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What I Didn’t Mention: CUBOT Quest & Quest Lite

What I Didn’t Mention: CUBOT Quest & Quest Lite

A 5-min-video doesn't even start to cover how I really felt about Quest and Quest Lite. So bear with me, here's what you need to know.

For those of you who haven't watch it yet:

The video I did for both CUBOT Quest and Quest Lite was pretty standard/test focused. I continued to use both of them as my primary phone for a couple of days afterward. 

So here I am, for those of you who are interested, with more information and my own experience after spending a fair share of time with them.

Before we move forward, do note CUBOT Quest is around USD$130, Quest Lite is around USD$110.

First Look & Impression:

Not sure whether is for us to distinguish them or to show ‘superiority’, Quest’s box was fancier and more colorful compared to Quest Lite. (Not that I care, I am the type of person who never keeps a phone box or any box for that matter.)

For those of you who know me, rugged phones in general, doesn’t really suit my esthetic. Just... too much bulkiness and screws.

Because of that, thumbs up here for both of them. 

Yes still bulky, but not so much to annoy me like other stereotyped rugged phones. 

Much thinner and less ‘not really part of the phone but protections’ features, which is probably the reason why both of them are surprisingly light-weighted for what they are. And of course Quest is significantly heavier then Quest Lite due to bigger body and battery.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the first impression when I turned it on. Both of them have bezels that are so wide to the point that I don’t even know what for, especially for Quest, which doesn’t even have navigation keys at the bottom the way Quest Lite does. 

(Eh, but I kinda got over that after a while. The screens were fine and that was a common character among rugged phones.)

Nothing much out of the ordinary or stands out just from the first impression, except both of them have sort of open audio receiver, which made me worried about how water resist they could get. 

(I used them after the waterproof test, they turned out fine.)


All specs(main ones) were mentioned in the video except for battery capacity (I left it out on purpose. Not gonna lie, pure spec wise, quite frustrating.) 

Like I said, I have nothing to complain about the screens for both of them, either size, or resolution(But Quest Lite’s screen was a bit small for me, and it didn’t provide enough brightness and crisp-screen-feeling for me, but just me). 

Also, I absolutely appreciate the screen ratio. 

Processor wise, other then Memory(MT6762 up to 6GB), the differences between MT6761 and MT6762 are ‘ignorable’. (Both good processors, not exactly new, but fast and budget)

I have to admit, being rugged phones, they can both in no way compete with regular smart phones when it comes to camera ability, I actually like the cameras, both of them.

Obviously they can’t bear the test of 50x pictures, and they don’t have 2k video shooting option, but I do like them. 

They kept it real, no ‘auto-beauty’ or whatever the name it is my phone comes with (iPhone XS Max, I barely take selfie now, just doesn’t look like me anymore.), and decent camera quality.

Yes, I really find necessary to single battery capacity out as a subcategory. 

Quest is 4,000mAh, Quest Lite is 3,000mAh. 

While I was with them, I didn’t go somewhere I can’t have access to power, so they worked just fine for me, both of them lasted one full day without recharging. 

But I really don’t have much confident for both their battery capacities to perform the way traditional rugged phones are suppose to.

Charging wise, Quest took me about 80something minutes, Quest Lite took me about 60 minutes.

Some Overall Thoughts:

Some flaws on both of them: respond speed, battery (can’t get over myself with that), sound quality, my friends asking why I am using phones with visible screws... 

But the upsides they have are rather promising that make me feel worth it to sit down and write this.

I like how they met my needs. I bashed on the battery but they did last me one whole day. 

I like how I don’t need phone case or protection whats or ever, that I don’t need to pamper them (The last time I saw my phone’s back was the day I purchased it...). 

I like even non of the spec or performance stood out (Count being world’s thinnest rugged phone if you want.), they are both very well-rounded to be more than just known as rugged phones, but a decent primary phone for daily use.

Which is why, for CUBOT Quest and Quest Lite, instead of recommending to regular rugged phone target demographic, I personally think both of them would serve better as a budget regular smart phone for daily use(I am probably the only one who would say that.), they are absolutely qualified for that.

This is Jamie, thank you for reading, see you next time!

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CUBOT Quest Lite 5.0 inch 4G Quad Core Sports Phablet Rugged Smartphone



CUBOT Quest 5.5 inch 4G Sports Phablet Rugged Smartphone



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