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Shedding Fat = Playing Games? Burning 500 Calories a Day - Xiaomi Move It Beat Intelligent Dumbbell

Shedding Fat = Playing Games? Burning 500 Calories a Day - Xiaomi Move It Beat Intelligent Dumbbell

"I did it again!" As the sweat comes off from my forehead, my back, wow, it's incredible! 

Do you know the most useful and convenient fitness equipment? It is a pair of dumbbells! Really? 

Many fitness professionals, stars and supermodels use them to get in shape and keep fit. 

Guys who lift dumbbells in the gym look so hot. I am not ashamed, well, honestly, my eyes are always fixed at them. Their arm muscles are attractive. This is the so-called masculinity, isn't it?

Hey, young ladies? Don't you want to look gorgeous in the hottest swimming suits? Keeping in good shape is so important! Burn fat on your arms, belly, back, thigh, and buttocks effectively!

No daydreaming! Every part of your body can't get away with fat! It is no use going on a diet forever. To build muscle and look sexier, the workout is a must!

What did I say? Yes, a pair of dumbbells! Use them, and you'll no longer live in the dream.

However, is it too dull to repeat lifting dumbbells and putting them down? Isn't it unscientific? But, having a hot personal trainer or a fitness card will burn a hole in the pocket.

How can you find a way out? Sure! Try these innovative smart dumbbells as I do!

You won't be bored to death, but enjoy playing games! Achieve your fitness goals happily and burn the fat over the entire body! Thirty minutes a day, 500 calories will be gone away.

Xiaomi Move It Beat Intelligent Dumbbells

Hey, beautiful ladies and attractive lads (if not yet, you’ll are to be one of them)! I’m gonna introduce to you Move It Beat Intelligent Dumbbells from Xiaomi's ecosystem. 

Like traditional dumbbells, they are smooth with a matte surface, easy to grip, non-slippery, anti-sweat. 

Wow, aren’t they the best-looking dumbbells? Just like vigorous teenagers. What’s more, they seem light.

If you think their weight helps burn calories, you’d be wrong! They are much different from traditional dumbbells!

What are the tricks? The inductive module that they rely on and the exclusive fitness App. You can do aerobics to burn fat, do anaerobic exercises to shape your body, play games. Sooner or later, you’ll look like supermodels. 

Burning calories is like fighting for the next level. Can you find anything more exciting?

You have three options of weight, including 0.5kg, 0.75kg, and 1kg. I chose 0.5kg, yep, not greedy, because too obvious muscles aren’t to my taste. The weight of 0.5kg is perfect.

The bigger end is much heavier; the other end has a smart black module to display the load, remaining battery percentage, and more. 

Before you use it, you should plug in the sports module and download the exclusive “Move It” App. 

The App is to teach you how to do aerobic exercises correctly in a comprehensive way. After all, it is more scientific than lifting the dumbbells randomly.

The App offers hundreds of fitness training courses, and all of them are like games that you should fight your way to a more challenging level.

On the right bottom is a green figure who will show you what to do in your position. If you do it correctly, you will get extra points; if not, no points.

You can know whether your movement is correct as “Perfect,” “Great,” or “Good” appears on the screen. (In a word, it is like practicing singing.)

There are elementary and advanced video courses. Only after you finish a particular course can you unlock more exciting courses.

Elementary courses are basic, like squatting, crunching to train your thigh and abdomen. 

The advanced courses are more challenging, in combination with movements in boxing, street dance, hip-hop, aerobics, etc. Work out with weighted dumbbells instead of bare hands, combining the anaerobic and aerobic exercises to burn more calories.

That’s it! Once starting practicing, you’ll enjoy the gameplay, get distracted from the sports. Nothing but your goal will you focus on! So, you won’t feel tired. It’s like magic, and it works! 

Come on, everyone! Let’s rock the body! Get rid of fat effectively! YES! Burning 500 calories in 30 minutes is that easy!

Bravo! You win! Invite friends to compete with you. Get motivated by comparing your results!

Each time after workouts, sync the data, and you can get a daily/weekly/monthly sports report on the App.

The data analysis is fantastic! Here you can find all the details and set a clear fitness goal.

The smart module can work for about 300 minutes (5 hours) in a row. Thus, you’ll be absorbed in exercise and get delighted.

When the battery runs low, take out the smart module. Wait for 30 minutes, and it will be 100% charged.

At present, there are 3 colors (green, purple, gray) and three weights (0.5kg, 0.75kg, 1.0kg) to choose from.

Hey, ladies, I recommend choosing 0.5kg; if you’re used to doing sports, 0.75kg will be okay; oh, beefcakes, don’t hesitate, go for 1kg!

Well, I’ll end here. Do you like Move It Beat Dumbbells?

They are so fashionable! Even if you are a shut-in, with them, you’ll never look like a shut-in! 

Wanna lose weight? Build muscle? So easy! The dumbbells will keep you moving! 

Enjoy scientific training at home, then, show me your perfect bodies! (By the way, do I look desperate?)

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