the classic design that is suitable for both men and women. With a full round shape design, it comes an elegant TFT display. Moreover, with 200 mAh in-built battery, there is no need to put your smartwatch on charging over and over again. 

With 7 to 10 days of battery life on daily use, it is the perfect choice when you are traveling around one week. With Bluetooth 4.0 and an IP67 waterproof rating, it is one of the excellent smartwatches for the sports enthusiast. However, the inclusion of NFC and GPS would have been much better. 


1. 30 Sport Modes

The Kospet Magic 2 has the ability to keep track of 30 different sports activities which includes walking, outdoor running, treadmill, mountaineering, bowling, shuttlecocks, spinning, football, table tennis, badminton, jump rope, basketball, and so many more. In addition to this, it also helps in keep track of your health with heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, and oxygen monitoring. 

2. 1.3 inches 360 x 360 Resolution Screen

The Kospet Magic 2 comes with a 1.3-inch rounded TFT display that is equipped with 2.5 curved glass. Moreover, since it has a 360 x 360 resolution screen looking at it from any angle is very easier. The wide-angle display makes it much easier to look from any angle. It has a far better display than the regular 240 x 240 resolution. 

3. Two Watch Strap

Another benefit that makes it a fun smartwatch to wear is the replaceable 2 straps that come along with the product. These straps are super easy to replace and can be matched with different outfits. 

4. 128M Large Memory

It makes use of 128M large memory that allows you to install different watch faces, different sports modes, and different languages. Because of its larger memory, the Kospet Magic 2 smartwatch runs seamlessly as compared to other smartwatches. 


The Kospet Magic 2 fitness tracker has a number of incredible features including water-resistant, health monitoring, and sedentary reminder. However, it is not perfect. The smartwatch does not include features such as NFC, ECG, and GPS. The addition of these features would have made it a perfect partner for outdoor adventure. Moreover, body temperature monitoring would have been a great addition as well. 


In terms of design and features, there is a lot to offer from the Kospet Magic 2. The sleek rounded shape TFT display with replaceable straps makes it a fun accessory to wear with any outfit. Moreover, if you are into any kind of sports such as badminton, tennis, swimming, cycling, and others - there are 30 different sports modes available. In addition to this, 12 different languages make it more suitable for people all over the world. 

With alloy and glass case material and TPU band material, the smartwatch is durable and strong. The smartwatch is also water-resistant and comes with a 200 mAh battery that offers 5 - 7 days of runtime on a single charge. All in all, it is one of the most versatile fitness trackers available in the market. 

Who would I recommend to buy it?  

Although anyone can wear it and it will look stylish with any outfit, the availability of 30 different sport modes makes it a must-have for all sports enthusiasts and athletes. Not only you can monitor your sports activities with a fitness tracker, but you can also monitor your health with blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. Whether you are a cyclist, swimmer, badminton player, tennis player, or someone who just loves being fit, this is one of the best products available in the market at present. The Kospet Magic 2 is currently on sale at and is available for only $29.99. 

If you buy it before June 29, you can get 

an extra $5 coupon, that is, you can wear this perfect smartwatch on your arm for only $24.99.

Go buy one right now, before it runs out of sale and stock.

Kospet MAGIC 2 1.3 inch Smart Watch 30 Sport Modes HD 360 x 360 Resolution Screen IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0



Kospet MAGIC 2 1.3 inch Smart Watch 30 Sport Modes HD 360 x 360 Resolution Screen IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0



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