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ASUS ZenFone 6 vs. OnePlus 7 Face to Face

ASUS ZenFone 6 vs. OnePlus 7 Face to Face

Two of the hot releases in 2019 are OnePlus 7 and Asus ZenFone 6

ZenFone 6 defies expectations on many levels, and we are going to compare it with the OnePlus 7 also recently revealed. 

Of course, they've both got gorgeous full view displays; they've got top-end premium specs, and the asking prices aren't out of the world. 

So let us compare and find out the difference between them and which one might be best for you.


You get a tasty slice of Android pie with both the ZenFone and the OnePlus 7. 

You've got zing UI version 6 here on the ZenFone, and you've got oxygen OS 9 on the OnePlus 7. You get on well with both of them, and they've both got a somewhat sort of stock Android to feel especially ZenFone. 

Both of these smartphones do have a form of gaming mode as well. 

The version 2.0 now on the OnePlus 7 and you get the game genie here on the ZenFone 6. 

Now speaking of the given features, we might as well start on the performance. 

Both of these handsets rock a Snapdragon 805 chipset backed by 6 gigs of RAM on ZenFone 6. 

On the other hand, OnePlus 7 offers 6gigs of RAM on 128 GB model and 8 gigs of RAM on the 256GB model. 

The feature in ZenFone 6 which beats OnePlus 7 is a one-handed board which makes everything in life so much easier as all of your apps can be used in this shrunken version and of course reaching that notifications bar is easier.

Winner: ZenFone 6

A top-notch full view screen:

So first up, one of the definite highlights I noticed is the full view finished. The fact you've got no notch action up top or little pinhole cameras or anything like that. 

Those screens do stretch the entire length and breadth of the device, because you don't have a selfie camera permanently on display there on ZenFone 6, but you get a selfie camera on OnePlus. 

On the flipside, on the ZenFone the entire rear camera flips up to the front which is quite a funky and pretty novel as well. 

The ZenFone6 has a 6.4-inch screen which is equal to the screen on OnePlus 7, but it has a sharper display than OnePlus 7. It's a Gorilla Glass cotton on both of these displays. 

Guerrilla glass 6 on the ZenFone 6 and Gorilla glass 5 here on the OnePlus 7. If you flip them both over you do get a Gorilla Glass on the rear as well. 

On the ZenFone 6, you get a choice of black or silver finishes, but it looks quite neat and tidy.

Winner: ZenFone 6

Flipping and popping out cameras:

Now onto the camera tech and of course it is a very different setup on both of these devices. 

The primary lens on both these blowers is the same: a 48-megapixel lens

They both have the same sensor Sony IMX586, which means you can expect excellent, sharp, crisp, colorful results

ZenFone includes two cameras which act both as front and rear cameras, popping out of the phone.

One the OnePlus 7 there is no pop-out camera. The selfie camera is 16MP, and the rear camera has a 48MP sensor. 

Whereas here on the ZenFone 13MP selfie camera and 11-megapixel wide-angle coupled with standard and wide-angle view

You've got very similar options, very similar features on both of these cameras. 

Both of them rock a portrait mode, which does a pretty good job of keeping your subject nice and crisp. 

Additionally, the aperture is at F 1.6 here on the OnePlus and 1.8 on ZenFone, which captures all the details immaculately in low light.

Winner again is ZenFone 6

Marathon running battery life:

As far as the battery life goes, well the ZenFone 6 should be the clear winner

Both the devices come with a huge battery pack. OnePlus 7 comes with 3700mAh battery, while the ZenFone 6 includes 5,000mAh battery.

ZenFone's battery is compatible with 18W fast charging technology. Whereas battery on OnePlus 7 is compatible with 20W. 

We found battery life longer here on the ZenFone 6, well both quickly see you through a day even with heavy usage. 

We are talking about lots of camera use, lots of game and things like that and of course, you've got the usual battery saver modes, and everything. 

When it comes to recharging, neither of them supports wireless charging as it's a bit of a cost-cutting measure.

ZenFone 6 takes the lead.

Reservoir-like storage:

On a storage tip, you get the 128 or 256 gigabytes on both of these handsets, but you do also get microSD memory card support here on the ZenFone 6 up to a further two terabytes something that you do not have on the OnePlus 7. 

On the other hand, OnePlus 7 comes with UFS 3.0 storage, which is almost ten times faster storage.

ZenFone 6 wins thanks to the feature of memory card up to two terabytes.

They will not drain your pockets:

The prices of both these phones are very reasonable and economical. 

The OnePlus 7 has three variants and starts from $640 range to $740. Which makes it more expensive than ZenFone 6, which starts from $499.

Thus, both of these phones, if compared to other latest top-notch brands, are not that expensive and are in reach of a significant segment of customers.

Last but not least, ZenFone 6 takes the lead by offering lower prices than OnePlus 7.

ASUS Zenfone 6 6.4 inch 6GB + 64GB Full-screen Global Version Smartphone



OnePlus 7 4G Phablet International Version



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