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The Ultimate Battle Between Robot Vacuums - 360 S7 vs. Roborock S6 vs. Xiaomi robot vs. Roborock S50 vs. 360 S6

The Ultimate Battle Between Robot Vacuums - 360 S7 vs. Roborock S6 vs. Xiaomi robot vs. Roborock S50 vs. 360 S6

Apart from Xiaomi and Roborock, is there any awesome robot vacuum to help make our life easier? And now 360 S7 robot vacuum, developed by Qihoo 360 AI Driverless Tech Team, is the answer.

Hey guys! Welcome to New Gear Lab.

Apart from Xiaomi and Roborock, is there any awesome robot vacuum to help make our life easier?

We've been thinking about the question for a long time. 

Recently, our PM (product manager) has discovered 360 S7 robot vacuum, which is developed by Qihoo 360 AI Driverless Tech Team. 

An AI team researching the unmanned vehicle developed a robot vacuum! It's seemingly ridiculous. 

However, as we know, there are many similarities between unmanned vehicles and robot vacuum cleaners, such as the automated operation, accurate high-definition maps, continuous positioning and surrounding judgment, path planning, and so on. 

According to the reliability lab test results, the driverless technology applied in 360 S7 robot vacuum is quite reliable and leading. 

For example, 360 S7 robot vacuum can not only get in a narrow area, but also come out without difficulty, and the other robot vacuums might get stuck in the small corners. 

The general manager of 360 robot vacuums told us that their goal was to develop the best robot vacuum with their professional tech, regardless of the cost. They would always keep the price low so that more families can afford a robot vacuum to clean their house. 

All their team members knew it was too tired to clean a house after spending all day working. That's why they developed a robot vacuum - to help make life easier.

Let's go and have a look at the 360 S7 robot vacuum first.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Highlighted features:

(Sweeping/mopping) off-limit area setting for safe use

Individual zoning plan for worry-free cleaning

TOF edge laser sensor for accurate distance measurement

Washable accessories for saving money on regular replacement

- Special blade brush supplied for untangling the rolling brush 

- 2cm climbing ability (seems normal but works as the best)

Then have a look at some impressive pictures of 360 S7 robot vacuum.

Pic.1 Off-road tire wheels with the excellent obstacle-crossing ability

Pic.2 4 anti-drop cliff sensors to avoid falling down

Pic.3 TOF edge sensor with front bumper for obstacle avoidance

Pic.4 How does it work?

Pic.5 Vacuum+filter

Pic.6 Charging dock with storage bin

Pic.7 Cleaning on different floors

Pic.8 Edge cleaning

Actually, the first time our product manager introduced the new generation 360 S7 robot vacuum to us, a debate on “which robot vacuum is better” was triggered between original Xiaomi, Roborock and 360 followers. There was a moment when we felt that they even fought with each other. 

Thankfully, our authoritative quality tester put an end to the debate in time and hold a competition between the robot vacuums. 

So which one is the winner? Let's look back at the competition. 

It will take you 5 minutes to review all aspects, so make sure you have enough time to read. 

The beginning might be a bit boring, if you are not interested in it, scroll down to watch the cleaning battle of Xiaomi, Roborock S6, Roborock S50, 360 S6, and 360 S7.

1. Price: 360 S7 is the most cost-effective

360 S7$399.99 (coupon price)
Roborock S6$599.00
Roborock S50$419.99
Xiaomi Robot$428.37
360 S6$429.99

From the above price table, you can see 360 S7 has a great advantage with an exclusive coupon price. 

2. Appearance: side-contact charging for well-connected charging

360 S7 is a robot vacuum for both sweeping and mopping, as same as 360 S6, whereas, Roborock S50, Roborock S6, and Xiaomi robot vacuum are only intended for sweeping. 

Xiaomi robot is the thinnest, followed by the Roborock series, and the thickest 360 series robots are only 4mm thicker than Xiaomi. 

Let's move on to the charging dock. As you can see on the above picture, from left to right is, that of original Xiaomi, Roborock S50, Roborock S6, 360 S6, and 360 S7

Roborock S50 has the smallest charging dock because it doesn't have a cable organizer like 360 S7.

When it comes to the charging method, different from bottom-contact charging of 360 S6, Roborock S50, and Roborock S6360 S7 adopts the same side-contact charging as original Xiaomi robot for a larger contact area and better connection. 

Moreover, 360 S7 has an exceptional charging sensor to ensure a well-connected charging.

Next, have a look at the dustbin. Xiaomi robot vacuum has a 420ml dustbin; Roborock S50, and S6 480ml; 360 S6 400ml; 360 S7 550ml. Thanks to a larger dustbin, 360 S7 can collect more dust and dirt.

3. Accessories: washable to save money  

As we know, the supplied accessories also play an essential part in choosing a robot vacuum, because you have to replace accessories regularly for a healthier and better cleaning effect.

Rolling brush: no difference except for the Roborock S6, which has detachable parts. With a blade brush, 360 S7 is an excellent solution to the tangled hair.

