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Don't Be Fooled! You'll Eventually Be Replaced By A Robot Window Cleaner! You'd Be Shocked at Alfawise S70 & S60 Pro!

Don't Be Fooled! You'll Eventually Be Replaced By A Robot Window Cleaner! You'd Be Shocked at Alfawise S70 & S60 Pro!

“Watch out! Here comes my Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.” 

One day, you visited a friend. Although he keeps a Golden Retriever who drops hair, the floor is clean. More importantly, he doesn't need to sweep the floor! You exclaimed, “How I envy you!”

You love cleanliness more than he does. 

You don't keep any pet. Every day, you sweep and mop the floor after work. 

At weekends, you wipe out the dirt on the windows. You're not tireless, but leisure seems impossible for you because mopping and cleaning windows deprive you of it.

A robot vacuum cleaner which can both sweep and mop is too expensive, and it can't clean the windows. What's more, you need less time to sweep the floor than it does. 

If so, why not have a window cleaner?

Watch the video to know everything about it in a minute.

As you can see, as soon as you turn on the window cleaner, it will attach to the wall by creating a considerable vacuum suction. Then, it can set out cleaning the window, the wall, and the floor. It zigzags automatically, avoiding repetitive work while ensuring the coverage. 

In this way, you can get a shiny window without doing anything!

300% faster than you, 3min/m2 for spotless windows

The machine works in the same way as you wipe, but much more quickly. 

Instead of going straight, the two pads of the S70 window cleaner rotate 60 times (S60 Pro: 80 times) in a minute, generating a torque of 40kg/cm.

It only takes 3 minutes to clean a square meter twice! Isn't it amazing? 

Enjoy spotless windows in several minutes!

AI route planning & 98% coverage for inside and out

With the advanced AI algorithm and sensors on edge, the window cleaner can zigzag along the window frame and bypass obstacles. 

Since the Z-route is the best solution to maximum coverage, it is applied in nearly all smart robot vacuum cleaners.

Is there any option of the Z-route? 

The robot can move in three different ways, go up then down; go left then down; go right then down. Therefore, nowhere will be ignored. Just leave it alone after starting it!

You won't have to take any risk from now on! You'll no longer need to stand on a chair, climb up to the window sill, or hang yourself in the air to clean the windows! After you finish cleaning the inside, put the robot on the outside.

Will it fall off? No way!!!

Is it safe to use? Sure! There are 2 protection measures, including the safety rope and backup power supply. 

The safety rope of S70 is 5.5m long for reaching anywhere, and it can withstand 150kgf; that of the S60 Pro can deal with 142kg. They are 50% and 42% more powerful than the safety ropes in other window cleaners.

Don't worry if the window cleaners go beyond 5.5m. Each has a built-in battery which enables itself to stay at the same place for tens of minutes — giving you plenty of time to take it off.

Wet & dry clean, not just for windows

The ultra-fine microfiber cloth is to tackle particles as tiny as 1 micron. Like cotton, the fluffy microfiber features exceptional softness and absorption. It can be used wet and dry, leaving no stains/traces on the window. 

Both sides work well on any flat surface. As a matter of fact, besides windows, the cleaner is also intended for the wall, floor, mirror, glass door, etc.

More leisure, fewer chores

Check out these two window cleaners that are on sale. Either one can liberate yourself from the housework. 

There are only 52 weeks in a year. Weekends are for relaxation, rather than exhaustion. You leisure each week is more valuable than $2.5 ($129.99/52).

How much is a smart robot vacuum cleaner for the floor? 100% more expensive. 

In comparison, isn't it a good deal to have a window cleaner instead? 

Hopefully, you'll be replaced by the robot! Now, hurry up! Don't miss the flash sale!

Alfawise S70 Automatic Outdoor Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot with EU Plug



Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot



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