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The Lipstick-like Nokia BH-707 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Won RedDot iF Design Award

The Lipstick-like Nokia BH-707 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Won RedDot iF Design Award

You might not know Nokia True Wireless Earbuds because, in your mind, Nokia only is dedicated to phones. The award-winning Nokia BH-707 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are impressive, available in black, silver, and red. 

The white package of the Bluetooth earbuds is simple and formal, with only the appearance of the product and the model printed on the front. In the box are two earbuds, a lipstick-like charging case, a USB Type-C charging cable, an instruction, and two pairs of ear tips.

The charging case of the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds bears vivid resemblance to a lipstick. Its long unibody cylinder made of metal and exquisite texture manifest the high quality of Nokia. It is small and can be easily put into any pocket. 

The charging case measures 10cm long, 2.2cm in diameter, with a weight of 52g. The fully sealed charging case can also avoid you missing the earphones while allowing for single-hand operation. 

On one end of the charging case is a magnetic spring button. Upon press, the intricate structure will open the case automatically. 

After opening the charging case, you can find two true wireless Bluetooth earbuds lay inside. They feature the low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology, has a 6mm dynamic coil unit for extra bass and melodious stereo. 

You don’t need to turn on/off the earbuds and pair them with the smartphone, because they can establish a connection automatically after the first use. When put back to the charging case, the earbuds will enter the sleep mode and start charging.

According to the official data, a single earbud of Nokia BH-705 is 22mm long, 14mm in diameter, weighs only 5g. It is so light that you can’t even feel its existence when wearing it. With the combination of the soft silicone ear tips, the ergonomic earbuds perfectly fit the ear for comfortable wearing for a whole day.

Besides, the exquisite earbuds can snuggly fit the ear, and they won’t fall off during intensive sports, such as running, skipping ropes, etc. Besides, they are IPX4 water-resistant and sweat-resistant, don’t worry that their performance might be affected by the sweat. 

As for the operation, there is a function button on each earbud. 

Click once, and you can play/pause music, answer, or hang up phone calls. Click twice, and you can turn on/down the volume, reject phone calls. Press and hold for 2 seconds, and you can switch to the previous/next song. 

Press and hold for 6 seconds, and you can turn off the earbuds. In case of disconnection, the user can automatically pair the two earbuds by pressing and holding for 6 seconds till the LED indicator turns Blue. 

As for charging, on the other end of the charging case are LED indicators and a universal USB Type-C interface which works with common power adapters. 

There are three LED indicators in total. The two red ones indicate that both earbuds are charging; they will turn off after the earbuds are fully charged. 

The white one in the middle shows the remaining battery of the charging case (steady on - 100%, flashing four times - 75% or less, flashing three times: 50% or less, flashing twice: 25% or less). 

In terms of the battery life, Nokia BH-705 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds can play music or allow you to talk on the phone for 3 - 4 hours on a full charge. The charging case can fully charge the two earbuds four times, which means up to 16 hours of battery life.

Nokia BH-705 true wireless Bluetooth headset is the first true wireless Bluetooth headset after Nokia smartphones returned to the market. 

The small and stylish headset won iF and RedDot Award with the innovative design of lipstick-like appearance and the structure of the spring button. The product stands out among many true wireless headsets, manifesting the unique charm of Nokia in terms of product design.

The price of Nokia BH-705 true wireless Bluetooth headset is $116.31 on Gearbest. If you like the design, you might also have a look at QCY T2 priced at $54.6. Of course, QCY T1C priced at $19.99 is one of the best-selling TWS Bluetooth headsets.

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