Filter: There are two kinds of filters, washable and un-washable. Since 360 S7 is equipped with a washable HEPA filter, you could save money on buying the replacement filters.

4. Cleaning speed battle: 360 S7 ranks No.2

Here comes the most exciting test - cleaning performance battle. The following is the results for cleaning similar-sized areas:

BrandCleaned areaCleaning timeEfficiency
360 S769 sq.m61 mins1.13 sq.m/min
360 S671 sq.m85 mins0.84 sq.m/min
Roborock S670 sq.m71 mins0.99 sq.m/min
Roborock S5070 sq.m61 mins1.15 sq.m/min
Xiaomi robot70 sq.m65 mins1.08 sq.m/min

According to the test, Roborock S50 is the fastest, at a speed of 1.15sq.m/min, followed by the 360 S7 robot vacuum at 1.13 sq.m/min and Roborock S6 at 0.99 sq.m/min. 

The lowest is 360 S6, at 0.84 sq.m/min. As you can see, 360 S7 has been improved in cleaning speed.

Anyway, speed is not the most important thing, it all depends on the cleaning performance. 

5. Cleaning performance battle: 360 S7 ranks No.1

For this battle, we prepared some grains of rice and corns for the robot to demonstrate their ability. 

The original Xiaomi, Roborock S50Roborock S6360 S6360 S7 are tested one by one.

As you can see from the pictures, 360 S7 left the less behind, which is somewhat beyond my expectation. 

I thought Roborock's new generation S6 should have the best performance but Roborock S6 even left more than the original Xiaomi robot vacuum. 

6. Suction power - carpet boost or not: more friendly to the house with carpet 

Speaking of the suction power, 360 S7 and the Roborock bros (S50, S6) can all run up to 2,000Pa. But the carpet boost function is considered as a distinctive feature of 360 robot vacuums, which is friendly to a house with carpet. 

Mostly, if a robot always runs with max power, it might be a waste of energy and reduction of lifespan. 

360 S7 robot provides more different suctions according to different needs: 800Pa in quiet mode, 1,300Pa in the standard one, and 2,000Pa in the most powerful one. Undoubtedly, 360 S7 can be more energy-saving than other robots.

360 S7Quiet (app switch): 800Pa
Standard (auto switch): 1300Pa
Carpet (auto switch): 1500Pa
MAX (app switch): 2000Pa
360 S6- Quiet: 800Pa
- Standard: 1200Pa
- Strong: 1800Pa  
Roborock S6- Standard: 1200Pa
- Carpet: 1800Pa
Roborock S50- Standard: 1200Pa
- Carpet: 1800Pa
Xiaomi Robot- Standard: 1200Pa
- Carpet: 1600Pa  

7. Intelligent mapping function: more accurate distance measurement

As for this function, 360 S7 and Roborock S6 stand out with their unique smart mapping feature. 

These 5 robot vacuums are all planned to do the intelligent cleaning based on the LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) lidar and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm.  

Different from the traditional PSD (Phase-Sensitive Detection) photo-detection, 360 S7 features a new TOF (Time-Of-Flight) laser sensor, which ensures the longer and more accurate distance measurement. 

Furthermore, 360 S7 is improved with 2 left-and-right bump sensor and 1 downward pressure sensor to avoid the collision. 

8. Off-limit area setting: 360 S7 wins with the special sweeping or mopping limit

When it comes to the off-limit cleaning area, 360 S7 has made another breakthrough in technology to set the off-limit area on sweeping or mopping. 

Roborock bros, S50 and S6, also have the off-limit app settings, but they don't work in both the sweeping and mopping mode. 

As we know, in the past years, a virtual wall was required to stick around the area where we don't want the robot to enter. The original Xiaomi functions as such. 

Gradually, we can set an off-limit area on a mobile app. And now, we can set a sweeping off-limit area for the S7 robot to bypass our wet bathroom and set a mopping off-limit area for the robot to avoid mopping the carpet. 

Final Verdict

Now, do you know which one is the winner? 

It's clear that 360 S7 and Roborock S6 outperform the others, and that 360 S7 is the most cost-effective in the robots of the same functions, about 150 dollars lower than Roborock S6. 

Additionally, as mentioned at the beginning, 360 S7 robot vacuum, developed by a professional AI driverless team, is more professional in intelligent mapping and route planning. Get moving, and the robot will never miss any corner of your house.

Exclusive Coupons for 360 S7:

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Effective coupon time limit: 5 August - 5 September

Coupon Code: GB168-360S7  
Coupon Code: GB168-360S7  
Coupon Code: GB168-360S7

Note: the coupon is only available for 360 S7, and it will start on 5 August, remember to use it in time.

You can't really beat the price! 

Now grab your chance to get 360 S7 at amazing Community reward coupon price: $399.99.

Only 200 coupons limited  

Coupon Code: GB168-360S7  
Coupon Code: GB168-360S7  
Coupon Code: GB168-360S7  

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner



360 S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1800Pa Suction Mopping Sweeping Mode APP Remote Control LDS Lidar SLAM Algorithm



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roborock S6 LDS Scanning SLAM Algorithm Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi youpin



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